Monday, May 03, 2010

I've been bitten

The travel bug has got's got me good!

Now if only my bank account could match my travelling needs, i would be set for life.

This sudden wish to see it all was revived after a trip to the southern part of Mozambique, Ponta D'Oura, a weekend ago. It's been pissing cats and dogs for the last 3 weeks and what do you know, as i type this, there's a torrential downpour going on, so i didn't have to be asked twice to head off in search of sun and surf!

Being 1/16th Mozambican (my great-grandmother wandered over into Mutare from Mozambique during the late 1890's during some war-conflict) i thought it was high time i had a look-see.

First-off, we road-tripped there and took nine hours...NINE HOURS. For some reason i was under the impression that Ponta D'Oura was a mild 5 hrs away...somehow, i did not factor in crazy pot-holed towns, damn goats loitering on the road and the fact that it isn't a fire drive.

Being the proud occupant of the back seat in the car, i passed the time dozing off or lamenting on how incestuous the natives of small-towns looked. Now i wish i could say we blended in, when we stopped for bathroom breaks or directions, but nope, you can clearly spot Townies a mile away. We're loud, we're brash and we have that Toto-we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore bewildered look on our faces, hehehe.

During the trip i was saddened every time we went through a tollgate...being a tollgate operator must be the LEAST self-actualising job there is out there. Most tollgates are located in the middle of bloody nowhere, they sit in insolated booths all day long and i'm sure they're a constipated lot (i doubt bathroom breaks are encouraged).

Eventually, we reached the border which compared to the likes of Beitbridge (Zimbabwe/South Africa) border is a breath of fresh air. I have never seen such a chilled lot. There were no queues, the immigration agents were friendly, no-one searched was so surreal, i was waiting for an immigration officer to pipe up, "surprise, gotcha!"

Once on Mozambiquan turf, i realised that people weren't joking about the road conditions. It wasn't so much that the roads were bad, more like, there weren't any roads to speak of, just car tracks in undulating sand-dune type terrain. Luckily the whole car ride was less than 15 mins to our accomodation, which was a lovely resort complete with a very tame baby monkey to greet you on arrival.

There were 8 of us, in total, on the trip and days weren't long enough to maximise on the great weather, chilli'd prawns and splashing about in sea. Speaking of the sea, i don't know why i thought i could calmly tread water without having to submerge my chemically straightened hair. That was wishful thinking, 'cause by wave number 4, all hope of keeping the hair dry was lost and i sported a frizzy type 'fro for the rest of the trip.

The only drawback were the mosquitos, no matter how much bug spray and lotion I smeared on myself, the little critters managed to find a random spot on my body that i didn't cover! It's been six days since i got back and i'm still itchy!!!!

Random confession: My random jaunt across the border highlighted my lack of travel on this fine continent of ours. It's extremely embarrassing to admit that i've covered more exotic destinations and haven't really checked out my own backyard, so to speak. So my mission going forward to check-off what i haven't seen of sub-Saharan Africa, which is a great big chunk!

Holla in the comments about your travelling experiences and any affordable holidaying recommendations!



I can be your what? Have you heard R Kelly's latest gem? Seriously, this man ka, he's cheeky. How do you get off singing about how you already have a lady who's number one in your life, but if i'm keen, you can squeeze me in as a Number 2???

Weak! What next...

Justin Beiber: Not sure why there's so much hype over this little fetus? He's a cutie-pie, yes...and he's black-owned (sitting on Usher's record label), but that still doesn't explain why he's been a trending topic for the last 4 months and counting. I also have a hankering suspicion that, that mop of hair/fringe is hiding a monster of a forehead, ka ka ka. Yeah i said it!

Waka waka bleugh: The official FIFA World Cup Anthem suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks! Fellow Tweep @ZimBlackRose summed it up best when she said, and i quote, "it's horrible, kinda like baby talk mixed with sungura guitars."

Out of all the artists to have on the track, the choose Shakira? There are such better songs out there e.g. Jamali's "Mzansi", K'naan's "Wave your Flag", heck even "Make da circle beeeeegah gets my vote at this point!

What say you?


Happy Monday chickens!

I came across the following quote, it's speaking volumes to me at the moment:

"It is never too late to be what you may have been" - George Elliot

Lotsa love and hugs,

V x


Super star! said...

Mozambique is one big township, a great place nonetheless with amazingly helpful people I came to realise after being helped with 5 punchers and lots of free sugarcane ( the best dzimbe in the world I swear, fat, juicy and succulent). The best Mozambiquan hideout would be the Bazaruto archipelago, unspoilt beaches and extremely recluse- just thinking about it right now, ( Indigo Bay- personal recommendation!)

Africa has so much to offer, unlike other destinations of the world especially if one is an adreline junkie, or simply the curious type.

In sub-Saharan Africa I would say Tanzania offers the best tourist voyage. There is just so much on offer, from Mt Kilimanjaro, udzungwa tropical forests, Serengeti, Dar-er-salam, lake Victoria, Morongoro, Selous game reserve ( the biggest game reserve in Africa) and Zanzibar. It is also one of the most adventure friendly countries in the world with an extremely rich history, and the roads outside of the city are great.

Make your stay as comfortable as possible by staying at the Kempiski hotels ( recently opened a fabulous resort hotel in the Serengeti plains- the Dar one has an amazing night life on roof top- the Zanzibar one, the best white beach on the island and amazing sea-food cuisine)!

But one country I would love to visit in the DRC, Lubumbashi in particular, I have heard some many interesting stuff about the place.

