Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How to rock stunna shades in bed

It’s been just over two weeks and i believe I have successfully channelled “Anne Wintour”. My stunna shades and I are one. I don’t go anywhere without them. I wear them ALL the time. Name the place, i’ve probably worn them there.

In the mall.
In the bath.
In bed.
Heck, i even wore them in church....

Don’t think I haven’t noticed the looks of judgement. Oh yes, i’ve seen the inquisitive looks, the dismissive looks. I know what some of them are assuming.

I’m famous.
I’m a Diva.
I’m hungover.
I'm high.
I'm blind.

Trust me, I feel real stupid wearing them everywhere... but try to part me with my shades and I’ll have to hurt you...I’ll have to hurt you real bad.

You see, it will be exactly 19 days, today, that i had a cornea transplant in my left eye *pause for dramatic organ type music*.

It’s been a surreal experience, one that has taught me the following:

· Eyes work like boobs: They draw you in AND they work in pairs. So if there’s a problem with one, the other one will have sympathy pains.

· Those little pills pack a mighty punch: I now know why John Mayer waxes lyrical about sleeping pills. For a week after surgery, they were my close friends. Sleep would not come without them, and when it arrived after popping one of those bad boys back, so did the CRAZY, vivid dreams.

· Dr Darcy: Good looking practitioners’ facilitate speedy recovery in patients...according to me that is. My eye surgeon is the reincarnation of Mr Darcy from Pride of Prejudice. Given the fees he charges, he definitely has a Pemberly-esque mansion in the ‘burbs. Do we have any takers, ladies?

· Too many people have watched Jessica Alba’s movie “The Eye” *shudder*;

· Cabin Fever can be fatal: I nearly slit my wrists i was so bored. Lying in bed, in a dark room, unable to read anything, unable to watch anything, alone with my thoughts...it wasn’t pretty.

· I’m not ready for a baby: Waking up every 2hrs to take medication in the first week humbled me. New parents keep a similar timetable for longer periods of time and all I can think is...it must be a labour of love.

· R-E-S-P-E-C-T : I have deep, resounding respect for the technological advancements in the medical field. Who thought this up? Who perfected it? Who were the guinea pigs (ouch)?

· Love Is: To be surrounded by love when you’re at your most vulnerable is a wonderful thing. It’s a blessed thing:

Love is The Almighty who heard my prayers and made sure everything went as I’d requested.
Love is my mother flying in to wait on me hand and foot without complaint or need for reciprocity.

Love is my father calling ALL the time to make sure I’m okay and remind me that physical distance ain’t no thing.

Love is my brother and sisters distracting me with their tales and stories, making me laugh when all i wanted to do is cry, fuss or feel sorry for myself.

Love is Him cutting a trip short to be by my side me and patiently listen to my irrational fears.

Love is my girls who kept tabs on me using all technology available to them.

Love is those unexpected calls from people you least expect.

Love is the stranger who signed themselves up for organ donation not knowing their selflessness would improve the quality of life of someone they would never know in their lifetime (i can't say thank you enough).

Thankfully, I need my stunnas less and less every day. Yesterday was my first day back at work and it took everything in me not to pull them out of my bag during a meeting and whip 'em on - the questioning looks would have been too much, lol.

Holla back and let me know what i've been missing on blogville & the world at large (names may be changed to protect the guilty :-))

Have a glorious Chewsday, chickens, and stay blessed.


V x


Shona Vixen said...


Shona Vixen said...

Ok I hope I'm first as my previous comment was me shouting first.
Glad you're getting better girl, its when things like that happen that you're grateful for your sight (I'm in that phase of being envious of everyone walking fast/running etc)!!
Hopefully once you're all healed you won't be a stunners addict...lol...
Would've loved to see you with your stunners on in church...did you have the big hat to go with it all??..lol..OK I'll stop.
Thank you to the person who donated their organ because my girl is healed!!xxx

Shamilicious said...

