Monday, February 22, 2010

Make the Circle Bigger!

Nothing like finding out that your co-workers know about your blog, to give one a temporary case of writer's block. Smashing really. At least that explains all the 'hey vim from zim" greetings in the elevator, lol.

Awww well, the show will definitely go on *big grin*

So last week i got some great news, i found out two things:

1) That i would finally get to see on of my favourite artists, live in concert (brownie points if you figure out who i'm talking about); and

2) I will actually get to see a FIFA World Cup game over June so i can tell my future grand kiddies, "i was there."

After doing a victory dance and declaring my good news to all and sundry it suddenly dawned on me that i need to start revising my bucket list 'cause things are getting ticked off real quick. Before i saw Jigga in concert, that's the only person i REALLY wanted to see...his performance was well worth the wait (thinking about it still gives me goosebumps) but then, it too passed and i had to find another "person i REALLY wanted to see". Come May this year, i will find myself in the same cycle...and quite frankly i am running out of "people i really want to see" here.

Then there is whole maybe-its-better-not-to-fulfil-some-bucket-list-items: e.g. A few weeks back a whole lot of Aussie folk i know where raving about how awesome Lauryn Hill was in a recent Oz concert she supposedly rocked. I found this really hard to believe. You see, Ms Hill was on my bucket list...i saw her in concert..... she sucked serious a*s and i still wish i could un-watch that concert and put her back on the list. Anti-climax doesn't even begin to describe it!

Holla in the comments any bucket-list staples or scenarios you wished you hadn't ticked off


Day Six: So like the lovely K, i am partaking in the lenten practices as a good catholic girls should. Amongst the many spiritual endeavours i'm hoping to address this lenten period, i ambitiously gave up Bookface and Twitter.

We are definitely in the 21st century when social networking sites rank higher than a bar of chocolate on the list of people's tempations and addictions. But there you have it, it's a sign of the times.

Over the weekend i was quick to profess (loudly even) that i wasn't coping well. I just wanted to "know", when asked, "know what?", i was quick to retort, "anything and everything." That's when it hit me that this Lenten period and social network site hiatus were definitely good things. I've been unconciously dedicating more and more of my time to activities that really don't add value in the long run.

Now don't get me wrong, FB is great for keeping in touch with family and actual friends around the world. Twitter is great for get on-the-ground reports about life-changing incidences. Thing is, if you are camped out on these sites, pre-empting messages and the like, 'tis time to take a deep breath and reconnect with the real world.

I'm all about the need for serious information filters, they definitely help you refocus on the necessary.

Having said that....i'm still going through serious withdrawal symptoms! Anyone feel like clueing me up on what today's Trending Topics are, la la la.

Happy Monday day to get through, four to go!


V x

Friday, February 12, 2010

The L Word

So i was going through my previous V-day posts and it was hilarious to see the various frames of mind i was in by the time the day rocked up. Post-break up phase i was all about F**k Valentines, Mid-Honeymood Phase i was all about "This day rocks" and when i was content in my singleness it was all about reaching out and embracing all aspects of love out there in the universe.

This year i'm still into the day, i acknowledge that it is indeed a commercial rip-off but I'm still drawn to its cutesy and corniness -gosh darnit, i'm a sucker for the celebration of love.

At the same time, having walked this earth for ....a while now, i can appreciate that the true sentiment behind love has got lost somewhere along the way. Now we could go around in circles debating "What is Love", and come up with a whole load of weird theories: I remember the book "Love Story" stated that "Love was not having to say you're sorry"...which i believe is a whole lot of crocksh*t in my opinion, and of course Ms Gaga seems to equate Love and Revenge on the same level, which is disturbing. Oh and let's not forget the wife/husband-beater who claims that his/her acts of violence are actually demonstrations of love.


Somewhere along the line, the whole idea and concept of love got really messed up and complicated!

My favourite concept of love comes from the Big Book. Its focus is not on sexual or romantic love, instead it applies to the big picture. You see, we get so caught up in romantic love that we forget that love is a whole lot bigger than that...way bigger.

