Monday, January 18, 2010

No theme here, just loads of rambling

Bruises, dark ones are featuring on my right leg and i have no memory of how i got them.

Now the swollen red skin on my right chin that hurts like a joke, that i remember gettting. Saturday evening was fun, a little too much fun. So much fun in fact that i unknowingly walked into a mini stage with a dancing pole on it, stationed smackdab in the middle of the dancefloor.

Nooooo, i hadn't drunk that much, okay maybe i did, but the reason i didn't see the damn stage was cause someone in the club was having loads and loads of fun with the smoke-making machine and nobody could see anything anyway.

This all doesn't explain the bruises though...hope i wasn't sleep walking again, mmmh.

How are you doing chickens?

This is going to be one of those long rambling posts, so bear with me as i spew forth a whole lot of something that's mostly nothing:

News Ban: I'm staying far away from CNN, Sky, BBC and newspapers. Tearing up by one's desk by 8:15am is just not the way to start the day. I just can't make emotional sense of all the strewn dead bodies on the streets of Haiti, it's's's inhumane! I feel like one of those people who slows down to check out a car accident and then gets upset when they see something they didnt want to see in the first place!

So a news diet is definitely in order.

Getting Old Much? There were awards on last night? Golden Globe awards so hear? Julia Roberts supposedly made history by delivering the longest acceptance speech in the history of awards? Errr, so i missed all that AND am okay with that.

How far we have come, i guess this is what they call growing up. Well, i kinda like it.

Hypothetical Arguments about Hypothetical Scenarios: Have you ever watched a movie with Brendan Fraser called, "Twilight of The Golds"? No, well let me give you a brief synopsis. The whole premise of the movie is that Brendan Fraser's character is an openly gay man who's very close to his pregnant sister who in turn is married to a man who has just discovered the gene that causes homosexuality.

Still with me?

Anywho, the Doctor dude decides to test his unborn child for the gene and guess what, the soon-to-be kid tests positive for the gene and that's when things get interesting. The Doctor is pressuring his wife to abort, the wife's brother (Brendan) is severly hurt that she would consider going through with it 'cause in some twisted way it means she's saying he should never have lived. It's pure drama.

So where am i going with this? Well, i posed the question forth to some heterosexual males, "What would you do if your only son or daughter turned out to be gay?"

Eh, African males are the most homophobic bunch i have EVER met! All of sudden there was talk of disowning children, disinheritance and people getting exiled. *DEAD*

Even worse, why did i proceed to burst into tears on hearing this (those damn hormones), i mean, this is your child. Yes, you may not approve of their lifestyle but come on, disowning he-re???!

I would like to hear your thoughts on the topic, holla away in the comments.

Speaking of Comments: I've had to put on the Comment Moderation setting because i got tired of deleting the dubious spam comments unrelated to any of the posts i've written. I'm quite ticked off that it's come to this, as it disrupts the flow of banter back and forth, but it has to be done.

Real-time Television - It's the Future: You heard it here first, i hereby decree that in future all popular television shows (e.g. Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, GG, True Blood) will be shown at the same time all over the world, thus curbing the need for people to illegally download their favourite episodes as they aren't prepared to wait a whole year for their local networks/broadcasters to negotiate and get that season. That way, people who love to upload spoiler FB statuses like, "Oh wow, can't believe they finally killed X and that Y and Z are hooking up" won't ruin our fun.

Valentines: Have y'all started your campaigning for "anonymous" admirers to send you "surprise" bouquets of some common flora? Ladies, this year lets hook up the Gents! A little role reversal never hurt nobody *dirty wink*

Drop it like its hot: Alicia Keys is a crafty one that one, hooking up with Swizz Beatz and all. Lets not lie here, the beat is what makes a song. Now this is rich, coming from me, the most lyrically orientated person ever, but even a heavy beat can save a lyrically-weak song...and one of my favourite songs at the moment fits that description to a "T".

Play Fiddy's "Baby By Me'" and for three minutes, it's over! That track does t'ings to me. There are a lot of songs that have that effect on me, but i wanna hear what track currently get's your pulse racing like [enter the name of current perve interest] just walked into the room.

Holla back!


Okay i'm done rambling...for now anyway. Let me go and find something to chow for lunch.

Have an awesome start of the week chickens!


V x


Dziva said...

Whilst I don't think that I would disown my son for being gay, I do not think that there's a gene for being gay. It just doesn't make sense to me. And no that doesn't make me homophobic,just a difference of opinion.