Ps( Tanzania is Visa friendly)
Asi zvekuita maholiday nevanhu vakawanda ( big group-friends holidays) ummmm- disaster waiting to happen.

blogoratti said...

Hey happy new month!!

Hadassah said...

I do not even know th song what is it?

Jaycee said...


Enough said.

I think I've been bitten by the travel bug as well.

Teshyah said...

Tjo, I bet you had fun. I enjoyed reading this post, cant you like post like random pics, you know landscapes and all, cum on.

The FIFA anthem, so with you. Its pathetic. They perfomed it after the SAMA's and i thought what in the living world is that!!! Make the circle biggger, LOL. Lurv it!

Andrea said...

Please just take me with you. Love travelling, but the wallet is holding me back

Shona Vixen said...

Vimbai you always do this...mention songs and then I can't get them out of my head...Make the circle beeeeegar!!LOL!!

Its those people who keep tweeting #HateJustinBeiber and such that keep him a trending topic! Having had an 8year old over the weekend with me..I'm all Beiber'd out, songs, videos, Youtube, you name it I saw/heard it!

As I said on LondonDiva's blog...MY official World Cup song is K'Naan's Waving Flag.

Funms-the rebirth said...

awww sounds u had fun....its so sad, ive never really been anywhere in Africa, yet ive toured the US and must change

We really need twitter to ba Justin Bieber from

Vimbai said...

@Super: `Dude, i really think you should start some sort of travel blog and tell us of great hotspots within country x...this wealth of information is being lost on the masses `:-)

As for mass holidays, its great from a cost point of view asi ama-dynamics, eish,'s tricky at best.

@blogratti: Happy May to you too!

@Hadassah: If you don't know the song, count yourself among the lucky few...don't go in search of it, its not worth it, hahaha.

@jaycee: Where has the travel bug got you spending?

@Teshyah: I should really invest in another digicam, after my last one died on me (i was quite attached) i haven't been bothered into getting another...but you have a point, some pics would be great!

@Andrea: The wallet is the number one deterrant to us achieving our travelling nirvana...DOWN with the wallet, lol.

@Shona: It brings me great joy to get songs stuck in your head Shona, my work here is done!

@Funms: When are you coming down to Jozi chick? If you come South, i'll come North, we can do a travel exchange, hahaha. I need to experience a Lagos party!

xiona said...

Wallets wallets!! my constraint too but absolutely love to travel. wd have loved a few pics to go along with this blog. all i gotta say!! i've had enough....and for what?!lol
Shona am wid u on waving flag....K'naan rocks

Shamilicious said...

I wanna go to Mozambique my peeps boarder crossed too. Im really hoping to make it to Mexico this year...but im off to Naija in 7 days...not inexpensive but sure to be interesting...stay tuned...

Shona Vixen said...

Well just to say - that Shakira song = childhood memories! I listened to it today, then I was oh snaap I know that song! Remember back in the day before tv started at 3.30pm they'd show this URTNA(yes I remembered the name)musical programme with the Congolese soldiers with fake white eyebrows and moustaches singing Zangalewa?Girl...I've been on YOUTUBE watching that and sending voice notes of Zangalewa and have downloaded it!!Aaaah I've never been happier to discover such stuff..LOL!!

Vimbai said...

@Xiona: I'm working on that camera as we speak...okay, maybe not as we speak, but i'm on it!

@Shami: Time is flying, you're off in a week! I am SO jealous sha, hope you party it up hard in Victoria Island!

Or will you be too busy being a soft-spoken muroora, hehehe. You're gonna have so much fun either way. Any chance you're passing through Jozi?

@Shonavixen: I remember the toy soldier item, and you're not the first person to pick up the similarities between the waka waka song and that song...mmmmh, i will look it up and give it a listen, hopefully something will click!

Lol, i can hear you're sparked by your discovery :-)

Shamilicious said...

Eish I wish I was passing through Jozi! Nexti time though! I will be very yeah right!

Deedza said...

ok i know im so late but im starting to catch up now on your blog lol
Im ashamed to have not travelled to more than 3 countries in Africa, a white dude i work with said to me im more African than you ive been to every single country in Africa!!
But suffice to say im infected by the travel bug vim, yes i just got finished travelling but i want more!!!!!

Hadassah said...

oooooh I heard it its not bad though, Waving flag is a big song here in Canada so is Justin because they are Canadians lol.

Sarai said...

I say "We sou dem how to make the cirlce beegaaaa beegaaaaa!"

Mad props on making it through to Mozas.

ZimBlackRose said...

Hey gal I lvoe travelling as well .Neverbeen to Mozambique but now you've planted the seed I'm

Try Capetwon around December lovley place ,accommodation is cheap and you'll love exploring it.

As for Shakira it still doesn't make sense .As for R Kelly it's time he logged out ,he's getting vain...

Have a lovley month.

Vimbai said...

@Shami: Next time then *pout*

@Deedza: Hellooooooooo there, it's been a while missy! Shamwari, you have been jetsetting for a bit, can't you write us a debrief synopsis per country of your travels...pretty please!

Oh and i agree with EVERYTHING you wrote on your other blog...wataura chokwadi mate.

@Hadassah: Canada is representing for the masses these days!

@Sarai: Thanks, now i have this song in my head...again! LOL. Moz done, the world left to's gonna be an expensive pilgrimage!

@ZimBlackRose: Moz is a must to check out!

As for Cape Town, honey, now that's my joint! I'm a Cape Town girl before i'm a Jozi chick...have done some serious hours in that town.