Monday, February 22, 2010

Make the Circle Bigger!

Nothing like finding out that your co-workers know about your blog, to give one a temporary case of writer's block. Smashing really. At least that explains all the 'hey vim from zim" greetings in the elevator, lol.

Awww well, the show will definitely go on *big grin*

So last week i got some great news, i found out two things:

1) That i would finally get to see on of my favourite artists, live in concert (brownie points if you figure out who i'm talking about); and

2) I will actually get to see a FIFA World Cup game over June so i can tell my future grand kiddies, "i was there."

After doing a victory dance and declaring my good news to all and sundry it suddenly dawned on me that i need to start revising my bucket list 'cause things are getting ticked off real quick. Before i saw Jigga in concert, that's the only person i REALLY wanted to see...his performance was well worth the wait (thinking about it still gives me goosebumps) but then, it too passed and i had to find another "person i REALLY wanted to see". Come May this year, i will find myself in the same cycle...and quite frankly i am running out of "people i really want to see" here.

Then there is whole maybe-its-better-not-to-fulfil-some-bucket-list-items: e.g. A few weeks back a whole lot of Aussie folk i know where raving about how awesome Lauryn Hill was in a recent Oz concert she supposedly rocked. I found this really hard to believe. You see, Ms Hill was on my bucket list...i saw her in concert..... she sucked serious a*s and i still wish i could un-watch that concert and put her back on the list. Anti-climax doesn't even begin to describe it!

Holla in the comments any bucket-list staples or scenarios you wished you hadn't ticked off


Day Six: So like the lovely K, i am partaking in the lenten practices as a good catholic girls should. Amongst the many spiritual endeavours i'm hoping to address this lenten period, i ambitiously gave up Bookface and Twitter.

We are definitely in the 21st century when social networking sites rank higher than a bar of chocolate on the list of people's tempations and addictions. But there you have it, it's a sign of the times.

Over the weekend i was quick to profess (loudly even) that i wasn't coping well. I just wanted to "know", when asked, "know what?", i was quick to retort, "anything and everything." That's when it hit me that this Lenten period and social network site hiatus were definitely good things. I've been unconciously dedicating more and more of my time to activities that really don't add value in the long run.

Now don't get me wrong, FB is great for keeping in touch with family and actual friends around the world. Twitter is great for get on-the-ground reports about life-changing incidences. Thing is, if you are camped out on these sites, pre-empting messages and the like, 'tis time to take a deep breath and reconnect with the real world.

I'm all about the need for serious information filters, they definitely help you refocus on the necessary.

Having said that....i'm still going through serious withdrawal symptoms! Anyone feel like clueing me up on what today's Trending Topics are, la la la.

Happy Monday day to get through, four to go!


V x


Anonymous said...

I hear you on Lauryn Hill, for the longest time I always thought I'd want to see her perform, but after hearing some bad reviews (from some very committed fans) about her concerts, I've taken this one off my bucket list.

I left facebook last year, and whilst I had some withdrawal symptoms for a while, I'm really enjoying getting to grips with the 'real world' and actually knowing that when I get an e-mail or phone call that someone is genuinely thinking about me rather than just saw that I'd uploaded pictures and wanted to 'find' out how I'm doing.

Happy Monday to you too!

Vimbai said...

@MBLS: That Ms Hill is up there with Ms Houston...amazing how too much ganja and a dodgy bloke can distract one from the path of greatness (its the early makings of a great Hallmark movie i tell you).

Kudos at evicting yourself off Bookface, i'm starting to warm up to the idea every day. These drive-by, generic, "how is life" wall posts really aren't worth it.

Futi, i don't think we're supposed to know so much information about those that aren't our near and's just too much information demmit :-)

Myne Whitman said...

Tsk Tsk, withdrawal symptoms speaking, lol. Nothing wrong with twitter or FB, just boundaries is all. I have a bucket list, only person on it was MJ, he's dead now and I almost had tickets to This is it. Too bad eh?

Have a nice week.

Funms-the rebirth said...

no wonder ive been looking for u...twitter misses u...
is John Mayer coming to SA?

kookie said...

It's really not fair for me to guess who the singer you are seeing because I already know that you know that I already know! :-) I'm still waiting to hear HOW these tickets were acquired!

I feel really bad about my bucket list it has probably 5 things on it now I feel like there should be more you know? It's not even like I've done a lot...I can't think of anything I would like to really do before I kick it. smh

Vimbai said...

