Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Towel, she's been thrown!

There may still be *quick mental count* 36 days left to the year but i've officially checked out.

What a year, what a year! Rumour has it the recession is over in South Africa as of today...that's pretty impressive considering the States had declared the end of their recession about two weeks ago. I assumed that like everything else, we'd only feel the repurcussions of a non-recession lifestyle around August of 2010 :-)

So after what has been a pretty long and gruelling year and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it seems only fitting that we give thanks for all the stuff that didn't go wrong. So i know i've given thanks to the usual suspects (God, family and friends) over the last few months, so instead, i would like to give thanks to the unsung heroes.

Here's my "thankful" list, in no particular order of priority:

The 9 to 5 grind: Yes i complain about my job and on some days i believe that my time spent at work is actually my personal purgatory but that doesn't mean i don't have the sense to acknowledge that at a time when people were being retrenched left, right and centre, i still got to keep my job and battle it out with the best of them.

Malva Toffee Pudding with Custard: Having a bad day, need some not-good-for-you food to make you feel full and happy? This is your answer! Forget Nelson Mandela, this pudding is South Africa's national treasure.

Palmolive's Milk & Honey Body Wash: Want to feel like Cleopatra after a long gruelling day at the office? Jump into the shower and lather up with Palmolive's finest. You'll never look at your showering experience the same again!

Prayer: A little bit goes a looooooooooooooooooooooong way! Whatever your woes, the Big Man in the Sky 's emergency hotline is open 24hrs a day...better yet, just holla at him for a chat.

Cuddles: When all those big hot-shots where losing their empires on Wall Street and those big corporations where brought to their knees, i betcha they were all starving for a hug and a cuddle. Granted, that alone wouldn't have got them out of the pickle they found themselves in, but gee whiz, they'd havfe appreciated that small, heartfelt gesture.

Heat Magazine (or your tabloid of choice): Don't judge. This frivilous fluff comes in handy when you need to disengage from the madness.

International Calls: With loved ones scattered around the globe, there's nothing like receiving an international call when you least suspect it. Even if people don't seem to know their time zones from their Cantonese *ahem* these calls are always greatly appreciated and make my day.

Twitter: Want to be amused at 3am in the morning when you can't catch some shut-eye 'cause the dog next door is barking too loud or you drank too much cheap coffee...get on Twitter, its 24hrs, all day, every day. Entertainment guaranteed.

Summer: Yes, everyone looks good in Winter, all buttoned up and distinguished but Summer is the reigning beauty queen here. Need an instant pick-me up (and a tan) park yourself in a sunny spot and bask in the rays kisses (note: Slather on a sunblock of at least SPF15 before doing so, you'll thank me later).

Malawi Shandy's: I'm not sure what goes into this drink, but its yummy and reminds me Saturday afternoons , sitting out on the patio of the Italian Bakery (IB) in Harare watching people pose, hehehe.

Okay, that's my random thankful list. Share yours in the comments, holla!


This my early christmas present to myself, JM's latest offering.
Listening to a new album is like breaking in new shoes, they may look good but they don't really fit well and kinda pinch but if you keep wearing them, after a while they become old faithfuls. I foresee this album becoming an old faithful but for now we're in the teething stages.

If you're about to break up with someone, in the process of breaking up with someone or just mourning love lost or love yet to be found, buy ain't called "Battle Studies" for nothing.


Random things floating in my head:

1. Doing a cost-benefit analysis of applying for a MBA program for 2010/2011? Have any of you done an MBA or planning on doing an MBA? What would you consider the best benefits of going through with it?

2. The new-ish 90210 series. Caught a few episodes last night and am of the opinion that some things should be laid to rest...for good.

3. Hiding places: My mother is visiting from Zim in a few days and has a penchant for going through my things. My days of shocking the poor woman are behind me so some unmentionables are going to be needing a new home for a week or two.

4. 2010 Goals: Need to start plotting what i want to achieve in the year coming through, as well as do an audit of the last few months.

Chin-up chickens, we're nearly there! The silly season is upon us, might as well make the most of it!


