Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogging Challenge (Day 11): African Dessert?!?!

My favourite emails are the one's titled
"random question".

Those are FAVOURITE type of questions and
my girl "S" didn't disappoint.

Her workplace was throwing an African-themed event
and she had been roped in to present
an African dessert.
(Can you tell she doesn't reside on the African continent)

She sent an email plea to a bunch of us and the responses
are killing me softly.

Here are a few to share:

The early suggestions where tame

Malva pudding

Fruit salad (with mango and passionfruit)


Fried plaintains

Semolina Pudding

Then they got interesting:

Sugar cane/nzimbe (complete with bowl to spit the chewed remenants)

Sweet potato (mbambaira)

Then down right ludicrous:

Sadza/Pap and Lacto (sour milk)

Chicken (yes, you read correctly)>

As I write this post, these ladies are now downloading
long ass dissertations on how African children under
the age of 13 years, back in the day, considered any meat
"dessert" as it was normally reserved for adults. One
friend piped up and reminded us that the average African residing
in the rural areas can barely get a proper meal let alone
dessert and that dessert is for the privileged.

Now the debate has steered off in the direction of , "Dessert is not an
African concept and is something that was brought through
by the colonists and in fact, it's really an Arab concept and has been
improvised over the years."

In 10 minutes I have received 30 odd emails on this topic,
so I am going to fling the question to you, dear readers:

What constitutes an authentic African Dessert?

Or is there really no such thing?

Holla in the comments ;-)


Shingi N said...

LOL! I'm glad you added yours to the downright ludicrous list. Still dying with laughter here!

Star said...

I'm still adamant that chicken is a perfectly acceptable dessert!

Myne Whitman said...

I stand with those that say Dessert, by definition as the last in a three course meal, is not traditionally African as there is no word for it in most of the local languages in Nigeria. However, in terms of being a sweet or lighter meal, then there are several dishes that can be used. You've listed most of them up there, even the ludicrous. I think chicken if cut in small sizes and sauced with a sweet base can also pass...

Vimbai said...

@Shingi: Happy to keep the laughter flowing :-)

@Star: I can just picture your wedding now, instead of a four tier cake, there would be 4 tier cake stands with chicken on them, lol.

@Myne: You have just further emphasised the point that dessert is not a concept that is inherent to African culture...but that chicken still counts as dessert, lol.

Shamilicious said...

Absolutely no such thing as african desert...the closest to it...tea and bread! LOL

DeeDee said...

Hahahaha @ chicken as a dessert!! Sadza n lacto..lmao! How about mazhanje echirungu or magaka emunzwa...aaah no how about mulberries better known as mahabhoros!!..lmao

Vimbai said...

@Shami: Tea & bread (chingwa) is the OG African dessert! You have spoken the truth!

@DeeDee: Mahabhoros definitely came up, mmmmmmmmmmmmmh. Now i want some.