Vimbai said...

Hey Dziva, nice to see a new face here :-) Welcome!

Okay, the movie reference i used wasn't to say that there's a gene that causes homosexuality but rather to highlight a hypothetical instance when a parent's love is conditional based on whether the child is gay or not.

I understand the argument others have used that they would prefer their child wasn't gay due to the knowledge of the pain and alienation they would suffer at the hands of others.

But its the people who don't even take that into consideration and just claim they would disown the child (granted, this is hypothetical because i believe their tune would change once they're dealing with their own flesh and blood).

Wow, i am rambling again..let me stop :-)

Sekuru VaTawanda said...

@vim: I do agree that homosexuality can be caused by genetic factors... but statistically speaking, that 'preference' should be as rare as progeria (a disease that causes premature aeging). i don't know if its the media or what, but it seems to be occurring at a frequency thats way too high. it seems that people are rationally choosing to be gay - its not a genetically programed choice for most peeps anymo'. in most first world countries most women are partially gay, or bisexual - its considered normal for girls to do girls, & frankly, most men find it arousing (including Sekuru)

to get to the point...if my son / daughter wants to be a 'fudge pecker' - so be it. i'm becoming more tolerant of gays and lesbos with each day that passes - that by the time I have kids I'll be totally tolerant. really!

on the bruises..varoyi vekuZimbabwe visited u. LOL

Anonymous said...

I am also no longer watching news, I just can't handle it. Disowning, is rather harsh, I think the whole disowning concept is unrealistic, however upset you may be, your child is always your child regardless of whether you acknowledge them or not, I think it's impossible to 'disown' your child they have all your features and they'll always be your creation.

Hooking up gents on Valentines, haiwa I just can't bring myslef to it.

Myne Whitman said...

With the gender identity disorder, it is becoming obvious that there may be genetic links to being gay and I'm glad a lot of attitudes are changing. There is less reason to pity a child who is gay or decides on the homosexual lifestyle, I would certainly not disown mine. Nice post Vim...

kookie said...

I have to be honest if it was truly a matter of choice it would take me time to warm to the idea that my child had chosen to lead a homosexual lifestyle. However as I genuinely believe people are born gay I can only hope and pray that I and whoever I marry will be tolerant of a child who is homosexual. You don't really know how you will react until it happens to you.

As for your bruises...I swear that you are living aspects of my life. Yesterday I discovered two bruises on my left leg. Had no idea how they got there or when and I am also convinced I must be sleep walking

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: Sexual ambiguity is fashionable these days, so i believe your theory that many people are doing it just for just may be apt!

As for varoyi targetting me, eish, i wonder what i've done this time.

@MBLS: And why can't you bring yourself to send a few roses to your love interest? Come on, give it a go, it could lead to more *nudge nudge wink wink*

@Myne: The genetic link has to be there, am waiting on the scientists to confirm my suspicions. Indeed, attitudes are changing...but we've still got a bit of the way to go.

@Kookie: That's the thing with hypothetical arguements, nobody actually knows how they'll react till they're dealing with the issue in real-time.

LMAO @ you having bruises from nowhere too...kinda freaky too. But for real, how does one get bruises in one's sleep???

kookie said...

I have to admit I was dissing Fiddy's have a baby by me. I was refusing to give it a listen then Raheem Devaughn did a remix..complete with beat minus Fiddy rapping. Oooooh child *fans herself* It is now my jam!

I was the same way with Snoop's Drop it like its hot... SHAMELESS I was! Loved it purely for beat....smh...I now own up that if the beat is hot enough I can be seduced to hit the dance floor screaming "Iyeeeeeeeee this is my ish dhemmit!" lol

Andrea said...

I dont watch news anymore either, the whole haiti thing is too sad. Awards shows are boring.. I just tune in and out...I can never disown my kid for being gay. So do you have a valentines yet...

Vimbai said...

@Kookie: That's right girl, let it all out! Hehehe, it's a confessional up in here.

Fiddy's jam is TIGHT, it brings out the video vixen in me, hehehe.

Ahhhh, how could you hate on Snoop's "Drop it like its hot?"

Other gems: Lil Wayne's "Millie" and Busta's "Touch it, Bring it etc"

@Andrea: Pssssh, of course i've got a Valentines...well i think i do...or rather, if he knows whats good for him i BEST be getting something.