Hey Gal Im glad you are ok...I logged on to bitch that you hadnt blogged in a while and I had nothing to read at work, only to realize you had good reason. Im so glad what you said abt organ donation, us africans too often dont believe in organ donation, but i do! You are a living example of why its important holla!!!!!

Sarai said...

Wow, babe - you've come through a lot. :) Cabin fever and all. I'm proud of ya!

Been watching loads of foreign films. That's not the most appropriate thing to tell you, but it's the truth. Check some out - your eyes could do with some spectacle.

He he. I'm so funny.

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Thanks musikana! Trust I'll be rocking my stunnas through the summer!

Wearing them in church was such a danger! The old folk looked like they wanted to tune me out, eish.

Don't worry chica, you'll be up and about with the best of them soon soon.

@Shami: I'm feeling the love chica! I'll have fodder for your work day going forward.

Organ donation is still a very taboo on this continent. I mean, my cornea came from The States because SA doesn't have an active donor program or organ harvesting program...throw in the threat of HIV/AIDS and you've got yourself a hot mess. I never really thought about the merits organ donation, until now that is. Now I'm a champion for the cause :-)

Vimbai said...

@Sarai: This I gotta hear! What type of foreign films are these? When I think "foreign flick" I think "french film heaving with hot, sweaty bodies" .

Yes, I'm stereotyping, sue me, lol.

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry I never checked on you but I did wonder once or twice. How are you dear? Thank God the surgery went well, for the stunners, hunky doctors, family and all.

I have always been a donor and I hope my bits make someone feel or get better when I am gone.

ps, you should def get to the spectacle of Inception and Salt.

Jaycee said...

Thank God for a successful eye surgery :)

Vimbai said...

@Myne: Hello missy, i'm so happy you're a donor! It's one of the most selfless acts I can think of that reap huge rewards.

Inception has got so many reviews, i'm quite intrigued and i would love to see Ms Jolie in action in Salt.

@Jaycee: Amen :-) Hope you're good J, long time!

tsitsim said...

I was checking your blog everyday eagerly waiting for a new post! Glad to hear you are OK:-) I had honestly never thought about being organ donation before but I certainly will now!God bless dear.

Super star! said...

Love is what i am sending to you right now.

Whats this talk of south african imitations, i thought we established a long time ago there is only one real Mr Darcy.

Vimbai said...

@Tsitsi: Thanks dear! I'm glad I got you thinking about it, we don't come from that sort of culture. Today, we start!

@Super: Now you've made me all misty-eyed, thank's for The Love.

Also I knew the momemt I referenced "Pemberly" I would get a quip from you, lol.

Funms-the rebirth said...

awww glad you are very much better hun....xx

Vimbai said...

@Funms: Thanks honey! Are you home yet?

Sir Nigel said...

This now explains the silence...every time I visited your blog (and I frequent this joint if truth be told) only to find the same blog as last visit. I would ceremoniously depart in a big huff, followed by exactly 32 mins of sulking. I take all that back now. Glad you’re on the road to recovery…*hugs*

Vimbai said...

@Nigel: 32 whole minutes of sulking, shamwari, that takes skill!

Thanks hun :-)

kookie said...

How in the dickens did I miss an ENTIRE post from V? Never mind I stalk this blog religiously? The one time I say let me take a break...she updates... and I'm number 17...

Anyway... Dr Darcy...eish I'd be visiting said doctor post op, post post op and post post post the op just to check on him.

And I'm so glad you are getting better each day...it's now Friday but let's pretend I saw this on Tuesday.

Vimbai said...

@Kooks: 17 is a good number...it's got a 7 in it and i'm very fond of the number seven...ummm...so we're good *big grin*

As for you Dr Darcy comment *smh* that was SUCH a thirsty comment, lol.

Happy Fri-Tuesday!

munhu said...

Glad your surgery went well. In my own world I also went under last week and I feel you on those little pills. But before I got there they gave me propofol and without taking the mickey - that stuff could make a rock dead! MJ had no chance sipping on that stuff with a straw like that.