Thursday, October 22, 2009


There's a scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice happens upon a Caterpillar perched upon a "schroom (suspect) smoking from his hubbly bubbly/hookah (even more suspect) and asks Alice a pretty simple question for a character whose entire being is linked to harmful narcotics. Anywho, Alice struggles to answer the question (and she's the lucid one).

The dialogue goes like this:

Caterpillar: Who... are... you?
Alice: Why, I hardly know, sir. I've changed so much since this morning, you see...
Caterpillar: No, I do not C, explain yourself.
Alice: I'm afraid I can't explain myself, you see, because I'm not myself, you know.
Caterpillar: I do not know.
Alice: I can't put it any more clearly, sir, because it isn't clear to me.

So where am i getting to with this intro? Here's the thing...

Rant Alert

I am &^%$ing fed-up with meeting Zimbabweans who were born in Zimbabwe, raised in Zimbabwe, who have spent less than a freaking decade in the diaspora somewhere and have conveniently forgotten where they come from!

Now the topic of this rant is not Zim specific, any country that has a large number of it population living outside its borders can sympathise with this predicament.

Exhibit A

I live and work in South Africa and South Africa is conveniently next door to Zim. Now before Jacob Zuma so kindly opened up SA's borders and let my country men and women flow in willy-nilly, there were already a lot of us here.

If the United Kingdom is our Harare North, then without a doubt Johannesburg is how Harare South.

Zimbabweans are as ubiquitous in the South African workplace as vuvuzela's are to any Bafana Bafana matches. When i meet a fellow native of my homeland, its no longer a big deal. I am very well aware we aren't gonna be best friends and skip off into sunset but we will do is acknowledge eachother, ask the standard questions zimbos tend to ask ("what school did you go to", "which part of Zim are you from", "Do you know [insert random name]") to establish common ground and then it's business as usual.

I don't feel there's any reason to hide where i come from...then again, its not like i could, my name is an instant giveaway. However, there are two of my colleagues with anglosaxon first names who would prefer not to let their citizenship be known to other zimbabweans when we are in the office, at other clients or in general social settings.

This irks me to high heavens. You have no idea...okay, you may have a slight idea.

These little shape-shifters are hellbent on trying to fit-in to their adopted nation and pander to the citizens of their adopted nation, all at the expense of turning their back on who they are and where they come from. They have no interest in affliating themselves with their past/history/traditions and thats fully translated in their whole demeanor.

I'm a firm believer of "When in Rome, do like the Romans" and experiencing new things, new cultures and people who come from a different background from yours. I'm not saying its mandatory for you to affirm 20 times a day to everyone who's listening, who you are and where you come from.

All i am asking is that when someone asks you where you come from, you look that person dead in the eye and just as casually declare the country of your origin/birth...even if saidcountry is under fire in the media, even if said-country is the laughing stock of the free world.

The bottom line is that its YOUR country and if you can't be proud of where you come, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror my friend.

Rant Over


Random Ramblings from Yours Truly:
  1. I'm not sure how i feel about this album cover of Ms Fentyn. It looks like Disturbia revisted. Haven't heard the track yet, i'm a little scared to, to tell you the truth. Any of you heard it yet?

  2. Finally caught District 9 the other night, it had been a minute since i'd visited the inside of a movie house. I really enjoyed the movie! It was part comedy, part drama. I can see why the Nigerian government banned the flick (although in all honesty, there was only one Nigerian, the rest of his henchmen were clearly South African but i guess the rest of the world wouldn't get that).

    The afrikaans accent was killling me softly, spent the whole time chuckling. One of the sad things is that all that footage of those shacks and informal settlements that are District 9 are for real. Everyday citizens of South Africa calls those asbestos and tin creations home, there's nothing fictional about that.

    As for the movie, I smell a sequel and quite honestly, i can't wait...those poor little displaced prawns need to get home ek se!

  3. Corrinne Bailey Rae is releasing a new album by the end of the year. I am so happy. Was starting to think she would never come back *gulp*

  4. I'm doing some serious catch of shows i've missed in the last few months! I'm going into hiding over the weekend after having visited my local Woolies for sustanance to pull me through.

    What shows or movies do you guys enjoy watching when you need some serious downtime?


One more day and then the weekend is here!

