Sunday, August 15, 2010

It started with a kiss...

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by”

Casablanca – (As Time Goes By)

Whilst partaking in a boozy lunch on the leafier side of Johannesburg, my friend “X” and I spoke about all things under the sun (both figuratively and literally). As conversations predictably go, especially when they involve women and alcohol, we spoke of relationships, hook-ups and drive-bys.

At some point we got into a debate about whether kissing was considered cheating! I argued yes, she adamantly refused that it was so, nonchalantly declaring that such indiscretions where mostly likely to happen, one way or another.

Now we can ring up some fancy statistics and split hairs all we want...but if you’re engaging in any intimate relations with someone other than your significant other, errrr, you’re cheating. Don’t pull a Bill Clinton “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” defence, we all remember how that one turned out.

As far as I’m concerned, kissing is a gateway drug to other such preambling antics*...after all, we aren’t 12 years old! Seven seconds in heaven isn’t gonna cut it no more.

What I should have asked X was, if she found herself in the position of catching her significant other engaging in a round of tonsil-hockey with someone else, would her cool and “worldly” demeanour remain intact....or would she be singing Chris Brown’s “Deuces” with the rest of us.

Holla in the comments!

*Can you tell I’ve been reading my fair share of Victorian-period novels, lol.


In other news:

You know you’re getting old when...Nicki Minaj samples Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” and today’s youth look at you like, “Annie who”. I’ve tolerated Ms Minaj and her brightly coloured hair pieces since her debut...she can flow but up until her “Your Love” track (that I have on repeat), I couldn’t be bothered.

Calling all blackberry users: I’ve googled this particular problem and haven’t found a here it goes. How do I delete my BB voice notes, they used to disappear completely but now they don’t and the one’s that refuse to delete show a Jan 1st 1970 date, which is pretty random...



Happy Monday chickens, keep your eyes on the prize #GenericWordsOfEncouragement


V x


Tendayi said...

A kiss is currently all I am giving so if you want samples from elsewhere then its ok but once we cross the exclusive mark (funny thing is i will probably only kiss if we r exclusive so haha), i should be the only one to have rights to them does start with a kiss, ask Usher 8701 so nope kissing is cheating.

I think i officially allowed Nicki Minaj into my home after Your Love and that's the only way she will stay...if she is singing Your Love, i don't grt any of her other stuff though

BB issues = me clueless, maybe one day in the land of farfaraway, i will get one

Shona Vixen said...

Nicki Minaj made me not care for her after she ruined my Annie Lennox dare she??I'm vex actually beyond vex...some classics aren't meant to be tampered with!!
On that I'll come back mangwana to comment on

Karanga Chic said...

Kissing is very definitely cheating. It's an intimate act therefore performing it with someone else is cheating. If I caught the man kissing another woman, bhutsu nedhuku paside so I can kick his and hers asses, jokes aside.
As for Miss Nicki that girl gets on my nerves. From the made in china butt, to the made in india wigs, to the annoying droning, she is as talented as a strand of my hair. And to desecrate "No More I Love You's"......A sample of her crap:
Just left Money Gram in the Lemon Lam
Hot damn make me scream like summer jam
I mean that nigga must be from the motherland
Anyway I think I met him in the Sky
When I was a Geisha he was a Samari
Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai
Never spoke lies and he never broke fly

kookie said...

Number one parallel sister...voice notes. I was deleting mine today and the thing froze! Just froze, I rebooted but boy was I panicking for a hot minute!

On to the meatier portion of your post. Kissing is cheating. Let me take you back to Sex and the City. Although I got a sick satisfaction from Carrie kissing Aidan as some sort of revenge on Mr Big...(in my head anyway) I still recognised it for what it was ->CHEATING!

I don't care if its a peck on the lips so quick that you couldn't even finish saying butterfly kiss. My view is whatever got your S.O to the point where they kissed someone else means that the next time (if there is a next time) or even that time, something else will trigger their amorous feelings and make them go a little further.

I FERUZE this "it's not cheating" malarkey so badly because I've seen a kiss shared and TRUST me when they say you can hear/feel your heart breaking into a million's true. That ish is not cute. *end emotional rant*

Vimbai said...

@Tendayi: LMAO @ "if you want samples" comment! So ummm, how many of these kisses have you been giving away missy *wink*

@Shona: Yikes, you're quite touched with that sampling! I think it actually goes with Nicki's rapping style on the track, as for the lyrics...

@KarangaChic: I'm SO happy you highlighted THOSE specific lyrics, coz when i first heard them ka...i laughed so hard ka. Seriously!!! Not to mention the pseudo-accent change she goes into while spouting those lyrics, i died, lol.

