Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 7): Some wicked advice

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of catching the musical,
on Broadway.

Those close to me know that I'm mad,
absolutely stark raving mad about
all things "The Wizard of Oz" related.

Hence it wasn't entirely surprising that when
the last song was sung
and the final curtain came down
tears may have been shed and
noses blown.
'Twas so damn emotional.

One of the major highlights of the show was hearing

Wicked's signature track,
"Defying Gravity."

I first heard it on Glee and fell in love with it instantly.
(shout-out to Shonavixen, a fellow Gleeker)

When feeling demotivated and lack-lustre about life
or trapped, confused and running on empty.
This is the track that get's bumped triple time
in my car.
(Thanks Shonavixen for the Glee CD hook-up).

The words resonate with me more than ever these days.
I'm calling this period of my life,
"The Great Awakening"
becauses as the opening lines to the song so aptly explain,

"Something has changed within me,
Something is not the same.
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game."

With Monday fast approaching,
I urge y'all this week to participate in
Defying Gravity.

Song lyrics can be found below:


Shona Vixen said...

Loved seeing my name mentioned twice errrr yeah it's one of those days such things make me smile. I also went to see Wicked in the West End and I loved it!!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Did i even realise that I'd given you not one but TWO shoutouts. Now that's a lot of Sunday love honey (i've reached my quota for the week :-) ).

I'm now waiting for Wicked to make it to SA, what are the chances...i wait with bated breath.

kookie said...

I never got the chance to see Wicked *wails* I adore the lyrics of the song, they resonate with me this week. Defying gravity...if Dorothy could do it and leave

Rebirth said...

Yaaay Gleekers unite....xx
Will i be judged if i said i've never seen anything Wizard of Oz related?

Vimbai said...

@Kooks: No wailing, if you want, i can give you a one-man rendition of "Wicked" over Skype one day (props and all).

*toothy grin*

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded it...what a powerful song... Thanks Ka!
I'ma be pumping this on the bus :-)

Vimbai said...

@Quirky: A convert, we have a new convert! That song is AWESOME, glad you like it.

@Rebirth: As for you missy, HOW have you never watched The Wizard of OZ *weeps uncontrollably*.

You better get on it ;-)