Sunday, January 16, 2011

Watch out for those blind-spots

Picture the scene: It’s a typical Monday morning and I’m whizzing down the M1S highway and negotiating traffic at a semi-decent speed. Noticing that I’m about to suffer the sad misfortune of being stuck behind a slow-moving skorokoro (read: dilapidated vehicle that was around during the Jurassic Age) I spot an opening in the lane to my right. With my indicator ticking away and poised to complete my swift exit from The Lane of Slowness, hectic hooting startles me and I realise that ummm, jah...the coast wasn’t as clear as I thought it was.*

Sometimes that darn blind-spot catches one unawares...and that’s no different when it comes to the blind-spot’s of Life.

Now I’m sure I’ve confessed my control-freakish tendencies on this blog at some point in time, but if there was any doubt as to whether I’ve attempted to Play God, erase those doubts right now. I was never an official girl scout, but I had taken up with such nonsense I would be the holder of many badges right about now. Be prepared is one of favourite mottos to live by. Take for example the crazy weather patterns we’re currently experiencing that have a couple big cities south of the hemisphere flooded to the nth degree. It has not escaped my attention that Joburg is currently attempting to join the aforementioned waterlogged cities at the rate it is raining over here, and I swear, I am contemplating where to get a rubber dingy**, some flares and whether to stock up on tinned food or not, lol.

Sadly there come some situations and experiences that catch you completely unawares, no matter how prepared you may be. These situations don’t happen that regularly (thank goodness) but when they do, there’s no first aid kit, horoscope reading or well meaning words of comfort that can detract from the shock of it all or the unexpectedness.

At times like these, I find myself:

a. Craving a healthy helping of Malva pudding;
b. Only wanting to listen to misogynistic hip-hop tracks with killer beats and rhymes;
c. Bartering with The Almighty (yes, yes, I know...I never learn); and
d. Frantically wishing time could stop for a bit.

Eventually, you figure out how to pick yourself up again from a setback and just get on with it, because there’s no point dwelling over that which you cannot fix.

My Top 5 Blind-spot situations are as follows:

1. The death of a loved one;
2. The end of a relationship;
3. Not getting the job you wanted;
4. Owing the Tax-man a whole lot of moolah; and
5. Getting a flat tyre.

Holla at me your blind spots or blind spot moments.

*No “women driver” jokes or any of the like will be tolerated at this point, thank you very much.
**China Mall in Jozi stocks them at “good price”...I checked J


In other news:

Dear Mother Superior: In my experience, when people start classing a certain population group as being more superior than others, you are heading into dangerous territories...the kind that conjure up memories of a certain man, with a certain moustache...and a certain swastika.

So imagine my surprise at reading that a Chinese author has written a book about how superior Chinese mothers to mothers of other nationalities and ethnicities. Her theories are based on the fact that the average Chinese mother has high expectations of her children*, to the point that a 5 year olds daily activity schedule could rival that of a 4th year employee of Goldman Sachs.

Clearly Miss Author here didn’t cast her net far and wide and find out from research, that there are a plethora of non-Chinese, non-Asian mothers around the world who demand the best out of their children and will go to reasonable limits to ensure this. I don’t think Chinese mothers are more superior in any way, I think they’re just a little more....err, militant, about how they go about getting results from said-child.

Flashback to the year 1995 and I return home with a test result of 19/20 on a Maths test. The class average is sitting at around 14/20 and my sweet mother is harassing me about that ONE I didn’t get right *insert eye roll* ....and the thing is, my academic history was littered with experiences such as this.

My parents expected the best out of me (still do), if I could get 95% then it meant I could 100%...If i could get 100%, then I could maintain it. People will argue that that’s a lot of pressure for a kid, I agree...however, I would much prefer that type of scenario to one where nobody is expecting anything from you – that’s how we end up with national Matric/final exam pass-rates in the 60-odd % and applaud such nonsense (*side-eye* to SA’s Ministry of Education).


*I wonder if only being allowed to have ONE child in China has anything to do with all the concentrated fixation.


Chickens, may this 3rd week of the not-so-new year bring you many blessings, and zero blind-spot type scenarios ;-)

Stay motivated and spread the love,

V x


Gospel Girl said...

I feel you on the blind spot issue. *sigh* :(
Number 1-3 are the same for me, plus seeing anyone suffering immensely like sick children, child trafficking, people dying of hunger in impoverished states - that gets me bawling.:(

As for the Chinese author, nxa, well what can I say? Mad dog disease. (Yes, Grapevine Extra says that they finished all the dogs in Zim when they were building the National Sports Stadium.)

In other news "I miss SA and those lovely Wimpy Waffles yumm".

Sarai said...

Well, I only have one giant blind-spot to be honest: boy-girl relationships :) I lose all perspective of life when I allow irrationality to take over - hau - you were there during the Stalking Stuart phase! You know this ;)

Okay, the Chinese thing - I agree that they work their kids harder than most other countries in the world, I really do. HOWEVER. I believe that makes the worse mothers and not better mothers. You're supposed to love children unconditionally and in spite of how they perform - these kids will grow up thinking they will never be good enough and will end up slaving away for the state, which is exactly what the Maoist government wants. Definitely not better mothers though, good heaven's.

Parental pressure is the reason I worked so damn hard to get out of the house, yo! There's no motivation like freedom!! So I'm like, those with overbearing parents, y'all are in for some fun times IF you bust outta there on your own.

KarangaChic said...

My blind spot moment was my so called best friend in high school. We bonded in the hideous chisi dorms from form 1 to form 4, promising to always be honest and never let a boy come between us. Then we both started dating friends( big mistake in my life), he cheated, she didn't tell me even though she knew the whole 10 months. Eventually a girl who wasn't even a friend told me and when I confronted her she acted like it was nothing, she actually laughed. I wasn't even pissed he cheated, I liked him but I didn't need him, I was pissed she knew and laughed at me all those months. Karma is a real beyotch though cos her husband's best friend is my fave cousin and now I know he's cheating on her every single weekend, and I will never tell as she lost the privilege of me caring about her way back when.

sugarmouse said...

you're funny :D

keep on keeping on!

Vimbai said...

@GG: Wimpy has waffles, really? I must investigate this claim.

As for your Mad Dog comment...yah, no comment as to the consumption of domesticated animals by certain cultures, lol.

@Sarai: That was uni though, who WASN'T was a highly obsessive stalker back then :-) You'll find there's a healthy number of us who share the same blindspot as you.

I agree, a demanding mother doesn't make for a good encouraging noe does though. The demanding mother ends up with a kid who's acting out well past their teens, hehehe.

@Karanga: If all-girls' boarding hostels could speak, Hollywood would have acquired movie rights by now. It's one thing not to tell (she could have been trying to protect you) but to laugh when the truth came up...maiwe kani, that's just cold man.

Karma's a b.....

@sugarmouse: Welcome! Glad you were entertained :)