Thursday, October 15, 2009

iBirthday Yami

Now this could be a coincidence but i swear the traffic was that much lighter on the way to work this morning 'cause it's my birthday...scouts honour!

Usually my birthday arrives and i get caught up in the giddiness of it but this year's birthday is an extremely reflective and more meaningful one.

You see, a year to the day, i was miserable! Everything was off! I was hanging out with people who i could barely tolerate and vice versa, i was still pining for a lost love, i was trying so hard to fit in that i lost myself in the process and my job was stressing me.

In the months that followed things got even worse, to put it lightly. I have never in my life been in so low and so a dark place...

And then i saw the proverbial light.

Light came in the form of family who wouldn't allow me stay down...i have some of the best siblings anyone could ask for. They're fearless, they're bull-shit intolerant, they're my constant cheerleaders yelling for me on the sidelines, they are the truth tellers who don't waste their time mincing their words.

They challenge me, they inspire me, they motivate me, the cuss me out when necessary (which is often) and despite all this, they love me and that's all that really counts.

Light shone from my true friends.

When sh*t hits the proverbial fan its a good time to look around and still see who's standing around with you. You'd be shocked. Those I'd put my faith in had all but crumbled at the nth hour. However, those who remained by my side were the biggest shock of all. Their love and support is the type that tends to go unnoticed and underappreciated. It shamed me that it took the worst situations for me to finally realise the true value of their love and friendship!

The most unlikely light came from you my chickens on blogville!

It's hard to explain to people who don't blog, follow blogs or even know what a blog is the happiness i gain from mine. I find myself referencing your comments in everyday conversation like i've known you all for years (i get many random looks from people for doing this). To those of you who've come back here regularly and shared your ideas and thoughts, i send each of you a heartfelt cyber hug and thank you for keeping me going and supporting me in the most unlikely way.

So the theme for this year's birthday is Gratitude...dare i say, i'm not even bothered about what gifts i get as i realise that making it this far is a gift all in itself.

Okay, enough gushing from me, i'm now getting emotional :-)

May you have a blessed day chickens, that is full of light, love and laughter!


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Happy Bethidhe to you!
Happy Bethidhe to you!!
Ok snap out of gwash mode
Happy Birthday chicken, hope you have a fab bday boo and big cyber hug from sisi Shona (ehe I have given myself that
Ok now lemme go n read your post xxxxxxx

ShonaVixen said...

Girl I like the theme of Gratitude!
"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily." - Gerald Good
I also get side-eyes when I talk of blog folks and i love it here..great people reside here (ooh n weirdos
Once more enjoy your bday shamwa!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Vimbai said...

@Sisi Shona: Thenx sista, the gwashness was very much appreciated. I was now waiting for Happy Birthday version of "Wucharoorwa rini"/When will you get married.

And the classic, Hip Hip....Hureeeeeeeeeee!

Gratitude is the name of the day and blogville and its people are effing awesome!

@MBLS: Thanks dhiya, so far my day is pretty fabulous...i just got told by a client that if attractiveness was a crime i'd be serving a life sentence *BLINK*

Things can only look up after that, lol.

ShonaVixen said...

@Vimbai - well once I said 'sha' to you on my blog I've got this song by Alexio and Tererai - Tinodana..loves it especially @ the beginning of the song.
and the Audius 'Muchandiona' song..ok I'm now all Zim music!!
Anyway girlie I do expect a follow up on the bday do(s)
Hip Hip Hureeeee!! LOL..thanks for reminding me about that one!!

Anonymous said...

Vimbai that client hit you with yatinoti LYRIC wena!

munhu said...

Hey Vee...
Happy Birthday Chica...happy birthday. Yah that client...akusofta wena but then again he did not quite lie now did he ??
Enjoy your day blind and yes the traffic did defer to the birthday of you...
I like that when the proverbial brown (or green) hits the what what it is always interesting to look around you and see who is wiping the goo off their face beside you...the true test of comradeship and love.
May the wind always be behind you and the road rise to meet you and all that jazz!!!

Vimbai said...

@shona: Demmit, these are some tracks mheni. Inga YouTube is quite resourceful, i will save them for some evening entertainment.

@MBLS: You, the lyrics keep coming from this character every day, as do the marriage proposals, lol.

Xhosa men *smh*

@Munhu: Ndasofta for sure, i had to hit him with a "stop it, i like it" giggle, hahaha. Cheap thrills!

Thanks for the birthday love mukoma!

PS Okay this expression or saying about the road rising up to meet you...mmm,, when does the road EVER rise to meet anything or anyone. On the real, this has got me vexed, hehehe.

blogoratti said...

Happy Birthday Wishes from me to you,hope the day brings all that you wish for too..

daughter of Eve said...

Go Shorty its your birthday! Happy b day wena - wishing you many many more- pray that god continues to bless you!!

Anonymous said...

@ vim: you are welcome i don't know how my commenting on your blog helps you in any way (you were specifically talking about me right?)... i hope you are not being sarcastic.

i wish you many more years, ten kids, a big house in the suburbs and an eternally youthful figure.

i stopped celebrating my birthday, because with every year that passes, i get nagged even more for a muroora and grandkids. you should blog on how to dodge those silly requests from so-called concerned relatives.

sekuru vatawanda

Myne Whitman said...

Have a wonderful day dear and may blessings and happiness continue to light your way. Have fun!

Super star! said...

Happy Birthday Vimbai. You were born in the most blessed of months the envy of all creatures big and small.

as for gratitude...ummm ndokuchembera manje uku ( granny talk right therrrrrr)

grab a drink, grab a glass and after ....

Lu said...

This blog keeps getting better and better...Tear jerking stuff....Embrace and Grow.

Vimbai said...

@Blogoratti & @DOE: Thanks for the bday love chickens, much appreciated.

@Sekuru: Iwe, are you fishing for compliments, hahaha, and no i wasn't being sarcastic you paranoid android. I love your comments, if they aren't making me laugh they're making me think (the best of both worlds really).

I'm not sure about those 10kids you're wishing me, 3 or 4 is my ballpoint figure on such things.

As for dodging the "ko mukwasha aripi?/where's our son-in-law" type questions, i can't help you there. Come Dec when i head home, i'll to be dodging those loaded statements....mmmmh, but i do see the beginnings of a future blog post here, mmmmh.

Vimbai said...

@Myne: Oooh girl, thanks, lots of fun was had *wink*

@Super: We are indeed born in the BEST month ever! I've yet to meet an October baby i didn't like, just fabulous we are. When's your bday iwe?

Sha, that wasn't granny talk...that was some sentimental outpouring from my heart.

Drinks were had, and the celebrations continue into the weekiend ;-)

@Lu: Embrace and Grow, mmmmmh me likey, i may just jack that saying, hehehe.


Hey Vimbai,Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good one.

Vimbai said...

Thanks September, it was a superb one!

Tiavi said...

Happy belated birthday wishes