Friday, July 08, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 5): No one digs drama

Once upon a time...many moons the days of my youth...i was dramatic (writes the chick abusing ellipses before she gets to the second line of her post).

I wouldn't describe myself dramatic, more like theatrical...yes, theatrical is EXACTLY what I am. These two things are not the same, don't ask me to explain why they aren't the same, i'm just telling you like it is ;-)

Now, that's just plain exhausting. This week I witnessed some interesting drama of sorts, the type people make up in their head; that in itself probably fully defines what drama really is....made up, unnecessary, has no basis in anything. In short, it's a waste of everyone's time and energy.

I think i now have a more defined definition for you now:

Drama: Draining, unnecessary and just plain sad the older you get.

Theatrical: In regulated doses is HIGHLY entertaining *ahem* otherwise if not regulated can morph into the former definition.

I have met those who major in dramatic significant others as relationship partners, what i like the most about these people (not) is that once they hook up with Ms or Mr Drama they loooooooooooooooooooooooooove to complain about that very same trait that attracted them there in the first place.

Drama has NO place in a relationship.
Drama in casual hookups...heck, sure why not (whatever gets you going).
However, on-going drama in an actual relationship, come on now, that's just sabotage.

Drama also has no place in the workplace.
What are we FIVE???
Having a hissy fit followed by punctuated uncomfortable periods of silence does nothing for your credibility and professionalism.
Drama has no place in world of those over the age of 3 and if so, it better be because "you want to go potty."

We all know we have developments points in our personalities and if you know yours so happens to be DRAMA, accept that is what it is....then address it. 'Cause if i have to witness another too-old-to-be-pulling-these-type-of-stunts individual lose their cool over nothing or get lost in conspiracy theories in their head.

Ah, it's on.

Here's to a drama-free weekend chickens!


V x


Rebirth said...

Ha! Drama.....all over the world. i have been through some dramatic moments or maybe they were i stay so clear from such
Let's make the world drama free, but then again, how boring will it be if there's no drama so yes we need those drama kings and small doses

kookie said...

I'm claiming all my dramatic moments as theatrical...I think.

Drama has no place country for dramatics and drama. However some people get a high from drama.

If they can't find it, they'll create it.

T said... Funms said in small doses its acceptable but too much becomes annoying.

I ♥ drama tho....

Vimbai said...

@Rebirth: THose drama kings and queens don't come in small doses, they have too settings: nothing on the radar or just pissing everyone else off, lol.

@Kooks: The Cohen brothers certainly lost out on that potential movie title, "No country for dramatics" lol.

It's the ones other creating unnecessary fusses that worry me...bloody agents.

@T: A self proclaimed drama lover, as i live and breath. At least you sound like one that understands the rules of moderation...we hope ;-)