Have a great weekend chickens and just remember, when life seems hopeless and you can't seem to go on....think of your crush/significant other with no panties/boxers on :-)

Works every time. True story.




Lu said...

Omg Omg Omg...I am the first one....Firstly, I think it is important for all of us to be proud of where you are from. You are a product of your environment and everything you grew up in. Exhibit A: Kansenshi, Ndola ZAMBIA.."Hoooorah!"

Rihanna can kiss my ass....Her song sucks...It is actually worse than me in the shower..

I haven't watched district 9 yet but i will definitely give it time this weekend.

As for what you might wanna look into...I love Entourage and the season has just finished. Family guy has a new season and i think they are a few episodes in. Gossip girl (YES YES YES) no homo..

Have fun..

Myne Whitman said...

Being a Nigerian, you can imagine that I connect strongly with your rant. Naija is blamed for all the bad things in the world and yeah some peeps are beginning to dissociate themselves. WTH?

I loathe the cover of Rihanna's new single, have heard the not too fantastic music but lyrics is not too bad. I think she's pushing the envelope and fueling the rumors for her own ends. I'm not amused.

I love desperate housewives, or I read for downtime. Have a nice weekend.

ShonaVixen said...

Vimbai I feel your rant!! Ask me where I'm from and I say Zimbabwe even if the next that person will say is 'Aaah Zimbabwe - Mugabe right?' and I smile n nod! My friends get excited when we're out and they see a Zimbabwean and they say 'I have a friend who's Zimbabwean' yep I've had drunken phonecalls from Switzerland being made to talk to the Zimbabwean they have bumped into...yeah i have some crazy!
I mightn't have more than 3 Zimbabwean folks here that I call friend (i have a mixed bag of friends)n hang out with but I still know where the heck I'm from...I've met some who say they're South African or Motswana yet I know and they know fully well they are from Zimbabwe!! I dont get it...even if folks are trying to fit in come on...
Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna i could only stomach 30secs of that song..blaaah
District 9 guess m having to wait for the dvd release as i missed that one in the theatres.
Yeah I love Corinne Bailey Rae too.
Down time I watch Gossip Girl, Lincoln Heights, re-runs of The Game on youtube (i recommend it), Greys Anatomy, Law & Order and well my reality tv fix ...ooh n footie m watching the Fulham vs Roma right now.(Chelsea ROCKS!!)

Super star! said...

Applaud, Applaud...

unwittingly Vimbai you have asked (through a clever analogy) what i would say is the most important question for Africa today. Who are we? And how much of who we are is premised on where we come from?

However, your answer solely betrays where you are coming from....drunk with communist masese. In a communist state, every individual belongs to the state and the state is every individual. there is no choice.

So what? i was born and bred in Zimbabwe until yesterday. Its my choice and self-determination to renounce my citizenship and choose another- whatever my reasons. Perhaps this is what african governments don't realise, i am not a son of the soil simply because i was born on African soil. I am a son of the soil because i choose to identify and partake in the collective conscience of that state. And my choice is not a permanent choice- this is not a cult. if in the course i feel the state no longer represents what i stand for, its well within my right to renounce.

I hope you get my drift. Belonging to a State is a voluntary exercise.

I have chosen to keep my green passport, not because i have to but i have chosen to identify with the Zimbabwean state. Knowing fully Zimbabwe is not Mugabe, Zimbabwe is not Zanu nor MDC Zimbabwe is simply for those that have chosen to identify with zimbabweness. the intelligent banter of zimboes, the never die attitude, the hard working spirit, the impact zimboes have in the world- wherever you go. Whatever the field. Some of the assignments i have been given were simply because i was zimbabwean. I dare say some of the girls i've dated simply got excited when they knew i was Zimbabwean. (my french lecturer had never met anyone from this side of africa, let along zimbo, she got overly excited,anywhere thats another story...)

ShonaVixen said...

oooh forgot Family Guy rocks!!Stewie is my boo!!!!

Anonymous said...

