Friday, August 06, 2010

O_o words...okay, maybe a few

Open Letter to Montana Fishburne:

Dear Montana,

I don't get it.

Nobody, and i mean NOBODY wishes to be a porn star when they grow up. Ask any porn star out there and they're tale of how they got to where they are is one of poverty, misery, drug abuse, abusive relationships and more poverty.

Now a pretty girl like yourself from a well-off family proclaiming to the world that this line of work is your calling is about as easy to reconcile as....nothing, you're the first of your kind (and hopefully, the last).

I would like to think that this obvious cry of attention of yours is some way-ward form of rebellion and/or unresolved Daddy issues but baby girl, one thing is for sure, some things can't be un-done and this is one of them.

PS: In response to your much publicised, delusional quote:

"I hope it's not hurting [my dad].
It wasn't done to hurt him.
But I think it will take time and talking through the issues.
Eventually, I hope he will be proud of me.



In other news:

Inception..Deception...Contraception: Demmit, i am loving the names of flicks these days! I haven't caught this movie . I'm working through a serious movie backlog due to the World Cup taking precedence.

Random side note: I was having a discussion with a friend who claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio can't be taken seriously in "mannish" roles, as he will always have that boyish charm about it...unlike say Brad Pitt who is very pretty but still carries off mannish roles very well.

I don't agree, i think Leo has come into his fact, with his wolfish looks he reminds me of a young Jack Nicholson.

What say you?

V is for Vampire: Damn you Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer for feeding my insatiable thirst for all vampire related literature, TV shows and flicks with the exception of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (that was truly a CRAP show, at best).

I'm besotted with these blood-sucking much so that i'm now hanging out in the "Young Adult" section of the bookstore *cringe*, stocking up on notable titles like the Blue Blood legacy by Melissa de la Cruz or Marked (House of Night) series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.

Funny story: I had some contractors at my place fixing up some stuff and when it came time to write-up the invoice, one of the contractors asked me my name, except he really didn't me properly because he then started calling me "Vampire". Errrr, yah. I was confused. When i spelt it out for him, he then accused me of misleading him by pretending my name was Vampire.

No words.

Speaking of Anne Rice: She's turned the Christian world on its head by declaring she's done with the religious institution that is Christianity BUT is still all for Christ. As contradictory as it sounds, i get her point...but it seems a bit of a radical move. Hypocrisy and bigoted behaviour is ever present in all religions, when it comes down to it, it's all about the relationship you have between you and your maker.

As I said below, I quit being a Christian. I’m out. In the name of Christ, I
refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be
anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be
anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In
the name of …Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen.

Now whether one can remain spiritual without being religious is the big question for all... as is whether one can be Christian without going to church and partaking in Christian practices.

Lots of food for thought here! Holla in the comments.


Oooops, i've rambled on long enough. Chickens, have a great long weekend and keep safe!


V x


kookie said...

Montana Fishburne is a calculating little so and so. We have all read the book on "How I got mad at daddy and planned revenge by acting out". Some of us read that book a few chapters in and gave up. Others it seems finished the entire book and want to show us how it's done. What's more for her to say " I have at home experience" *crickets* whose home? I know Laurence is beyond pissed somewhere.

Ann Rice has an interesting point and to be honest I think it is somewhat achievable to maintain spirituality and admirable to put herself and her beliefs out there like that.

There are some things in Christianity one does question. For example as a christian I should ultimately believe that all other religions except for Christianity is the true religion and thus any followers of any other religion are sinning, will go to hell etc etc. However how can I believe that when a lot of my friends are Muslims and a few are Buddhists. I've had discussions with my friends where their belief in their God is just as fervent as mine but by another name.

I agree with you and have always said as long as you believe in God and have a relationship with him I'm happy with that.

Karanga Chic said...

Montan Fishburne must have been dropped on her head at birth. This is what happens when we have policies about not smacking children if she had a Zim mother who had not hesitated to give her a licking when she was a child this would not have been a thought. Americans are crazy.
Religion is just divisive mhani, instead of loving each other people picket funerals in the name of the Lord, kill in the name of the Lord etc. I'm a Christian, I believe in God, I pray and I try to be a good person, which is better than those people(we all know one) who sing the loudest church, deliver the readings every Sunday but have affairs, abuse other for their beliefs, use gossip to tear down others. i sort of hope Armageddon happens in my lifetime just so I can see whether these hard core mofos will get a one way ticket to heaven.
INCEPTION IS SOOOOOOO GOOD but when you watch it pay attention.

