Monday, December 14, 2009

All Black Everything & 2009 Recap...

Neyo declared 2008 the Year of the Gentleman, although the stats are still out as to whether that year lived up to its name.

I was trying to figure out what the mainstream theme for this year would be?

So we had the whole recession business in full swing, which was challenging at best. It got me thinking that the better part of the year was spent in a state of mourning so to speak...and well, this topic has been exhausted and done to death. So i went in search of another theme...and the one that sprung into mind was Black Men.

No one year has been dominated by the actions and antics of black men like this since the respective years that involved OJ and MJ's trial. Think about it:

  • The Good - January 2009: Obama gets into office. That was and still is a pretty big deal. A man of colour is the leader of the free world. A black first family inhabiting The White House and proving that The Cosby Show was merely a precursor of all the good things to come. Yes, Obama will have his critics who will claim he aint done sh*t and is just a talker blah-blah, but it all comes with the territory. Barack, keep keeping on!

  • The Bad - June 2009: Wow, i'm still reeling from the shock.The King of Pop is dead and the world is a sadder place 'cause of it. Yes, MJ wasn't without his eccentries and errrr dubious behaviour, but it was his music and passion that we will remember him most for. Sleep easy big guy.

  • The Eish - December 2009: Black man down, black man down. Now we know nobody's infallible but Tigere Musango (Tiger Woods to the rest of you) sure did wind up on many a person's pedestal, mine included, and sadly the truth is out...he's just as fallible as the rest of us. Granted, he took whoring a whole new level and didn't include a sista of colour in the mix, but hey, to each his own...right.

    The moral of the story....too much money will make you lose your damn mind each and every time!

Holla in the comments what you think the biggest recurring theme was for 2009?

As a fond writer of lists, i would like to share with you some of my favourite things from over the past year. I know i've probably missed out some monumental things and people, but bear with's my last day at work and my mind is so not here.

So here they are, in no particular order or ranking:

  • Twitter: What do you do when you can't sleep and it's an indecent time of the hour to be calling the people you love? Go on twitter of course! I love Twitter, i love it so much that i've forsaken Facebook in favour of twitterville. It's voyeurism with's wit in 140's sublime. It's kept me amused for the better part of the year and i would be a sadder person without it. If you aren't on it...what are you waiting for?

    Follow me @VimfromZim

  • The Twilight Series: Not since the adventures of Harry Pot-head and gang has a book series sent me into a state of reclusion. I was a true sceptic when my sister recommended i give Twilight a read. She lost me when her opening description was, "It's a lovestory involving a vampire and a girl....". Luckily, i was very bored one day and decided to give it a go. Suffice to say that within 2 weeks i'd cruised through all 4 books and was a believer.

    Most hilarious summary i've read about Twilight: "It can best be summed up as a tale about a girl who can't decide whether she's into necrophilia or bestiality."

  • John Mayer: If you don't know how into JM i am by now, then you clearly haven't been reading this blog that long. How has JM influenced my life in 2009 you ask? Well, his hilarious tweets on Twitter make my day and his music gets me through the most hellish weeks with a smile. I would say more, but i have a feeling that Shona is rolling her eyes as she reads this, hehehe.

  • Blueprint 3: Arguably one of the best albums dropped this year by my main man Shawn. This album is so everything. My favourite track off of it is "Already Home", for a man who can boast one of the most solid careers and empire in entertainment, this song is his "piece de resistance":
    "so in summation I don't know who you racing
    I'm already at the finish line with the flag waving"

  • Blogville: There was a time, not so long ago, when i would blog and know that i was probably the only person (aside from well-meaning siblings) who actually read what i wrote, lol. Those were interesting days indeed, nothing like talking to yourself. This year i've felt the strongest feeling of community within blogville from all you regular readers and commentors. Your blogs and comments make my day and add to my world in a way that i wouldn't have believed possible when i started this gig!

    Big Thank You chickens *big kiss*

  • Challenging Situations: Yeezy sung it best when he declared, "That that doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger." Yes siree, there have been moments...months even, when it was hard to find the joy and delight in life. The first few months of this year were gruelling and uncomfortable. I never want to go back to that place again. The greatest thing to take away from such situations is, as Maya Angelou famously proclaimed, "And still i stand".

  • A-ha Moments: Following from "challenging situations", the dawn does return and in its wake showers us in self-affirming realisations. We realise what our priorities are meant to be, where our passions lie and our life paths.

  • Nigerian Music: So i need to brush up on my non-existant Yoruba to understand all the slang and phrases thrown out once in a while, but where would i be without my Naija beats...more specifially where would i be without Wande Coal and M.I. (Mr Incredible) to get me through jozi traffic in the morning? Nowhere, that's where!

    If you don't know what or who i am talking about...well, you better ask somebody!

  • Blackberry: My beloved Samsung x820, formerly known as "Ella" died on me multiple times over the year. We had so much history i found it impossible to let go. I even resorted to taping her up in sellotape (much to dismay of friends and colleagues) to preserve her. However, the time did come to send her to Cellphone Heaven and replace my beloved Ella. Her replacement came in the form of my swanky Blackberry. How do i love my BB? Let me count the ways. My BB still remains without a name...but i figure i will have one within the new year...a strong masculine name, any suggestions?

  • Talons: For years i wished i could sport the manicured talons that most of my friends and family have. However, with my penchant to gnaw at mine, that dream was a thing of the past...except, that it wasn't. Who knows where i got the willpower from, but one day i decide to stop gnawing and not give into my "nervous conditions". Two months later i am the proud owner of gel-overlayed talons. For a habitual nail biter for the last 20 odd years, i am so proud to have kicked this habit and have pretty hands, yay!

  • V is for.....: Ummmm yah, nuff said.

  • Parkhurst: If you are in the greater Gauteng area, Johannesburg to be exact, make your way to 4th Avenue in Parkhurst for ambiance and sumptious food. I love this neighbourhood, its my sliver of Cape Town in Jozi....mmmmmh, sundowners anyone?

  • Taylor Swift: In competition with Jigga's "Blueprint 3" album is...*big gulp* Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album. There i said it! It's good, real good! There are those that argue that Yeezy dragged Ms Swift from obscruity at that infamous VMA or was it AMA award ceremony, but this chick was already on my radar. She's made me like country music...that's a big thing.

  • French Knickers: Love them, happy that i traded my thongs in for them. It's the little things in life :-)

  • Mr Price: R50 sandals! You had me at KA-CHING! Nuff said.

  • Love. Love, Love : Now where would be without a little love in our lives from the most unlikely sources. "I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart." Can i get an Amen?

Please holla your favourite things and/or people from 2009 in the comments ... come on, i know you want to *big wink*


What's the word chickens? 3 days till i'm homeward bound into Bob's country, i can't wait! Festivities are underway and i'm literally counting down the days and hours till i'm on holiday.

It's not likely i will submit another post by the year's end, so i'm gonna wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If Christmas ain't your thing, then Happy Holidays to you!

Let us remember the lessons learnt over the past year and the happiness shared.

Catch you on the other side chickens!

Lotsa love and hugs,

V x