Friday, October 09, 2009

Sound Bytes & Brain Farts

What a week chickens, what a week!

24 hours in the day just isn't enough anymore. Feeling stretched thin is a bit of an understatement right about now. I wish i was one of those human beings who could get by on 3 hours of sleep then i would be sorted. Sadly, i'm a 7-8hrs kinda girl so my time management skills have been severely tested.

Here's an urban legend i've personally debunked for y'all: Not all women are good at multi-tasking.

Yes, i am pretty lousy at it. My co-worker told me i'd make a lousy mother because of it (thanks buddy). So i've realised that instead of doing a thousand things at once and getting nowhere, the one-task at a time approach is the way forward.....

Thought i'd share.

The versatility of black hair is outstanding...truly it is!

When my hair is not stressing me to high heavens, its usually my source of delight and joy. After losing patience with my short pixie do that was higher maintenance than Ivana Trump herself, i decided that i would return to my braid roots. Braids are the black woman's staple, when all other hairdos fail (perm, relax, weave, corn-rows) getting your hair braided is your fail-proof contingency.

My current fail-proof plan residing on my head took all of 12 hours (yes, 12) to get done - supposedly i have a lot of hair, no sh*t. It is also a rather interesting shade of golden brown meets red...Now that wasn't intentional, but as you know, haggling with one's hairdresser who believes they know best, is a futile exercise. She just kept saying, "Trust me, it'll look great."

No truer words were spoken. It's been 5 days since i became a red-head and i love it. I have something to blame my temper tantrums on (finally) and i've been pre-positioned enough times to get a bit of ego, "I walk like this 'cause i can back it up"


He's awesome.

I love him.

And now he's a Nobel Peace Prize winner....imagine that.

This is the first bit of positive news i've read about Obama in weeks, it's official to assume that his presidential honeymoon is over....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over. With SNL taking a stab at him recently, he's no longer the media darling and is "fair game".

I just pray he proves his critics wrong...hopefully sooner rather than later.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so.........
Feel yourselves up!
If you feel odd about feeling yourself up
Get a friend to help you

Be Vigilant!
So Whitney's back and i think i'm the only person who doesn't actually care. Seriously. I prefer the pre-millenium Whitney but anything thereafter, count me out.

I'm a MC girl all the way :-)
Public Service Announcement

Just in case you needed a gentle reminder!
Have a lovely weekend chickens!

May the sun shine down on you, the DJ play "your song", good looking strangers compliment you and your bank balance reflect six figure digits!


V x


ShonaVixen said...

oooh am i first???

ShonaVixen said...

yay it had been a while since I was first on this spot so glad I've made a comeback!! Yay!!

Yep 24hrs arent just enough and having to fit in sleeping time in the 24hrs is such a hassle!

Hair, hair, hair m taking good care of my hair though its not seeing daylight till next summer..yep I love it that much..will it will have a peak during the relaxer days! I'm using castor oil and its working wonders with my hair and also natural Gambian shea hair just feels smooth and healthy!!

It didnt take long before there was a Kanye-Obama joke 'Mr President I'm really happy for and I'mma let u finish but Nelson Mandela was the greatest Nobel Prize Winner of all time' LOL!!
Yep breast cancer awareness we all need to have ourselves checked and check ourselves too!
MC or Mama Whit - Ok I do dance like its 1988 whenever I hear Mama Whit's 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody' in the club and sing along too..but between the two of them..hmmm aint bothered! I like them the same usually dont rush for either their albums. Though I have more MC music on my ipod so maybe m leaning towards MC!

I sure do hope the DJ plays My song tonite...I wanna be your man - Zapp& Rogers n MaryJB ft Drake 'The One'..either one I will be a happy bunny!!

Have a good weekend chica!

ShonaVixen said...

dang one of my long comments again..sorry Vimbai

Myne Whitman said...

Those hair-dos are awesome. I would have got a braid but I'll go with the weave on, to pass the winter.

I don't think Obama deserves the Noble but good luck to him.

Deedza said...

I am a slave to my hair it freaking stresses me out. I have decided to shed my low maintenance style ie braids and rock my own hair but this is subject to debate im going to watch Chris Rocks docu called Good hair this weekend it may make feel liberated!!

Anonymous said...

Hair! Well I cut my hair last year and keep it very short, texturised and in a browny ginger colour. I'm working it but I still dream of having my hair relaxed and all wavy, but as long as I'm on a student budget that will remain a dream!

RocNaija said...

Just so you know, I just did a screen-capture of the words " Not all women are good at multi-tasking."

So the next time I hear a woman flaunt, you know what imma do, dontcha?

Anonymous said...

Please post pictures of your hair!! It sounds beautiful- yes a black woman's hair is a piece of art (always). Vimbai- Obama is a superhero and every leader has critics- thats what makes them credible. I know he will prove them wrong- but some don't want to be. Motherhood? today I am sooo blah about that- I agree my life is already too much (let alone another critters)- it has been a long week!! Hopefully the next one will be less hectic for both of us

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Sha, i kept missing MJB and Drake's video for "The One" this whole weekend, i am freaking miffed.

Ooooh girl the sounds of that Gambian Shea Butter is quite delicious! Whenver i oil my hair, within an hour it looks like i didn't put anything in it...can you say DRY! Saka in return for food and board for 2010 world cup, i am willing to be paid in Shea Butter and the like :-)

@Myne: My next do is gonna be a weaver after these braids. I love me a good as for those shiny ama-colourful ones that look like a dead mottled cat is perched on your comment.

A lot of people don't think Obama is deserving of his award.

Granted, it seems a bit premature (he was nominated 12 days into his presidency)so its more an award of encouragement rather than a reflection of what he's achieved.

@Deedza: So are you going natural or relaxer then? I've heard lots of this docu of Chris Rocks, tell me what its like.

Vimbai said...

@MBLS: Poor student or not,you sound like you're rocking your hair and working it sista gal!

@Roc: Now why are you trying to get me trouble with all of woman kind. I probably should have put a disclaimer and stated i was talkign purely about myself...

PS Get blogging, we miss you!

@Zimchic: Viva the less hectic week, here's hoping that the powers that be cut us some slack musikana.

I should post a picture of my hair...mmmmh, let me see how best i can do this. And i totally feel you on the motherhood bit, i can barely look after myself without having to responsibility for another life in the world!