Shamilicious said...

Montana anyadzisa!!!!

Super star! said...

Every woman has daddy issues ...some more than others but at the end of the day the daddyissues-o-meter shots up whenever placed under the underarm of a woman. (many are still in denial)

Ms Montana perhaps is just a good reminder to every man out there to take out the daddyissues-o-meters and do thorough checks!

the only she without daddy issues is my car. outside the occasional misdemeanour she behaves on the road as the manufacturers promised. Montana is behaving like those Japanese excuse of a vehicle that need to be recalled- and correctly rewired so often. I don’t blame Montana- its Lawrence fault!

Vimbai said...

@Kooks: Did she tune she had "hone experience"?!? Eish, could she be alluding to something so sinister I'm now talking around the abominable topic...I'm praying that aint it. But yah, she's taken this one too far!

PS was nodding frantically through your spirituality & christianity schpeal.

@Karanga Chic: For real, if she'd had a militant african mama, this nonsense would never have transpired to begin with. This chick doesn't know her boundaries and is now actively *ahem* exploring them, eish.

@Shami: Apa wataura!

@Super: LMAO @ "the only she without daddy issues is my car" comment plus car/Toyota analogy, ka ka ka ka.

I agree that Laurence messed up here, but Montana is 18, old enough to take ownership of her actions. Saka it's a bit 50/50 in the blame game.

Anonymous said...

She's 19! I'm sorry but I think this one is her own disaster. I mean there have to be some unresolved daddy issues but I think they've been overshadowed by her own ambition.

Laurence, I feel your pain.

Vimbai said...

@MBLS: Ambition, hmmph, like you said, this chick is on her OWN! She claims she's doing it to get famous...errrr, more like infamous. I don't see Zoe Kravitz having to pull such a stunt and that chick is "famous" in her own right.

Too much tom foolery :-S

Karanga Chic said...

Aiwa ka people here are saying Mr Fishburne is at fault, ummmm hell no! She says she had a good relationship with him and even if she didn't really how old is she? It's not like when you are 5 and throw your toys around to get your own way. When do we stop blaming our parents for everything and grow up> There are better ways to get revenge against neglectful parents, being successful for one. The sad thing is her mission is accomplished everybody is talking about her and Ryan Seacrest will be giving her own E! show in 5,4,3,2...... She really is a moron though because if she wanted to be famous I am sure she could have gotten into movies using good old fashioned nepotism. Stupid is as stupid does I guess, SMDH!

Vimbai said...

She's definitely NOT gettign reality show! She's messed up TOO bad, unless it's a reality show of how she's joined a convent, hehehe.

That i would watch :-)

Funms-the rebirth said...

sigh....Montana...the dumbest brat i have ever read about.....attention seeker....

Tendayi said...

I love the Anne Rice quote...i feel like that too. Like being Christian entails being against all these things and all these people but I have never heard of Jesus doing all these crazy things. From what I heard he visited their homes and shared bread with them...

Montana, when I was 19 I thought sleeping with my 'cheating' boyfriend without protection was a good idea (yes i said it! secret is out), but I know better now. Hopefully, she will too. We could all have been pornstars if we had cameras back then and no fear of our fathers in us plus seriously ZBC being the only channel, well there's really no benefits there. Anyway I just think the more attention we pay to her foolery, the more she gets paid and the longer it will take for her to come to her senses (in fact I think she will and then it will be a publicity stunt on how she has reformed and then CINEMAX will be forgiving and hire her!)

Vimbai said...

@funms: co-sign!

@Tendi: exactly Tendi, Jesus was all about the visits, meetings on hilltops, non-judgement, love & forgiveness slant...I blame Mankind and his stupid institutionalised tendencies.

As for being 19 and making rubbish decisions comes with the territory...but this chick, eish, she's met her quota of stupidity for this lifetime.