@vim: i don't understand why someone would want to deny that they are Zimbabwean when in fact they are. maybe they fear xenophobia?

what i do understand is people who are Zimbabwean, who chose to disassociate themselves in Zimbabwean circles. why? because i was one of them during my diaspora days. there was too much drama happening in Zimbabwean circles then, it just wasn't positive company. there were people who were being arrested for dealing drugs, people committing suicide, some people being committed to mental asylums, people being murdered, some collapsing because of chronic exhaustion (they did 19 hour shifts) some being deported, the gossip and lies, and backstabbing- it was too much to handle.. so I just stayed away from those circles, and kept positive company. I didn't deny that i was a zimbo, i just didn't have anything to do with the zim/diaspora society that's all. I also didn't hang around zim circles, because they alienated my non-zim girlfriend - she'd always feel unwelcome, and would cry after every zim event (she was ethiopian).

rihanna rocks!

sekuru vaTawanda

ps: you were right about kristal (BBA), that chicken had a nervous breakdown that made me decide to vote for elizabeth and kevin

Vimbai said...

@Lu: *applause* Yay, you're first!

Eh, just how bad is your singing in the shower? Dude, the shower has the best acoustics ever, nooone sucks in the shower.

*sigh* If you love Gossip Girl, then i love you! Actually, now i think about it, you have a CHuck Bass broody-thing going on there ;-)

Entourage rocks and Family Guy is epic, eeeeeeeepic!

@Myne: The disassociation bugs me to no end, i mean, come on!

i also think RiRi is playing up her victim status and its a bit crass!

Sha, i never wanted like Despies! A whole road full of crazy, highly sexed neighbours...ah no!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: How shameful, people trying to pass themselves off as something else. As for being put on the phone to speak to Zimbos in Sweden, lol, priceless! LMAO

Ooooh Stewie is the truth :-)

@Super: Okay i agree with your download that being from somewhere has nothing to do with that areas political leanings etc etc but rather with what the spirit of the place and the people hold.

What i don't agree with in your preamble is that you sommer trade-in or opt out of identifying with a place when you feel that you out grown it.

That just speaks of the fickleness and shapeshiftery (no such word) behaviour that i've been ranting on about.

@Sekuru: I hear you about the ZIm circles, they can be suffocating and limiting - this is true of all circles in general. So i understand distancing from that angle.

What i'm bitching about is people who are flat denying their brethen and origins!!

Eish, ko what was going down that was making your ethiopian chick cry after Zim events.

Why do i suspect you're more into RiRi from a visual perspective than from a musical one, mmmh.

PS I told you that Kristal chick was hell bent on getting herself kicked out.

K said...

Even though Im a Zimbophile, carry a blue passport with Kangaroo's & koala's...don't get it twisted Im Zambian till I dieeee. Luanshya parents both Zambian, Zambian name...refuse to change it even though I was advised it would be easier for me. Ive been known to diss my Zambian peeps but I heart them something fierce. Happy Independence day by the way 24th October!

As for Corrinne Bailey Ray (CBR) if Lauryn can't make a sober return I'll take CBR. "Just like a star across my sky, / Just like an angel off the page, / You have appeared to my life, / Feel like I'll never be the same" I looooooove her!

As for shows you should catch up on its a consensus that Family Guy & Gossip Girl NEED to be watched. For trashy T.V The Hills..Twilight type stuff- True Blood & Vampire Diaries. Im queen of Tv right now...Californication, Mad Men, Cold Case, The Mentalist, NCIS, Nurse Jackie, GLEE... Vee I will be here forever!!

Vimbai said...

@K I love how everyone is "putting on" for their cities/countries! That's what we like mheni!

PS Now i have CBR's "Like a Star" playing my head which is way too mellow a song for a Friday...i need something raucous.

Last night i had a Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, HIMYM and Greys binge fest...aside from DSM, everything else lacked lustre sha...Chuck and Blair are too couply in GG, Robyn and Barney are loved up in HIMYM, Greys is just wack...urrgh, when couples get together it ruins TV ratings.

I'm starting on Vampire Diaries and need to get my hands on True Blood...but am also intrigued about this show "Glee" caught 30 secs of it the other day and it looks good.

Super star! said...

"that just speaks of the fickleness and shapeshiftery"

sorry Dhiya, that just speaks of free will and choice. Mohamed Ali changed his name and society he belonged to, did it speak of fickleness??

its one's prerogative to choose which state they most identify with. America is made of people who renounced their citizenships in preference to a state they most identify with. So is Israel, Pakistan and Taiwan. What is instructive is for society to build a collective conscience that people can proudly identify with.

