Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 3): Unbeweaveable moments

Of late I've been scattier than usual. Naturally I want to blame the effects of the Beyonce Blonde* weave-on i'm sporting these days (so cute), but that would be a cop-out.

Ladies and gents, I am beginning to suspect I may have a case of late adult on-set of ADHD :-) Right about now I could do with one of those "Limitless" type pills to help me focus, channel all my energy into one specific direction instead of it being dispersed across a million and one things.

I've read up on all the Zen type books I can stomach, and they all keep alluding to "remaining present in the moment", "being in the moment" and "embracing the moment". It's pretty obvious that The Moment and I aren't on speaking terms and I need to rectify that asap.

So what's a girl to do nhai?

Well firstly, stay away from sugary substances. My natural self if hyper at best without the assistance of glucose, fructose and who knows! Growing up, my mother caught on rather quick that her children morphed into possessed demons when their paths crossed a Sprite bottle or some Mazoe, these "spirits" were reserved for special occasions. Funnily enough, just the other day my co-workers wanted to ban me from indulging in our daily latte treat...apparently I went into hyper-drive and they got scared, lol.

Next, i need to allocate time for certain thoughts. Thinking about everything all at once has proved useless, writing to-do lists has been somewhat long as i stick to ONE to-do list and not multiple versions (all lying strewn across my apartment as we speak).

I will attempt saving the world one day at a moment at a time....till then, i'm blaming my Beyonce Blonde weave ;-)


Speaking of Beyonce: I love this girl, i really do...but can she just go on a PROPER retirement. One where she isn't selling something, interviewing for someone, performing somewhere etc. The girl is over-exposed, in all senses of the word.

From my observations, when women get married they tend to wear more clothes....Mrs Carter is the exception to this rule. She has an amazing body but i'm kinda OVER seeing it all over the place.

There is something in her latest recordings that smells of "overexposure" and "desperation". In her fight to remain relevant to fans, she's losing us one-by-one with this nonsense of hers. Can she just hand the baton over to Kelly (Rowland), who's killing it on the dance scene, and go forth and make some little Jigga's .

End of rant.

Happy hump-day chickens...hope you're all behaving ;-)


V x


kookie said...

Wait for it. Im about to defend Beyonce. As over exposed as young madam is I have to giver her props for being business savvy. She never really lets her star fade, like her hubby she's constantly doing something to keep her "money up". At 29, married and having succeeded many times over professionally,you have to wonder what is Beyonce's ultimate goal (besides world domination)?

I have to also defend her music too. She hasn't run with the rest of the crowd and done the whole techno R&B crap in her CD (well the first CD doesn't have it).

Having said that let me redeem myself and say I am far from a Bey stan or fan but this is just her time to shine I prefer her overexposed to Gaga any day.

P.s re: moments... what if your adult ADD is something you should be appreciating in the moment?

Rebirth said...

Bey needs to run the world...

weave eh? share a picture on bbm lady!!!

Shona Vixen said...

Can I post a co-sign comment that just says 'ALL THAT KOOKIE SAID'?...oops have done that already :)

Vimbai said...

Kooks, why you keep denying that you're a Bey stan is beyond me. Just accept that you LOVE her, hehehe.

PS: I do wonder what her ultimate goal is...coz heck, she's done everything.

Shona: Now i know you ARE a out-of-the-closet Bey fan saka this response is expected ;-)

Funms: Ah, that song too! I think that's what's got me mad! That song!