Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Philip Eats Here (Feel It, It's here)

Ola Chickens,

Rumour has it there's a FIFA World Cup happening on african soil, eh, that's news to me...

LOL, I'd bhave to reading under an extremely soundproof and media-proof rock not to realise that the greatest sporting event of 2010 was happening on my doorstep!

So no, I haven't neglected to mention it on my here blog, where you will find my World Cup ramblings is over at my Afriquan Times blog (link:

My usual non-WC blog posts will continue here, but please hit a drive by at my AQ blog and drop a comment for your girl (read: help make me look good).

In the meantime, let my return to catching up on my zzzzzz' wouldn't believe how demanding and continuous this footie fever is! Philip definitely Eats Here, lol!


V x

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