As for your workmates, rather direct your anger at those that make the collective conscience called Zimbabwe, something to be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

@ vim: rihanna is not at her zenith yet, but she is improving constantly..she is slowly getting there. i like her.

on the Ethiopian chick - zimbo sisters were just downright rude and mean to her - they had too much attitude. i still don't understand why - she was beautiful, intelligent and angelic, chatty.. someone who you'd like off the bat.

don't rub the Kristal thing in, I'll listen to whatever you say on all things big brother, henceforth.

-sekuru vaTawanda

Deedza said...

This happened to a friend...
Stupid African Bastard: Where you from girl?
Friend: Zimbabwe
Stupid African Bastard: Zimbabwe? Did u say Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe doesnt do sexy, you guys arent sexy, you definetly do not do sexy, you do Land Invasions and stuff
WTF?? In these situations thats why we shy away from our heritage but my friend was proud enough to roll her eyes at the dude and tell him to shut up and walk away
Yes i know we have issues... but ill be the first one to defend my country in a heartbeat... no matter what. I hate it when u meet those Zimboz who have become so westernized if they didnt tell u their first name u would never know who they are just because their accent is so deep, its deeper than the own ppl who speak that language

District 9 is a brilliant movie, the subliminal messaging is what most people miss and dont like the movie. Yes poor prawns sha Vim i felt their pain maybe coz i felt like it was a reflection of the ish that happened to zimboz

U know there is nothing like mindless tv after a hards day work. Im not interested in turning on my computer when i get home, i want to watch bubblegum mindless tv
Greys, Private Practice,House, Oprah, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Animal Planet Channel, Disovery Channel and extreme makeover home edition

Hadassah said...

Okay. I have been reding and not commenting lol. I have been packing so I haven't had time to comment on your blog until now. I have been itching to crucify them Zimbos who clim to SouthAfricans here. I hate it with a passion becuse you can clearly tell they are not from SA. But also I am one of those Zimbos who just hates hanging around Zimbos don't get me wrong I love the Zimbo community here) but most of the people here gossip, hinder each other's success, jealous and try to destroy you in very way possible, they do not have each other's back when another Zimbo is in need. You don't want associate with others cause now they lead a life of crime aka scams, fraud,drugs makes you scared to hang out with them. Its just horror! You even ask yourself are these my fellow country men. But I still call my self Zimbabwean no matter what kind of negativity. But I know when I started my blog I didnt mention it because I want to keep it anonymous just in case there are relatives nd etc who read that I have written about lol!

Tiavi said...

Neanderthal and primitive men always thought of themselves as part of a specific race, tribe, creed, religion, etc. With the growth in the propensity to think and decide for oneself, people have come to view themselves as individuals and in doing so discard the herd mentality associated with such perspectives as "we Zimbabweans" and instead speak of "me". What distinguishes us from the beasts is that only man can decide what and who he wants to be, and discard those associations that are irrelavant to him.

munhu said...

@ All - perhaps you all just need to understand the special brand of people here in SA that deny their is key. @ Supa - where one is is where one is we all know that but as you put it where you are from is where you are is not changed by where you you lost me a bit there is your rant.
I think that nomatter what anyone says lacking the spine to acknowledge where you are from does not speak to any neo-liberalism or global citizenship savvy...just mild schizophrenia that hopefully does not escalate into that of the full-blown variety!! Plain sad.
As for doubting the talent and celebville credentials but hey "dzimwe nguva anongondi temesa nemusoro !!! dhemmetti mheni !!!

Tiavi said...

@ munhu; The borders that exist today which the multitude use to define "where one is from" were chosen arbitrarily by some old men sitting at a table, and are largely meaningless except to those who, thanks to possessing little they can be proud of in themselves, find that their only consolation is to attempt to derive value via associaton with "where they are from". Should a Ndebele man beat the drum over his "Zimbabwean" heritage, or his Kwazulu-Natal heritage? It is the small minded who perpetually enquire and qustion "where one is from",instead of focusing on who one is, that perpetuate the illusion of innate differences amongst us and ensure that xenophobic, tribalist, and racist attitudes remain alive and well. What is ironic is that the same Zimbabweans that make the loudest noises about xenophobic mistreatment are the ones who want to emphasise distinctions of origin, and have the entire planet walking around with flags tatooed on their foreheads.