*DEAD* @ "bhutsu nedhuku pa-side" comment

@Kooks: So the freezing has begun! But can you delete your BB voice notes for ever, coz i'm getting quite touched at being unable to do so sha...

Heeeee, that Carrie-Aidan reference is right on! Seriously, i don't see how somebody can not seeing that very intimate act as cheating *smh*

*big hug* at having to witness your S.O. making out with someone Ja Rule would say, "It's MUUUUUURDAH!"

Tendayi said...

@V since 2007 wow people are really touchy about this Minaj...

Karanga Chic said...

@Vimbai, when I heard motherland I cracked up. I was like yeah this chick ain't ish. Don't get me started on her verse on the Letting Go track. Her 15 minutes are almost up.
@Kookie I feel you about the kissing, my darling ex, kissed another chick on my birthday in front of me, granted he didn't see me till he was done kissing her, if I had loved him I would have been hurt. I was very very annoyed, and had to leave the bar early on my birthday, and the stupid boy has the nerve to come knocking on my door at 4am, thinking he can climb into bed with me. Sies man! Now if the current lover did that wooo Lord, CNN here I come, cos I would perform some Thai surgery on him and turn him into a her.
When kissing stops being cheating then we move on to bigger things then after a while nothing is cheating anymore, just exploring our options. Kissing, emotional affairs, office hubbies, office wives, mouth to south action , that is all cheating! What happened to having high standards mhani!

Myne Whitman said...

Kissing is so cheating please, even flirting has its limits too. Yeah I said so, lol...

Funms-the rebirth said...

For me, Kissing is cheating...cuz if i find a man i am involved with doing the same with another woman, he is definitely cheating.....

so anything i know i won't like him doing with someone else is definitely cheating

Deedza said...

Wureed for Nikki Minaj, Have you seen that video its so bad. At the end she dies and theres red cloth as blood. No... The only thing i like is her on the Gyptian Remix to Hold Yuh otherwise we dont need another Lil Kim wannabe

KISSING IN CHEATING. Its way more intimate, way more personal.Like we can just poke each other when we are wasted and say it was a mistake. but kissin involves looking into eyes and thoughtful gazes and all sorts. I know guy friends who say they wont kiss a girl unless they like her,poking(ie sex btw) a girl is less intimate than sex or so these skanky males said!!

Vimbai said...

@Tendayi: Since 2007...has Nicki been on the scene that long. I like the way she flows, asi her Barbie image and ghetto hair pieces are too OTT for moi.

@KarangaChic: Dead @ the term "mouth to south"...i LOVE it!!!

@Myne: Oh yes, flirting-with-intent is definitely cheating, eish, so many categories of infidelity - human beings are becoming extra creative in this department.

@Funms: Preach girl, preach!!!

@Deedza: The video wasn't SO bad, at least she tried to be creative...i'm pretty partial about all things Japaense, so i can forgive her this one, hehe.

As for poking a chick without it involving kissing...errr, that's like Prostitution man (cue scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts's character refuses to kiss Richard Gere)

Deedza said...

It just hit me she is like a black Lady Gaga wannabe!!
Re pretty woman- remember why she wouldnt kiss him it would mean something. Sex can be meaningless but kissing involves letting someone on which just backs up our point that kissing is cheating

Tisha said...

How about smooching?
Is it cheating?

When i heard that you can be cheating emotionally
you are asking a rhetorical question. Kissing is cheating and more.

Jaycee said...

I agree that any level of intimacy with someone other than the significant other is cheating. How else would one be able to explain the fiery passion of a kiss shared with someone else? It involves a butterfly feeling, or sometimes a volcanic eruption from the tongue to the belly, it's not just a random act of satisfaction or a fling.

I like the generic word of encouragement for today :D

Vimbai said...

@Deedza: Black Lady Gaga, not even, that would be TOO original for her. No, sadly with some of those outfits, i feel Nicki is trying to channel Ru Paul or someing *smh*

Ehe, i like your Pretty Woman analysis....very insightful and supports our underlying point.

@Tisha: Ka ka ka @ your smooching comment :-)

Emotional cheating does sound kinda rhetorical and redundant, but ask some people and you will be told that those two things are mutually exclusive i.e. cheating has nothing to do with emotions(hmmmph).

@Jaycee: Ooohh J, please stop with the "butterfly feeling" and "volcanic eruption" it me or is it getting hot in here? LMAO.

seye said...

But then, why would someone even think otherwise!!