@Myne: I'm rubbish with boundaries, can you tell, lol. Eish, MJ's concert would have been the concert to end all concerts...tough act to follow there!

@Funms: Honey, you don't know how much i am missing your tweets on palms itch with frustration sometimes :-)

John Mayer is performing in Oz...errr Kooks, don't you wanna watch it with me?

@Kookie: Haaaaaa, i have gangsta siblings who know are quite resourceful, lol. Are the tickets sold out or something!?

*smh* at your 5 list bucket that's a china cup list man!

SVT said...

Your time to leave facebook will come, when you go through a midlife crisis when you hit 30. Trust me..

When you deactivate that profile forever, you'll find yourself with more free time than you thought you had, and you can take up knitting, cooking or salsa(I took up cooking - don't laugh)!

What? you thought that the peeps at work were never gonna find out about your blog (you were using the connection at work to access it... weren't you)?

Vimbai said...

@SVT-Bookface and will run our course eventually...the end is nigh for that relationship...really nigh.

So sekuru, what is your signature dish. When entertaining the ladies! You clearly aren't selling your talents, "Its a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of culinary skills is never in want of female company!"

Eh, it was wishful thinking on my part...damn that super speedy work connection that out performs my very narrow broadband that disconnects every other minute.

kookie said...

The tea cup list is so called because stars I want to see keep dying on me or become wack! Tupac, Biggie, MJ. Mariah and whitney would have loved to see them in their glory days. Now. Not. So.Much. Im left with John Mayer who prior to his gaffe I could have roped in 2 or 3 friends to go see him. After they are saying its going to be a solo me silly but I can't enjoy a concert on my own! I too will be depending on sibling power hopefully said sibling will buy a ticket for himself and come with me :-(

munhu said...

hah...i was wondering when I would get to catch this make the circle beega track. caught it on 5 this morning. i can see why it would cause chaos at a party!!
Yippee for catching a world cup game on ya mate. Nice one.
I caught the Confed as the Egyptians handed the Italians their rear ends. ELECTRIC atmosphere. Still not confirmed for World Cup but hey - I fully intend to get me some of that.

I reckon the whole purpose of the bucket list is to enrich the time you have left. So if you tick things off because you had the time to do them. It just means you have more time to add things on and tick off some more.

Go for it. Make the list BEEEEGGAAA !!

Enchante said...

hey vim its been a span. i have been stalking your blog as usual just lazy to comment. i just stopped by to show you some love and to let you know i read that book "THE HELP" i couldnt put it down for day ( i had to read at lunch time in the office) and while sitting in traffic! its an excellent read hope you are enjoying it!

Vimbai said...

@K: JM's momentous gaffe had black people questioning me a) why he did it (ummmm, i don't actually talk to the dude) and b) asking why i am still so freaking happy to being seeing him perform live ('cause i am mheni). Make a plan Kooks, you just gotta see him sha.

A male sibling who is willing to see JM with you...shamwari, that right there is love! My male sibling tuned SUT!(no).

@Munhu: That song is ridiculously contagious! Also, i like to imitate the Cape Coloured accent, "Make da circle dem, show dem".

Here's hoping you get tickets for one game at least, sha it's gonna be briiiiiiiiiiiiiiillant!

@Enchante: Reading in the traffic!!!! That's dedication right there. I'm shy to say i'm still in the early stages of the book, due to other time demands...but it's real good. I would like to read a book along the same premise but about twaai peeps this side raised by their sisi.

THanks for the love honey *big toothy grin*

kookie said...

I;m now waiting for the opportunity to throw into my conversation "make the circle bigger, show dem show dem". I'm in need of rehab with this song. Constant replay during my gym workout and great pick me up...Thanks hon!

Vimbai said...

That song ka! It SPARKS me beyond! Now i feel like throwing down some moves and "Show dem, show dem".

My pleasure Kooks, Boris will be impressed with your sudden burst of energy, lol.

PS I still need to get RiRi's "Rude Boy" a listen...i'm a bit scared though, can't be addicted to too many songs y'know :-)

blogoratti said...

FB is so overrated..but everyone knows that already-so they be moving to twitter. After that what next...hmmm i wonder.

Lucky get to see a game in SA. Nice!

Vimbai said...

@blogoratti: Twitter is much easier and less admin than FB...i feel overexposed on FB (if that makes any sense).

Can't wait to catch the game either...101 days and counting!

Sarai said...

Vimz! Congrats on giving up Bookface for the lent period! Still laughing at the withdrawl, though...

Andrea said...

I would love to see jigga perform, that's my guy.