Super star! said...


my argument is that where one is from, is merely an accident of birth. However, one has the volition to decide which collective conscience they would like to be associated with. I repeat this is not a cult. I am no less special or more patriotic than someone who decided the collective conscience of what is zimbabwe is something they cannot identify with. Never mind that they were born and bred in Zimbabwe.

@Tiavi, your comments are imbued with wisdom and necessary anecdotes
however, you must contend that its also the individual's right to be associated to a particular collective schema. What is irrelevant is whether or not they were born in that state.

munhu said...

@ Tiavi a cake does not become sweeter by denying that it is made of flour because now it sits atop a pedestal and occupies pride of place at a wedding ceremony - it will always will be made of flour. Can you separate who you are from where you have been (your origins)...the reality is that this Utopia you envisage while confining the rest of us to the backwaters of small-mindedness will never come to be. This is why life is created in the way that it is - to give life an identity(origin) a home a distinct trademark or tattoo on the forehead should you so wish. Denying ones' origins is sadly a schizophrenic pursuit that is becoming fashionable under the guise enlightenment yet nothing could be further from the truth. being a regular (yes - regular) victim of xenophobic maltreatment; sometimes at an institutional level; I believe I could also hide my identity in order to fit in as you imply I should - but that would be selling out. Not to Zimbabwe but to me. That would be the equivalent of running away from my own shadow. It only works in the dark but the sun will always rise - then what? I have citizenship I speak two of the local vernac langauges and can pass for Venda easily - so why not?
The gist Tiavi is that we are different and we will always be - in addition to being tall, short, fat, black, white etc we will also always be Ndebele, Zulu, Shona, Zimbabwean, American etc
To borrow a well coined term - you are baying loud and hard from the basis of "fickleness and shapeshiftery"...but hey to each his own. You have an interesting point of view. Would love to sit over a bottle of wine and thrash it out.

munhu said...

Supa ndeipi mudhara?
you are right but the truth is that where we are from and who we are is not a figment of our imaginations or enlightenment. It is absolute. We allow people to dabble in this "intellectual" tomfoolery (I do not choose these words to insult anybody but they seem apt) because the concept of origin is somewhat metaphysical. Where it less so all these arguments would be moot. The reason I believe that it is moot anyway is because I believe the lines are there for all to see. Can I - a black man suddenly claim to not be black because a) I have lived with white people all my life b) am the only black person in the area that I live in c) I refuse to be so defined ?
Perhaps not because my physical attributes will always speak to the fact that I am a black man.
But I can get away with no longer being Zimbabwean or African or Zulu because it is not necessarily a physical state?
Shuwa here Supa? I think not.
But hey - to each his own !!
Shona, Zimbo, black and PROUD !!!

Super star! said...


Zvirisei baba

Perhaps you really need to think about who you are.

Vimbai said...

@Deedza: For real, we are all prawns! As for that ignorant mofo tuning that zim chicks aint hot, eish, no words! Its not the first i've heard someone declare such things either.

@Hadassah: Eh, xim cliques get such a bad rep everywhere.

LOL, when i started reading your blog it took me FOR EVER to figure out where you came from, lol, now that you've explained that its all making sense.

@Tiavi & @ Super: I see you both have similar trains of thought. I hear you...don't necessarily agree, but hear you nonetheless.

@Munhu: I think we're on the same page with this argument. I would love to be a fly on the wall while you, Tiavi and Super thrash it out over some wine :-)

Tiavi said...

@ Super; You hit the nail on the head; it is up to the individual to choose his ultimate values, and if that involves aligning to a certain collective schema so be it.What we should not have is a situation where we throw our toys out of the pram when we meet someone who places little stock in the traditions and associations of yesteryear which we hold so dear.

@ munhu; With the utmost respect, and acknowledging the value of your view and contribution, I believe Super ended this discussion a long time ago by highlighting the futility in building alters to accidents of birth. No amount of slogans of the "black and proud" variety will act as filler for vacuity of personality; whilst they may make one an excellent candidate to toy-toy at a rally, they make him a poor candidate as an independent man who carries his measure of himself in himself. Take a trip to America, a nation made up entirely of immigrants, and see how many people will be running around asking where the next mans forefathers came.

