Thursday, January 14, 2010

Even the darkest day...

If you’re like me then you’ve probably done your head in wondering that if everything happens for a purpose, like we’re told it is, then what’s the purpose of natural disasters like the earthquake that struck Haiti and has left so many dead, injured and homeless.






*smh* I don’t know man, its just too much for my human mind to take in and resolve.

But my heart, now my heart asks me to look beyond the sorrow, grief and ugliness…it tells me to look into the darkness to see what it sees and hear what it hears.

And that's when...

I see my Twitter timeline chocker-block full of people’s prayers, aid requests and information as to how help.

I see normal people doing great things.

I hear of those with a lot…be it money, influence, compassion or practical skills giving of themselves selflessly to assist.

I see the world acting like a village and rushing to aid their own.

I hear the heavens ricocheting with the collective prayers of the world.

That’s when I know….

Even the darkest day must give way to the brightest lights.

Pay a visit to a link my girl Kookie suggested that provides details as to how you and I can make a difference.

Keep safe and blessed chickens…wherever you are.


V x


Andrea said...

Thanks for link.. I am going there right now... I feel so bad for them.

kookie said...

Love Actually is ALL around us! Its amazing how people are affected by the struggles and pain of people they are not related to, friends with or work with. It makes you realise that this world isn't such a bad place at the end of the day we love & are there for one another as God intended.

So inspiring!

Anonymous said...

So you think the bankers are going to get together and cough up a tiny percentage of their bonuses? Even Tiger kindly donated US$3million!

Shingi said...

Vim this has to be my favorite post and trust me I've loved a few of your posts. Brilliant darling just brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Vimbai said...

@Andrea: My pleasure honey! Go and help!

@Kookie: As God intended indeed! Amen sister, amen!

@Zimchic: Ah, those bankers will do no such thing, they're still trying to fill up their coffers after the recession hit them for six.

And i'm glad Tiger helped, it will go towards his penance for his sins, hehehe.

@Shings: THanks honey, much obliged *blush*

@Anonymous: Am super happy i helped someone get their homework done, that's a first for me :-)