Saturday, July 09, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 6): Intuition

Before I begin my post properly, may we just take 10 seconds out to comment on the picture above.

Guys, that's one helluva of a long's longer than the itty bitty kayak *cringe*

Everything in me is hoping that this poster is one of those photoshopped items, otherwise...yah, as they would say in Zim slang, "it's late".

Back to the post:


Sixth Sense

Voice of Reason

Call it what you will, I am in the habit of never listening to it (to my own detriment). Instead I have been known to stubbornly forward march when everything in me is yelling that I should have backed up a couple gazillion miles back.

In the past, and by past I mean everything before this very minute in time (he he), I have been a staunch supporter of forced outcomes. Instead of taking heed that the person or action I insist on interacting with or participating in, respectively, would do me no favours, I come up with an alternative outcome that better suits me and supports my own judgement, as opposed to taking heed of that niggling feeling.

The older I get the more faith I place in this in-built alert system of mine (seeing as my lets-force-issues approach has netted me ZERO results) and if I listen carefully at this exact moment, it is telling me the following:

  • Remove X from Blackberry Messenger contacts list;

  • Ship is sinking, ship is sinking, find alternative transportation;

  • You're too big for this box;

  • Wait. Don't reach out. Don't contact. Nothing. Wait.

  • You can help.

  • Bad news...don't even consider it...why are you still considering it...can you stop considering it already. Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

  • You're in the right direction.

  • It's really up to you, the rest of the pieces are there to be linked up.

Most of these messages have been sitting on the backlog list of my "voice of reason" but like they say, better late than never (they also say "better late than pregnant", but i digress).

Care to share what your intuition/sixth sense/niggling feeling/voice of reason is saying to YOU right now?

Holla in the comments ;-)


V x


TatendaMhende said...

Its crazy you say this but the other day I was goin on about having a sixth sense. My girlfriend thinks that its funny but she agrees because I have a sixth sense when it comes to her. I can tell a lot just from even a text. Crazy I tell you.

Vimbai said...

@Tatenda: Awww honey, that goes beyond sixth sense...that's synergy, compatibility, emotional maturity.

That's just love :-)

Shona Vixen said...

Telling me to get some rest and yes @Tatenda I agree with Vimbai...that is love :)

Anonymous said...

Wow deep, Vimbai.
Mine is Telling me it's ok to show some vulnerability, it's ok to cry, it's ok to accept help...though like u my head pushes me on yet all the while there is a niggling voice.
It's strange though coz I am also like Tatenda, when it comes to other people esp friends, now I just need to apply it to myself.

Rebirth said...

I am like the past you! My intuition is always alert, telling me what to do and what not to do, but I NEVER listen and it always ends up bad. I am really trying to stop being stubborn and start following that voice of reason cuz afterall it's there for a reason. The few times I've followed my intuition, I've not been disappointed

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Our resident insomniac, hope you get at least 7hrs tonight hun.

@Quirky: Hope you're listening to that intuition of yours...sounds like it's making a whole lot of sense :-)

@Rebirth: I have no idea why we havent been listening to that little voice, but today's a new day :-)

Munhu said...

welcome back - hats off to whoever cam eup with blogger challenge!! I am guessing you are entering your 30s. This is the experience that employers place such a premium on and when we are younger we believe to be over rated. That knowing to listen to silent sounds (instinct) and trusting that it is correct is important. Welcome to the years that will define 90% of the rest of your life. Knowing.

Vimbai said...

@Munhu: Long time comrade, long time. You have Shonavixen to thank for this challenge and it's great to be back, blogging away again.

I'm not 30 YET...but yah, i am definitely creeping into that realm.