Friday, September 17, 2010

How to give yourself away in 30 seconds!

First impressions are extremely deceiving. I don't know about you but i usually need to go in for a third or fourth opinion, at the very least, before i can gauge a semblance of a person's true colours. Once in a while i get it right the first time round, very rarely so though.

Thing is, third and fourth encounters usually take time to reach and we all know that time isn't something we all have a lot of, right? So how do we fast-track this "getting to know you" process....why, play a board game or a card game with the person under scrutiny of course.

Playing board games or card games strips most individuals of pleasantries and reveals what lies below their social facade. You learn whether some is competitive or not, a good sport or not, intelligent/creative or not, honest or otherwise...studying individuals while they play a board or card game is social anthropology at its best and here's why:

30 Seconds

I have guy friends who, believing themselves to be intellectually superior individuals, use this particular board game to determine whether there can be a future with their current "lust interest." One Friday i was invited to witness one of these vetting scenarios under the guise of a Game's Night. Now one of the lads had brought along his current lust interest (lets call her X) a very good-looking chick, who he was very proudly flaunting in front of all and sundry.

Before we knew it, it was game time and the stakes where high. Never had I played amongst such a competitive bunch. Tempers were high, insults where being hurled back and forth and there wasn't a shortage of laughter, at the expense of others.

The most laughter was generated unintentionally by X. I sh*t you not, i still find myself laughing at this chick's ignorance:

Example 1:

X's clue description: "It was a time of exorcism...yes, exorcism of demons."

Team's incorrect responses: The Exorcism, Village of the Damned...

What X had been trying to describe: The Holocaust.

Example 2:

X's clue description: "It's a landmark in London."

Team's incorrect responses: Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London, Trafalgar Square...heck Stonehenge was tossed in there.

What X had been trying to describe: The Eiffle Tower.

People where *dead* around the table, especially my mate who minutes earlier had been looking at X adoringly. Now his expression resembled that of a man who was frantically in search of a rock to crawl under.

Moral of the story - Today's lust interest, may be tomorrow's baby mamma/life mate...meaning she may have to sit and do homework with your little ones, pick a game of 30 seconds ;-)

There are so many other games i could name that reveal tthe baser traits of the average human being, such as :

Texas Hold 'Em Poker : Beg, borrow or steal poker chips till you make it...whatever it takes. The real gamblers and strategists rear their heads in this game.

Scrabble: Not reading enough, we'll find out sooner rather than later, not to mention that the Chancers come out in their hordes (there's no such word as hajard!)

Crazy Eight: The first part of this game's name provides some insight into the side-affects of playing it. Noone playing ever has the same rules with regard to what cards count for what. A lot of cussing ensues and even world leaders are looking at getting it banned, just to maintain the peace within households.

Holla in the comments memorable moments when playing board/card games with friends and family....i suspect there are quite a few gems out there.


Happy weekend chickens! May the force be with you :-)


V x