@Vim; Why stop at asking which country one came from. Lets go to a Zim BBQ and have a chat with those who cannot miss the slightest oppurtunity to ask which school one went to (Peterhouse or Alan Wilson?), what neighbourhood one grew up in (Helensvale or Budiriro?), what boards ones father was on, etc etc and see if we ourselves will fail to turn away with something bordering on disgust. Point being, as irrelavant as such facts are except to those who cant get over the fact that they cannot pull chicks with a Johns College blazer anymore and have to rely on the skills they so obviously lack, so is where we were born/what tribe we belong to irrelavant regarding who we have decided to become as adults.

munhu said...

@ Tiavi
"carries his measure of himself in himself"...quite right any measure of self is sadly empty if it has no IDENTITY and identity is a function of ORIGIN and experiences. Whichever way you spin it what and who you are is not changed by what you think you have become or where the "accident" of birth places you. Even where you publicly deny your roots because in your adulthood you have now decided to abandon them you will not remain standing at the sound of gun-fire if you grew up in Mogadishu under the rule of Moshood Abiola - where others will scurry in blind panic you will frantically seek out shelter while lieing flat on the floor - Savile Row suit and all.
My experience with Americans is actually of a nation that values diversity immensely. It was like that in New York, Chicago, Texas, Indianapolis and Utah. I can't speak for the other million places there.
I do see some CHIPS though balanced - one on each side. Let's talk history Tiavi and understand what it is that you are running from so determinedly. I am not bidding us to harp on about victories past John's College blazers (those boys pulled chicks with those blazers though!!!) and father's sitting on boards - indeed should one want to expunge their history I should be candidate one on that list. One of eight children - the whole family lived in three rooms, we had an outside toilet, we constantly had visitors, cooked on an open fire, went hungry.....but the fact that I live where I do and I am who I am does not mean that that impoverished childhood ceases to exist - does it?
I am keen to understand your point of view.
Given the demise of Zim and how it is hardly any longer associated with anything good I would think that an independent man whose measure of himself is in himself and not a function of where they come from or are would not have to hide their origins to get acceptance because their independance and worth determines that. Should they have to hide it in order to get this how independant are they of crutches of fantasy?
@ V - sorry for running buck wild here but it is a while since I have had such robust debate. Supa last brought it on a while back but has now recruited Tiavi who is a fine adversary...thanks.

Anonymous said...

@munhu; the point you are sadly missing is this; it is up to each individual to decide what he values and defines himself with; all our hand wringing and teeth gnashing about "origins" will not force anyone to subscribe to our personal value system if they are not interested. Carrying your measure of yourself in yourself simply means you value who you are on your attitudes and aptitudes (ie things in your power to change), and not on external possessions and other peoples opinions (which are not entirely in your power to change and subject to luck). Had you grasped this, most if not all of your verbose response would have been unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

That last post was by tiavi

Super star! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super star! said...

To highlight how dangerous your thoughts are, instead of being brought up in Mogadishu, think about someone born in Gaza/Israel pre 1948 or Kashmir - what is their heritage?

Whilst i take cognizance of your argument, not for its weight but for its popularity in the world this chimerical belief is the source of wars today.To understand the lopsided mentality, a white man born in the same Zimbabwean society is denied citizenship because he carries the "burden" of the colonialist, when he has never been to Britain.

I have not recruited Tiavi, but i must confess its a pleasure to hear an argument devoid of emotional pleas but reason.

@Tiavi, yes a man who relies heavily on his past to assume substance is like a potato the best part underground

munhu said...

I rest my case Supa I rest my case...those whites that were denied citizenship were holders of dual citizenship and a law was passed to the effect that dual citizenship was now outlawed. whether right or wrong is another matter. but the reason that they chose to hold dual nationality was because of.....ORIGINS.
The purpose of debate is not to accumulate sycophants and panderers...indeed the purpose if any is to hear an opposing point of view that hopefully will inform one's reasoning otherwise why bother.
No man is without a past (origin) or an have used cars to kill and maim each other but I do not hear anyone calling for the banning of cars on those grounds - yet men are ready to discard their identity because it is not quite tangible. Perhaps in word but in their hearts they will always know. Going bundu bashing in t-30 min and will have no internet access till Monday. Keep well.

Anonymous said...

Personally Ms Vimbai, with all due respect, I think your views are a little backward. I'm not sure whether or not you've noticed, but the world has turned into a global village. Sure, not everyone will attest to this new existence, but I think it's only fair to acknowledge it.

