Monday, November 30, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love....

Back at varsity, date auctions where the name of the day. For a solid R300 you could buy the man or woman of your dreams. I particularly loved the original promoting that went on prior to the auctions, one very unforgettable poster proclaimed,

"Money can't buy you love
But who said anything about love?"

This past Saturday i found myself privy to yet another auction in the name of a good cause. The women were out and about in full-force, dressed to kill and having no shy in sizing up the candidates on display.

What was i doing there? Christmas shopping but of course!

I dragged along one of girl friends under the pretence of attending a fashion show (that was a half lie, 'cause there was indeed a fashion show) and on arrival, proclaiming my generosity by sponsoring to buy her the man of her choice. After a quick sussing out session, she was pleading with me NOT to buy her anyone. Boo! Now i must find her another christmas gift.

The men weren't so bad... yes, there was the one guy who looked like he'd crawled out of bed five seconds prior to getting up on the stand. Then there was the uber arrogant one who was male-catalogue-gorgeous but just a teeny bit too full of it...the woman who bidded for him started the bidding so high (R500) and then continued to out-bid herself??!! Weakening.

What did this event teach me?

For the right price, we can all find what we we're looking for...and money provides you with a wider variety of choice *cue Gwen Guthrie's "No Romance without Finance*

Chicken is more my thing but i decided to give Turkey her day. Living up to the hype that American television had built in me, i had my first Thanksgiving lunch. It was one of those meals that i have mentally bookmarked 'cause it was just that good...cranberry sauce, turkey, sweet potate pie, lots of wine and great company.

Controversy aside, those pilgrims sure had the right idea!

Watched it last night.

My thoughts: HOT DAMN, that Jacob is HAWT. No wonder cougars far and wide are swooning over this 17 year old. Those abs, those pecs, it's not right, it just isn't.

Kristin Stewart's acting skills have improved, she's doing that blinking thing less. Rob Pattison is such a boring Edward, if you took a shot of tequila for every time he looked forlorn and broody, ah, you would be crunk 10 minutes into the flick.

New Moon is the most uneventful of the four books but the producer redeemed himself...especially if he's who i have to thank for the no-shirt clause that the main male leads had to obviously agree to in their contracts.

New Moon is a Shirt Free Zone :-)


Drink lots of coffee and power through what's left of your Monday chickens.

Let's do this (read: Sleep, more sleep).


V x


Myne Whitman said...

Man auction eh? Hehhee, well it was for a good cause you said.

New moon was good, was always team Jacob. Who needs a Heathcliffe like Edward anymore?

Have a nice week dearie

ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm man auction?Good to know these!
M not going to bother going to the cinema to watch New Moon, just do what i did with Twilight,I read the book and waited till they're showing it on tele. I like Jacob..he's hawt!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I feel a bit of a perve thinking Jason is hot.......must be the age catching up with me, guess i should stick to my older hotties will smith,brad pitt, blair underwood and all the boring over 40's *sigh*

Anonymous said...

@vim, shona, myne, miss definitely: looking at a young one with a lustful eye is 'r-kellyism'. you should be ashamed of voicing your statutory desires... sekuru is disappointed *shaking head*

perve on someone in your age range or older, and the lord will have mercy on you all. you should all by a repentance kit which comes with chastity belt.

such unbridled horniness!


sekuru vatawanda

Vimbai said...

@Myne: One day you'll have to explain to me the appeal of Heathcliffe? His character was just mean man!

@Shona: honey, trust me, New Moon you want to see on the big screen!

@DM: Older hotties have their time and place, New Moon ain't one of them, hehehe. Perve musikana, perve!

Vimbai said...

@sekuru: I guess this is the part i'm supposed to feel bad and repent....*blink blink*

And it's not unbridled horniness, merely an outpouring of appreciation when presented with an exquisite male specimen.

Andrea said...

I havent watch new moon yet... but the guy..jacob, taylor whatever is name hot...

blogoratti said...

'For the right price..we can get anything we are looking for'..
I will drink to that!

Talkoum said...

Taylor Lautner is HOTTT. if i didn't have a good well-trained imagination and a fear of authority yup,i would be stalking him. And that chick needs to get it together and stop frownin' for the brown...and us cougars-we don't discriminate when perving-equal rights all the way. unless we are school teachers and they are our students of course...

Vimbai said...

@Andrea: LOl, you can call him whatever you want honey, he's just plain HAWT!

@Blogoratti: mmmmh, what are you bidding on these days *wink wink*

@Talkoum: "a fear of authority" are MURDERING me here! For real, fair is fair! If they insist on getting him all buffed up and delicious, then the powers that be shouldn't be shocked when perving ensues.

Indeed, as long as i ain't his teacher, he's fair game *dirty smirk* - Call me "Mrs Robinson"

ShonaVixen said...

@Sekuru - Its called appreciating beauty..nothing else..

Elizabeth said...

What an adorable blog! (--agreed, Team Jacob definitely is correct)

Check mine out too! Merry Christmas!