V x


Anonymous said...

on the mba's stay away from universities that are not top rated or too easy to get into - especially cranfield. their MBAs are worthless pieces of paper.

i would recommend INSEAD, if you are comfortable with moving to another country, and if your budget permits.

dont hide anything from your mother. i think that the days of hiding stuff are over. let her see it. it will help bring you closer..openness is good.

sekuru vaTwanda

Myne Whitman said...

So many things to be thankful for. I like your list. Not done an MBA so can't really say but more degrees are only good investment when you're sure you really need it. Hide that stuff from your mother please...LOL

For gift ideas for the season, check out my store and download my book,

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: So its all about the branding then? The bigger, flashier and more recognisable the name, the better the program!

Okay, i have never heard of Cranfield, hehehehe.

LOL @ your "openness is good" comment, clearly you don't know my Queen/mother!

@Myne: Now here's a lady speaking some sense, i will indeed hide all offensive evidence :-)

Hope your book sales are going well, checked out the site, nice!

ShonaVixen said...

*Walks in sees picture of John Mayer and walks off* I will come back when I can stand his face for 2minutes..LOL..

Anonymous said...

@vim: lets face it vim, mba's are taken by people who have their sights set on competitive management positions, not people who want 2 expand their knowledge. so the brand does count. it 2 helps outshine others. and from experience, universities that are not top rated dont have much 2 offer. you get what you pay for.

i think that u fret too much. it surely cant be as bad as you say it is. maybe u'd care to elaborate on the nature of these 'things'. if its something like condoms, lube jell and vajajay jell and all, leave it in the open. your mother already knows that you are probably doing it, why not let her know that you are doing it safely. it will give her assurance. trust me LOL. I had a similar experience, or maybe its different for girls?

if she asks you tell her 'mom did you honestly think that i wasn't playing hide the sausage? Relax!' lol

sekuru vaTawanda

kookie said...

@ Anon... African mothers and openness are ok when its things like "mama Im pregnant" or "mama I got fired" however there is no need for mama to be aware of toys, sexy gifts. letters. cards...they dont help the relationship. They just giver her high BP & increased prayer sessions. Trust us on this.

@ V hmmm Im thankful for Ebay, another Mayer album, internet connection, skyscraper heels and pedicures. Amen.

ShonaVixen said...

Okay m back, I have pop out comment box so I can get over seeing John Mayer's face!!
@Sekuru vaTawanda - I'm with Kookie & Vimbai on what we can tell our African mothers and what we can't, the toys don't have to be one of the things we talk about!
I'm thankful for as I was given moving boxes for FREE!! yay!!
I'm thankful for the friends that I have, real and virtual...i manage a smile at least once a day because of them!
I'm thankful for everything in my life..the little things and the big things!
and right this minute I'm thankful for the heater by my desk and my blackberry

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Girl dont listen to Sekuru vaTawanda dude is trying to get you killed !!!!!!!!!!!!
LMAO about Heat magazine and girl IAM DEFINITELY JUDGING LOL

Hadassah said...

ah Sekuru VaTawanda will get you into trouble, ini hangu i believe in what she doesnt know must remain like that unless you are preggo. Hie Vim long time girl!

Vimbai said...

@sekuru: Mmmmh, i can't help but feel like you're setting me up for something! Honesty and Mother aren't two sentiments that necessarily go together, that would be SUICIDE. I will plead the 5th..."hide the sausage" you've got jokes!

@Kookie: Pedicures,yes, i am indeed agree with this Thanksgiving of yours. I love me a french manicure and pedicure!

PS I can just picture the scene now, arriving home to find a "church" intervention after disclosing sexually deviant behaviour to mama (btw, sexual deviant behaviour applies to any sexual activity occuring out of the bonds of marriage!).

@Shona: Where you moving to? The Upper East Side i suspect, lol.

@DM: Chick, it's been a minute! Where've you been? And why you fronting for Heat, we know you love it!

@Hadassah: Yup, Sekuru is trying to con me into honesty with my mother! Can you say DISASTER!

Very long-time, i've been waiting for you to upload your blog with more tid-bits, pictures and what not, and there you'd gone zzzzzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

also looking into doing an MBA and I hear the UCT MBA program is in the top 100 in the 50's or so...but im still too young so ill be enrolling for 2011 when im wiser...apparently i need to be 25 and above...