Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's not Me, it's You...or maybe it's Me, or You, or Me again

The longer we live on this earth, the more dysfunctional we become and the more dysfunctional our relationships become. In this day and age of email-this, bookface-that, cellphone-this and skype-that, we 21st century dwellers are spending an inordinate amount of time building, maintaining or ending relationships.

My mother used to shove John Donne's quote, "Man is not an island" down my throat when i was growing up. It was usually raised when she was talking about how aunt so-and-so where coming to visit and how i would be bed-less for two weeks and i would pipe up with some gem like, "don't they have someone else to visit besides us,." which would be swiftly followed by some part of my anatomy being slapped for such insolence (this happened often as i was a cheeky child, lol).

She would then go on and on about how important family (read: general loved ones) are and how we must remember that we don't live in a bubble and that the human condition is built on relationships blah blah blah.

I fear that my mother saw something in me, the very something she probably spent half my childhood trying to beat out of me, hehehe.

She saw the Relationship Fatalist in me. The "i'm done", "i really can't be bothered" or the (cue Brad Pitt's character Tristan from "Legends of the Fall" voice) "Once more, say it once more and you are no longer my brother/sister/teacher/boyfriend/friend/ice-cream vendor" get the idea right...

To Love, is to Trust, to Trust is to open yourself to some of life's most time-wasting human relationship dynamics. I have contributed to my fair share to these dynamics...oh how i have contributed *smh* and then there are times i have been on the receiving end of some mind-boggling and just plain cruel tom-foolery.

Now life can become an pretty lonely place if you keep axing people left, right and centre. Now don't get me wrong, some fish definitely need to be returned to the sea...for good, if you get my drift. However, most of the time, a big chunk of time in fact, that which has been misconstrued, broken, abused and taken for granted can be fixed. Should be fixed.

This is definitely one of the better after-effects of getting older; being able to stare down the elephant in one's big fat ego :-)



Shake, rattle and roll: This earthquake every week few days business is gone from worrying to ?!?!?. This is not normal. This cannot be normal. Yet, nobody has a real answer. Very suspect.

WiCKED: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I may get to see the Broadway play, "WiCKED" in three weeks time. As the BIGGEST Wizard of Oz fan ever....EVER, WiCKED is the prequel to that particular story. I've heard nothing but fabulous reviews about this show *sigh* i'm such a dork, lol.

"Don't Touch My Studio": Guys, the way people are abusing this phrase is killing me! I watched the clip (Youtube it, if you're still confused about what i'm talking about), have heard the House music mixes for it, this statement has gone viral. Now to take it global!

Zuda's: Have been talking people off the ledge on Twitter, threating to pull an Amber Rose. With Solange followed suit and now Chrisette Michele having takent the plunge, the future trend seems to involve hairless noggins.

I envy anyone who can go bald and look hot...some of us have all sorts of dents and corners going-on that it's best not to dwelve into that terrain. For those northern hemisphere dwellers thinking of giving it ago, i wish you well, for those of you frolicking in the southern hemisphere, might i suggest you wait until winter is thoroughly done before you embark on such a hair-raising (hehehe) missions.

The Aidan vs BIG debate: In a display of some severe delayed action, i am only watching Sex in The City episodes. I don't remember getting in line for this particular bandwagon, but i guess i'm getting an inkling to why women went gaga over this show. Granted, fashion wise the episodes are all a little out-dated (the 90's are challenging the 80's for the "dodgy fashion era" award) but that's what we have movies for.

Now during my catch-up sessions, the Aidan vs BIG debate makes more sense. The age-old question of whether, "nice guys finish last" and if women have made too much of a deal about"settling".

Comments: This is really random but have you guys ever read mainstream news articles on CNN and seen the comments left there by people! Guys, there are some TWISTED individuals. Beats me why CNN has opened such pieces to the general public to express their opinion, but eish, i believe in this particular case that the world's two cents is quite unwarranted...entertaining but not necessary!


Hope you're revelling in what's left of your hump day chickens!

Be good and holla in the comments.


V x


Anonymous said...

Me I'm loving the zuda well my hair's about Solange's length and I dye it and texturise it.

When I first cut it,I wont lie it was in winter and my head was cold.

I don't really feel it anymore, I've gotten used to it I guess and am loving how easy i is to maintain!

Jaycee said...

Chrisette Michele SHAVED her hair??? Oh my gosh!

Myne Whitman said...

I am Team Aidan, a little BIG here and there is good for the ego but...

The earthquakes, what can I say, the world is coming to an end.

I am in the dented skull group. No shaved hair for me.

kookie said...

We all know how I feel about baldilocks and her merry band of baldies.. to each his own but not for me.

Eish can I say your take on 'man is not an island' and translating it into relationship speak has me thinking... maybe I quit too early with the right people and stick it out with wrong ones...hmmmm

I predict that you will want to watch Wicked no less than 3 times. It is inevitable as a Wizard of Oz fan you just have to.

Vimbai said...

@MBLS: i can hear your mantra now, "Don't jealous me and my zuda". You are a brave chick, going zuda in winter, eeeeek!

Lucky for those with nice heads :-P

@Jaycee: Yup, but she looks nice. Google the pics...i'm convinced :-)

@Myne: Haaaaaa, Team Aidan....really???! Maybe for old age and bearing children with...but not for the feisty 20's, hehehe.

Should i start a "dented skull" group, at least we are two members...i suspect there are more out there, lol.

@Kooks: You may be the only one who actually understood my "Man is not an Island" rant. But yah, i feel you on the giving chances to those who don't deserve it and not working harder on the one's who do.

Have you seen the ticket prices for WiCKED???! I think once is all i can afford, although in spirit i will watch it a thousand times (it's out on DVD right, lol)

Shona Vixen said...

Man is not an island - hmmm I have to remember that when I'm 'losing patience'...yes Man is not an island!!

Baldies/Zudas are no-no for me, I will NOT be cutting this hair of mine, I love it too much but hey to each his own right!

Girl you will LOVE Wicked! I enjoyed it and watched it twice!!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Am loving the zen-like ambiance of your Avatar...looks peaceful!

Can i come to you for hair advice, 'cause mine is 3 snips away from being Amber-Rose'd (well not really, but you know what i mean).

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicked, sha, i can't wait, it's over ridden my attendance at John Mayer's concert, hehehe. Emerald City, here i come!

kookie said...

YOU SHALL NOT CUT YOUR HAIR...well at least not Amber Rose status nhai. Check your email after this regarding hair etc

P.s You are LATE my sister O on Lagos Party... Banky W is my other boyfriend (shhhh don't tell Trevor but I'm building up an entertainment harem...wait its not a harem if its men is it? well whatever the male version of harems are Im all in that! lol)

sosexy said...

First time here..
Rushing off to read.

ShonaVixen said...

Ah Ah Vimbai you SHALL NOT cut your hair!! I'll give you some advice but cutting it definitely won't be mentioned!
O Lagos Party love that song!

Vimbai said...

@Kookie: Haaaaa, I hate being late to a party, lol. Who else is in this entertainment harem of, pray do tell?

@sosexy: Welcome! thanks for dropping in!

@Shona; Okay, okay, there will be no hair cutting...for now anyway :-)

Vimbai said...

@Kookie: Haaaaa, I hate being late to a party, lol. Who else is in this entertainment harem of, pray do tell?

@sosexy: Welcome! thanks for dropping in!

@Shona; Okay, okay, there will be no hair cutting...for now anyway :-)