Monday, August 01, 2011

Day Something: White Flag, Dido Style

So in case you were wondering, I absolutely SUCK at daily blogging! For someone who has a lot to say at any given moment (except when viewing Project Runway and Games of Throne) who woulda thunk I would be running short on the written word.

I have already outted myself to Shonavixen (my blogger challenger) and she has given me a stern talking to you, lol.


On my mind:

Slow Dancing

Once upon a time, in my past I used to be a pretty good amateur
ballroom dancer (much to the ridicule of family and friends).
In general, I am a HUGE fan of dancing but there was something about
partnering up with someone and executing dance moves intuitively
that's got me fixated on returning to the dancing circles pronto.

In ballroom dancing the man always leads,
something that took me a while to get used to
(yes, I was THAT girl trying to lead a man around a dancefloor, lol).
This style of dancing, like other forms of partnering dance styles,
teaches you to trust your partner to get you were you need
to go, on the floor, with minimal fuss.

There's something ridiculously intimate and endearing about knowing that when
your dance partner squeezes your hand or lightly nudges
your waist that a new move is coming along.
However, like a lot of things, getting to this level takes
time, patience and a whole lot of practise.

The ingredients for all relationships,
on and off the dance floor ;-)

Now to find a dance partner to indulge my nostalgia!

When's the last time you slow danced with someone?
Share your stories in the comments?


Stay blessed chickens,

V x


Shona Vixen said...

Glad my threats and stern talking to worked!! Very proud of :)
When was the last time I slow danced?Hmmmm....This post ain't for those who haven't had a 'Rapture' experience...not for the thirsty I say. *I need sprite*

Shamilicious said...

you are a vere baranz...some of us rely on your brogging to get thru the day...

Super Star said...

Don't quite think a picture of Obama and Michelle is the best to capture the beauty and essence of Ball room dancing.

But indeed, many people would do well to learn the essence of ball room dancing. Imbued are life lessons.
1) The man always leads, because his feet are roots of the ensemble.
2) A man is the picture frame, staid and sturdy. The lady is the picture within the frame. No one remembers the frame, but everyone remembers the picture. But an awkward frame makes for a tardy picture.

Rebirth said...

Hmmmn don't even remember the last time i slow-danced.... sigh

Vimbai said...

@Shona: You and your threats *side eyes* Slow dancing is not only for the victims of a rapture ;-)

@Shami: Sorry kani.

@Super: Michelle and Obama look to darn cute in that picture. And I agree, an awkward frame makes for a tardy picture.

@Rebirth: Time to find a slow dancing partner candidate :-)