Hope you're hooking up the Hubby chica.

Teshyah said...

Vimbz, the movie you spoke about sounds very nice. I love Brendan Fraser. Will have to wait till it gets to cinemas here in SA *sulk*,
As for Valentines chic eish I dont know what to get for Mr. Boyfriend. What do you think of handcuffs and a blind fold *dirty wink* LOL!!! Nah seriously I dont know what to get him. Eish, toriyambuka dziva racho tasvika ikoko.
And my fav song that I ABSOLUTELY, NO DOUBTEDLY LOVE is Jason Derulo-Whatcha say!!! Dont ask me why coz i have no idea and ohhhh I love BY ANY MEANS - Joe Thomas (not so new but drives me mad!)

My pc is playing TONEX - Unspoken the album. Dunno if you know him but hey..

Ok I wont stop writting so let me rather just try and stop!


Vimbai said...

@Teshyah: Welcome dhiya, welcome!

Brendan Fraser was such a dream boat back in the 90's, where he at now? Anywho, the movie i was talking bout is old and if you're lucky you may catch it on Hallmark...yes, Hallmark (don't ask).

Handcuffs and blindfold - there is gonna be one happy boyfriend come the 14th Feb ;-)

The chorus from Jason Derulo's track gets me every time...although i'm sure the version i'm playing in my head is incorrect, wordwise. Tight song.

Awww and i thought we could be friends and then you had to go and say you liked that girlfriend-sniper Joe Thomas....haaaaaaa. I can't STAND Joe Thomas, but since you're a first time commentor i'm gonna let that transgression slide, hehehe. said...

Happy new year chic. I agree Haiti is just too hectic. As for the gay issue to me a kid is a kid I would love and accept it.

Vimbai said...

@DOE: Thenks musikana, hope the not-so-new year is treating you grand!

Haiti is ridiculous, i'm confirming whether it's true that they had ANOTHER earthquake yesterday, i mean WTF? And riddle me this, how come the Dominican Republic who share the same damn island with Haiti haven't been hit...not even a tremor!

Something really aint right!

Farayie said...

Vim hun, about this Haiti thing, jus to let you know what word on the street is, Haiti is the mother land of VOODOO. Now I could tell you the whole story of how they combbined Christianity with Voodoo but I will save that for another time. Ok so to get to the point, many proper Christians in Haiti (proper as in not incl voodoo)reckon that the reason why this is happening is because the Haitians have no respect for God Almighty and have been worshipping the dead for so long and deserted God. So now God is just trying to remind them that He God.

Google Haiti culture, you will be shocked on the things they do. In a way I kinda believe that thats the reason its happening but hey thats just my opinion. Word on the street honey


Shona said...

Once had the gay son conversation with my uncle..he has two sons and so when I asked what if one of them says he's gay he said 'No child of mine will ever say that!' he flat out refused to discuss that issue any further.
Comment moderation always makes it easier..some folks have nothing better to do that be bitter, angry or hating!
Valentine's Day - sure you have seen my stance on that on Twitter! I dont do Valentine's Day..14th March is much more special to more than February 14th..why?Coz better to show you love on a random day than when everyone expects you to!!
Gosh why am i commenting on a Monday post on Friday?story of my life i guess...

Vimbai said...

@Farayie: A few days ago I thought that Pat Robertson was talking kak/sh*t and now man, well, he may the one with the closest answer! Seriously, there are signs and then there are signs. Just darn spooky that no other island near or bordering Haiti felt anything!

3 years back, Mozambique experienced an earthquake just off it's coast that registered 5.3 on the richter scale. That same earthquake woke my me up from my slumber in Harare shortly at 10pm and again 20mins later. The earth moved for me and that epi centre was a good 1000km's away. Something aint right in Haiti for real!

@Shona: Your anti-Vday crusade is in full swing I see. Honey give in to the syrupy corniness of the day.Ndokutumira maruva :-)

Shona said...

lol!!! M so waiting for those flowers ;)

Funms-the rebirth said...

I support that all shows be aired same time all over the

Africans will never embrace homosexuality and im sure if i said i was gay, my folks will throw me out.
personally, if my child makes that choice, it'll be hard for me to accept but i guess i have to....

how have u been darling?

Vimbai said...

@shona: hah, you're a v-day scrooge asi you want flowers. Contradictory behaviour methinks.

@funms: Africa def has a long way to go when it comes to thawing on certain things.