Monday, January 04, 2010

2010: 94 hours in and it's looking good

Ola chickens!

Welcome to the most anticipated year this decade (mmmh, for some reason that line reads in a very redundant way, lol)

If this year could be personified it would be like a Williams sister in the Wimbledon semi-finals, Tiger at the Masters, Usain at the Olympics, Lewis at some major Grand Prix…this year has a lot to prove and I kinda feel sorry for it.

On this side of the hemisphere we are all living and breathing the FIFA 2010 World Cup fever like you can’t believe. I’m excited, the worlds excited…it’s just darn exciting…but, I can’t help but feel that this event is being treated like a wedding of sorts.

Everyone is so fixated with the big day (in this particular analogy, the big month) that I’m actually quite scared of the post-event withdrawal symptoms we’re all going to be feeling once it’s all over. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, until then, bring on the hype!

What about them new year resolutions?

What about them indeed. I spent the whole holiday scribbling up an impossible to do list about what I need to do, change and address and just the thought of it makes me want to take a fistful of Valium*

Doing too much is as about as constructive as doing nothing at all, why start the year with setting yourself for failure? Instead that neatly drafted new years resolution list i compiled over the hols was then transformed into a more manageable “to-do” list, rather than a lofty wishlist that not even Oprah herself could complete.

My main theme for 2010…to “Be Still”.

This big ole world expects a lot from us, as we do from ourselves, and we get so wrapped up in doing more…being more…getting more, we don’t stop to ask ourselves, “What’s the point?” If you can’t remember why you do something anymore, then there’s nothing like being silent and figuring out the “why” and fixating less on the “how”. “when” and “where” of it.

Yes, i know i've gone all Zen on your asses, but its necessary. As Ye would sympathise in song, "You worry bout the wrong things, the wrong thingsssss."

This poem sums up my 2010 mantra:


Voices in my head,
Chanting, “Kisses. Bread.
Prove yourself. Fight. Shove.
Learn. Earn. Look for love.”

Drown a lesser voice,
Silent now of choice:
“Breath in peace, and be
Still, for once, like me.”

Vikram Seth

*Note: Laying off the “dramatics” and “hyperboles” also featured on that new years resolution list, go figure, lol).

I’m enjoying the last week of my holiday before heading feet first into the corporate jungle. I’ve got lots of posts brewing in my head inspired by my travels and the people around me over the last two weeks. In the meantime, I’m gonna play some catch up and see what y’all been blogging about!

It’s good to be back…i missed you guys *sniff*


V x


Myne Whitman said...


Happy new year dear and I agree with you about the expectations from 2010. I will take a leaf and try to be still. It will still be great!

kookie said...

Yay people have returned to blogging from holidays to use work comps on their lunchtime or during slow periods..I see y'all! lol

I like both your motto and mantra...its easy to be running around and trying to solve all our problems when sometimes it only requires some silence to drown out or see in a new light what tries to bring us down.

Be Still...I really do like it!

Vimbai said...

@Myne:howzit chica? Being still is the business! Howz your writing going? How many books are you aiming to publish this year? Bring it on!

@Kookie: Iwe, why are you calling out us "work comp" users, lol. We will blog by all means necessary. Silence is the name of the game, drowns out all that white noise in the back. By the by, am loving the wisdom you're hitting us with on your blog and twitter, keep it coming honey.

Andrea said...

Happy newyear vimbai

Anonymous said...

I had a new years resolution which I've just broken now - to stop reading chick blogs, they are making me too sentimental. LOL.

great that you are back, and looking forward to reading your 2010 World cup posts.

this year you should find love shamwari, i want to read about the female perspective on relationship dramas. so please find love for the sake of us, your humble dear readers.

-Sekuru vaTawanda

Sarai said...

Heh? Where were you?

I'm glad to hear that not only have you learnt how to cope with life, but you've also managed to put it in words. This world really does suck you dry at every opportunity, so it's hard to maintain a sense of self.

I'm going to give the blogging thing one more go, but this time, no more bitching and moaning, just wholesome social commentary and talk about all the stupid things I do. Hopefully. And maybe some pictures.

Love you, babe! Tanks for the scwibble up there.

Vimbai said...

@Andrea: Happy new year chica! I know you're gonna have a fantastic year.

@Sekuru: Hau, why are you trying to give up chick blogs anyway...*pout*.

As for relationship drama material, maybe you can start a blog about such gwans yourself.

PS Why assume i'm not in a relationship, tsk tsk.

@Sarai: Ola chica, long time! I like your blogging resolutions for this year, i look forward to stopping by.

As for the big bad world, we're all trying to day at a time :-)

Anonymous said...

@vim: chik blogs got me sympathizing with women too much. i'm now starting to think men are dogs!

shamwari me blogging about relationship dramas will be one sentence "i ran away". too old to be stressed.

as for my assumption, you are a regular blogger, and the tone of your posts is consistent - there is no drama - a consistency that is impossible in a real relationship. a consistency that can only be achieved when one has a friend with benefits. And that's not a relationship vim, its people helping each other ... uchatizwa if you are now thinking that its a relationship.

-sekuru va Tawanda

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: Sekuru, i abide by the Mary J Blige principle which is "No more drama". That is not to say that relationship drama doesn't does, i just don't choose to blog about it in real-time or call-out significant other's...that's not really what this blog's about...not to mention, that right there would just be drama - We're too grown man, too grown.

But just for you, lets see what i can come with that's drama related...*big smile*

Ummmm and what of giving me a lecture on friends with benefits...*smh*. Maybe you have a little confessing you'd like to do relating to the subject, since you seem to be in the know.

Anonymous said...

@vim: (you like making me type!) the friends with benefits topic is a very delicate topic, one would need to be a wise as solomon to discuss it exhaustively.

Love is hard to come by, and relationships are stressful, but sex is a need (I didn't believe it when our mob teacher - 14 years ago, said that it was a basic need when we were discussing maslow's hierarchy of needs, but now I know better). & if you don't get some for sometime, you became psychotic, and dangerous to society. &, that's where a friend with benefits comes in... to help keep you sane.

from my experience, whenever a woman is doing 'sporting activities' with a guy, even in a friends with benefits type thing, she has some form of attachment to him, and that attachment always sabotages the friendship. & the friendships always fail because of that. they only work if you do it sparingly, & just get to the business of things. but fail if you do it 3 times a week and spend quality time together.

for you, a good friend would be someone in the 18-23 age range, still in school, immature, sexy and with nothing in common with you whatsoever. if you get someone like that, shit will never get complicated, and it can be just about business. trust me on that. LOL

& always use protection okay?

those are my few nuggets of wisdom.

-sekuru vatawanda

Vimbai said...

Sekuru, seriously, why are you explaining the whole friends with benefits experience to me? I am weak here, weak.

I'm good, trust me here.

As for what the heck i would need from a boy between 18 - 23yrs is beyond me? Shamwari, my cradle snatching days are waaaaaay behind me. Can't be raising men i didn't carry in the womb for 9mths.

Back to you though, you seem to have a lot to say regarding matters of the heart and the like...start a blog already! You're wasted on my comment page!

Anonymous said...

@Vim: fine, I'm blogging now: now you'll get to read my deepest and darkest secrets. are we happy now. lol. if i die from typing its your fault.

vimbai akomona

-sekuru vatawanda

Anonymous said...

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