I have three things to say:
* Spending a significant amount of time in the diaspora will inevitably affect the culture and mindset of a person. I find it odd that someone who has spent say a decade abroad in the USA or Harare North (UK) can still be expected to pledge allegiance to a country which for all intents and purposes has shown little/no interest in its youth. I think this is the sort of burden Black Africans who travel are always dumped with. You don't see an Irishman who's travelled to Somalia being expected to proclaim his Irish roots do ya?

* I think people should be allowed to make the decision to be who they want to be on this earth. Oh what it is to be FREE! That's the epitome of human existence, surely?

* You should be less judgemental about some folk.

Gossip Girl said...

As far as I'm concerned, I was born on Zim soil, and although I've lived abroad for the majority of my life, I don't feel the need to stamp my foot and wave my Zim flag every time I meet a fellow Zimbabwean. To equate one's allegiance to their nationality to a few mundane materialistic activities such as having to ask what school someone has gone to, or desperately trying to hold on to an African accent when you live in America/Australia/UK and are surrounded by people with such accents, is sad and limiting.
I'm proud to be part of a new crop of Zimbabweans - travelling around the world, exposed to different cultures and learning that who you are is not defined by a few "Zimbo-like" activities, but rather the content of your spirit and how you choose to connect to the different parts of you. It's a special thing to be raised in different countries and a special thing to be able to hold on to something from each of those places in a way personal to you, without weird pressures from imbeciles who think that to be Zimbo you have to act and be a certain way.

Vimbai said...

Oh dear, people are getting a bit emotional about this topic.

Anonymous, with all due respect back to you, if my opinions seem a bit too backward for you...its all well and good. But that's not going to stop me from expressing my opinions and commenting on the opinions of others in a non-confrontational, constructive manner - i think they call that a "discussion".

Just because i don't agree with the opinions of others and vice versa does not signal the end of world. Instead it gives us all a chance to mull over the other person's point of view and embrace the individual *cue in Kumbayah music*

As for calling me out on being judgemental Anon...thats a bit pot calling the kettle black (re-read the first 2 lines of your comment again).

Anonymous said...


Ok, let's go back to basics Vimbai - to disagree with someone does not mean that you are suddenly, "emotional", neither is it a personal attack on your right to freedom of expression. And my opinions were stated in what I deem to be a constructive manner. I did not state it was the end of the world because your opinions differ to mine neither did I say that you should stop expressing your opinion, I was merely offering a more objective that as you so rightly said, the other person can mull over a different p.o.v.

And you were being judgemental about a whole group of people, which I think is more wrong than a couple of sarcastic, but well placed lines about the world being a global village. And I even took pains to say it with all due respect! Nevermind.

*calls back the sycophants!*

P.S Though I don't believe my forum/blog swag is confrontational, I'm not oblivious to the fact that at times, discussions can be a little confrontational - it helps push boundaries of thought and is what is generally known as a HEATED discussion.

K said...

'Personally Ms Vimbai, with all due respect, I think your views are a little backward.'

hmmm *K puts head to the side* why do people who say with all due respect before they offend someone think that somehow makes it better?

With all due respect anon I think you have it wrong and you should swallow your own advice about being less judgmental because the last time I checked saying someone elses opinions are backward because they dont reflect what you think they should is also JUDGMENTAL...

Anonymous said...

@K Thank you for answering the sycophant call!

And this is the last you people will hear from me. Bye-bye chickens!

Super star! said...

Tupac, him of the "to live and die in LA" fame was born and bred in the east coast but made the west coast his home. So much so that in his epistemological conclusion his identity was etched in the collective schema of a city he had chosen to live and die than where he was born (which he had no control over).

Anonymous said...

This really frustrates me! I have some cousins of mine who moved to South Africa (they'd spent their whole childhoods in Zim), somehow forgot their shona within a year. I asked their mother why she was lying about where her children were from and she said Xenophobia (even though they were hardly at risk), but somehow when they moved to the UK they didn't go back to being Zimbabweans they are now South Africans even though they have Zimbabwean passports, their names are distinctly Zimbo, their mother even had the nerve to ask them why they haven't learn Zulu in the two years they lived in South African when they don't even speak Shona after living in Zimbabwe for a good 16 years?