So if you're crying in a bucket 'cause you don't think you'll be getting decomposing vegetation (roses) from a fickle member of the opposite sex, may i remind you of what real love is so that you go forth and share it with the rest of humanity:

1 Corinthians 4 - 5

"Love is patient,

love is kind.

It does not envy,

it does not boast,

it is not proud.

It is not rude,

it is not self-seeking,

it is not easily angered,

it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects,

always trusts,

always hopes,

always perseveres"

Now ain't that a whole lotta love.

I don't know about you, but i'm coming up REAL short on some of those Love requirements, lol. Here's to a work in progress.

Have an awesome weekend chickens!

Be kind to eachother and spread the love...yes, even John Mayer deserves some to, hehehe.


V x

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Pussy & The President

It's a tale as old as time...high ranking politician sets out to save the world and achieve world peace but never quite gets around to it as he gets derailed by miscellaneous poen.

The philandering president is a running cliche that it doesn't even raise eyebrows no more. Bill Clinton, JFK, Nicholas Sarkozy, Robert Mugabe....the list goes on.

Now if you're doing a great job of running a country, manage to talk marginalised countries from nuking eachother and mass producing nuclear missiles and still provide free health care and education to the masses, gosh darn it, i don't really have a problem whether you rodger the odd miscellaneous poen now and again.

What gets my knickers in a knot is when the same high profile individual gets all flustered as to why his personal business is being aired on all news channels. Errr, you hold a public office, so what you do in private and in public is bound to get aired publically.

Now the similarities with most presidential philanderers is that at the time of indulging in said-random poen they had one wife, emphasis on the ONE.

Jacob Zuma has three official wives, has been "officially" married five times and has many an "official" fiancee and girlfriends....and yet, after all that, he still manages to solicate and knock up random poen????

Where he finds the time, hameno (i don't know) but between him and Tiger Woods, one of these fools must write a best-seller on the powers of multi-tasking.

I thought the whole point of polygamous marriages was to decrease the likihood of men straying from the marriage bed (oh and to go forth and multiply...literally). I'm not going to condone multiple marriages, that will have to be a separate post to air my view, but come on, the very least JZ could do is channel his energies to satisfying his current line-up of wives and running the country.

His actions detract from his "good" works> His legacy will be that of a running joke at this rate! To make it worse, the taxpayers are incurring the tab for these philanderings so he can't go around saying it ain't the people's business, *smh*.

Then again, this is the same man whose picture was splashed on the back page of the South African Sunday Times a few months back. It illustrated his inablilty to say no to women by his rather energetic lip-lock with a random woman street vendor at least 10 years who'd requested a little "sugar" from the president. Never one to leave a woman wanting he sorted her out....

I feel sorry for JZ once The 2010 FIFA World Cup is over 'cause if he feels like he's under the glare and microscope of the media now, he has no idea what's waiting for him come August 2010.


Random ramblings:

F**k Your Colouring Book: Our boy Kanye has made rant history with his heartfelt tirade targeted towards bloggers hating on him and Ms Rose getting their fur on. Here's a sneak preview of his lambasting, lol:


You tell then Ye!

Fellas, i need your help: What the heck do y'all want for V-day?

Yes, yes, aside from the object of your interest/lust draped in nothing but a red ribbon challenging you to a PS3 game and holding your favourite lager....what else would you like?

It's not a leap year but i believe the ladies are being quite generous this year *wink*

Gym Update: Ooooooh i managed to colour-code my pink yoga mat with my gym shirt the other day, that's a plus right? My inner ear balance is improving too, i don't wobble so much. All in all, i'm quite impressed with my gym routine and eating habits of late, i feel darn skippy.

Seriously though: Not be a party-pooper but SO much money has been raised for Haiti, who's auditing those sums to ensure they get to the right people...and where exactly is ALL that money going to and how is it going to be accounted for? If in two years, Haiti is still in a ramshackle state after all that cash and skills were poured in, i will be mad ticked...i'm just saying!


It's Thursday and i feel like the week's only starting, it's been crazy! Have a great Phuza Thursday wherever you are chickens.


V x