Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 8): Novel cuisine et al

This was Monday’s blog, but due to technical difficulties will be posted today :-)

Side note preamble: This post very nearly didn’t go up. Got home from dinner (more of that later), jumped into my fleece jammies and electric blanketed bed and have been fighting off the sleep since. If it wasn’t for the simple fact that I knew I had to do good by the blogging challenge set before me, I would have checked into Club Duvet (featuring DJ Pillow and The Sandman) about 15 minutes ago.

I was out at dinner with a friend earlier and she ordered the oddest dish I’d ever heard of, “prawns and chocolate”. Now both of those ingredients, served separately, are some of my favourite foods....but together, I wasn’t too sure about that.
After a very sceptical bite though, my opinion was swayed. It was positively yummy and decadent.

Reminded me once and for all that opposites do attract, hehehe ;-)

In other news:

1. Google+ has rendered me clueless. I pride myself on my techno-savviness, especially in the realm of social networking media....but this new entry has got me baffled. It’s not as straight-forward a site as I had hoped it would be and quite frankly I’m all socially networked out.

2. The art to overcoming that soul sinking Monday feeling is to “power dress” within an inch of your life. I was awarded “Best Dressed” in the office today after donning the following ensemble: blood red heels, black stockings, charcoal grey pencil skirt, red cardigan, turquoise pashmina, grey button earrings and a full face of make-up. The panel of judges where tough but apparently it was my pashmina that won the day ;-)

The mental and emotional benefits of power dressing cannot be overlooked, dear friends.

3. I love me a unique baby name, but Harper Seven...really? I love both those names, seriously. Said together it sounds like some South African slang to replace the expression, “Hoza/Ola Seven”. The play ground will be rough for this little new Beckham edition, with a name like that....luckily she has 3 older brothers watching out for her so she’s sorted.

4. What’s the going price for a Birkin Bag, last I checked it was somewhere in the region of “oh hell no....seriously?” though to “keep a copy of the store invoice and mount it on your living room to show the neighbours.” Either way, that bag will be the Holy Grail of all my bags.

Let me call it a night chickens!

Stay blessed,

V x


Rebirth said...

Hmmmn i need to try something new soon too....

Oh yes! Power dressing.....no faster boost to more self confidence and sexiness! red blood heels...iWant!!!!!!!

Birkin as a present won't be bad.....Lord send me a giver!

kookie said...

Prawn and chocolate? Surely it has to be dark chocolate? The combination baffles me but now I want to try it.

As for the best dressed win, with that description (especially blood red heels) I would have placed my money on you too!

As for unique names, why is it Harper Seven is a "unique name" but Remembrance Banda, Romance Sampa etc are not appreciated as such? We live in a funny world :s.

Vimbai said...

@Rebirth: LMAO @ "Lord send me a giver". May i also chime in with my "me too. Amen"

@Kooks: When you eventually get to my side of town, I will take you through to the restaurant that serves the ama-prawn & choc combo :-)

*dead* @ "Rememberance Banda". You raise a VERY valid point dear comrade, i guess it's coz Remembrance Banda and Sophistication Moyo aren't the spawn of multi-million dollar parents...still *weak* @ "Rememberance Banda"

Shamilicious said...

Bikram bag...i had to look it up as i am not a fashionista...um thats like 3 flights to LA...no such luck...ill go with my cucci knock off thanks!