Thursday, November 05, 2009

Something about nothing...

Pie for breakfast....mmmmmmh.

Hill-billy Roots:

So i sorta killed Jigga's "BP3", like if i hear one more song off it, i will scream. It's been all i've listened to in the car for the past 3 weeks straight, that is, until i paid the local music store a visit over the weekend to buy...*gulp* Taylor Swift's latest offering.

Don't roll your eyes at me! I was on her ish before Yeezy decided to steal her spotlight. I was curious about what else she could do which resulted in me stalking into the store, hovering around the pop/rock section pretending to look undecided, then pouncing on the CD, paying for it and rushing out of there before being spotted.

I used to think i hated country music, but its that Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers generation i can't stand. Then again, you won't catch me bopping to Tim McGraw or Garth Brooks. However, of late i 'm becoming partial to a little Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood and now Ms Swift.

It's a hoot!

The implications of bourgie living:

Soooooooooooooooooooo, it just dawned on me this morning that short of handwashing a few things on a weekly basis, i haven't actually done my own laundry in....yah, i'm actually too shy to give you actual figures and dates.

It's been that long.

One of the joys of sub-saharan Africa is that almost everyone is entitled to having a maid. Back home, most households have live-in ones, but here in the City of Gold, full-time help is a privilege for the very, very, very elite. The rest of us mere mortals make do with someone coming in once a week to spruce things up and do laundry....i loath ironing.

Not that i was, but i won't be taking "having help" for granted ever again. Next time i think my life sucks...i will remember that i don't do laundry :-)

Earthquake rocks city, work-related activites postponed till February 2010:

You know works bad when you find yourself conjuring up hypothetical scenarios like, the entire country being infected with a mild strain of highly contagious measles or a tropical typhoon that doesn't actually kill anyone, but requires that work shutdown for at least 3 months.

On the up-side :

  • I've stuck with my exercise regime for the last two weeks. I'm pretty darn impressed with myself, here's hoping i can keep this up:
  • The jacaranda's look so pretty - the whole city is bathed in lilac shades:
  • We're that much closer to December, which means holidays, which means family time, reunions with friends and sleeping in time too; and,
  • It's Thursday, need i say more.

Have a good one chickens!


V x


Andrea said...

I love jigga, oh my.. can never get tired of him. I dont like country music, but I love carrie underwood, reba. I dont buy cd..limewire was made for me.

ShonaVixen said...

Taylor Swift cd hunh??Okaaay...LOL!! Well i wont lie, I'd never heard of young girl till Kanye and radio stations here have been playing her stuff since Hennesygate..she's in the same folder i keep Rih-Rih...put up with her when radio station plays her...I do however love Carrie,Dixie Chicks and Reba!! Nothing wrong with having Kenny Rogers on ol' skool playlist right?!!
Sha-a zvako getting some-one to come in once a week to clean things up...lucky you i say once more!! I do however find ironing therapeutic in my own weird way!!
I love Jigga he was here last!!
PS: My song of the moment is Chrisette Michele 'Fragile' both the original version and remix..

Myne Whitman said...

LOL @ the hypothetical scenarios you came up with. You'll soon be able to say TGIF...

Vimbai said...

@Andrea: Eh, how can you say you don't like country music and then in the next breath mention those country music stars....come out of the country closet Andrea, hehehe.

If only bandwidth wasn't such an issue this side, Limewire and i would be besties too :-)

@Shona: There's LOTS wronng with Kenny Rogers iwe, starting with that beard of his :-)

Ironing theraputic, pah, give me dish washing, window wiping and floor mopping any day!

DId you see Jay perform? Or is he only performing in your dreams these days *wink wink*

Does Chrisette have a new album? Schweet!

@Myne: TGIF indeed, can't wait for 4.30pm, Friday afternoon!

ShonaVixen said...

Yebo yes I saw Jay perform last nite live and then some in my dreams *wink*...(u owe me an email btw)
Kenny Rogers gives me memories of singing along to gambler with ma in the kitchen and her telling me how i was off-key and never think of becoming a musician..LOL!!
Fragile is from her Epiphany album!

K said...

We all know I love Jay but even I have abused that CD to the point that it might be skipping..:-(

Taylor Swift...hmm I dont want to knock her because I did that with Dixie Chicks then I heard a few of their songs...needless to say Im eating humble pie!

A good song to listen to if you have never listened to country music as a first time is Trace Adkins 'You're Gonna Miss This' I heard it last year and was converted slightly. Of course ask me in a social setting if I like country the answer would be

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Hehehe, i just had to out you on your Jay-Z dreams :-)

Email is on its way...its been one of those weeks *sigh*

Haaaaaaaaaaaa, its late for your Kenny Rogers pep-talk, i ain't having it, hehehe.

@K: Abused to the point of skipping, yah, its time to retire it shamwari.

Trace Adkins, i will give it a listen. PS (Random Alert) I like the name "trace", sounds...funky and ecletic, just a thought.

Tiavi said...

A middle aged former drug dealer with a high pitched, poorly controlled voice, who always sings (if you can call it that) about the same 2 or 3 things like a broken record, dresses like a teenager and has little (if any) formal education to speak of is who the women drool over and the children idolise. If anyone needed more proof of the validity of the mayan prophecy, this is it.

zimchic said...

Vimbai...please come over- got something for ya