Monday, October 19, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth…well, almost.

There are four of us wondering around the office this morning sporting goofy smiles, drinking large amounts of coffee and generally looking like we could do with another 3 hours of sleep easy.

The ladies and I caught the Keri Hilson and John Legend concert last night, separately, but our experiences all sound pretty much the same.

John’s performance was stellar. To say he seduced a room full of women is putting it lightly…very lightly. Now, I am a fan of the man but before last night, I wasn’t really that big a fan. Yes, I liked his usually popular tracks, but wasn’t losing consciousness at the thought of his concert. However, after last night, I understand.

For a pocket sized man, he packs a charismatic punch! Geez, I was tearing up in certain parts, swooning in others…it was emotional. The friend who I’d gone with was watching him for the third time and you wouldn’t know it from all her hooting and hollering.

John Legend is a professional who delivers the goods each and every time.

It was an absolute pleasure…not the greatest show on earth, but pretty darn close.

Side note: I am TOTALLY hating on the girl John pulled up from the crowd to slow dance with! Nelly if you are reading this, i am sooooooooooooooooo happy for you (read: it should have been me biyatch, lol).

Miss Keri Baby wasn’t bad either but she’s still a toddler when it comes to this music game, but I have high hopes for her. She’s witty, freaking gorgeous and knows how to engage the crowd. She was a likable opening act…

Unlike a certain Ms Ella-ella-eh-eh I watched perform in the same venue, over the same weekend exactly 3 years ago. Wow, she was bad. Her performance was about as limp as a discarded banana peel lying on the side of a road in 35 degree centigrade weather!

During the concert I compiled my fantasy-will-turn-into-reality list of artists I need to see perform in the not-so-distant future:

Jay-Z (again)
John Mayer (like duh)
Alicia Keyes
Justin Timberlake
Kanye West
Mariah Carey
Lily Allen

Mmmh, I’m sure I have forgotten someone off that list, but there you have it!

Have any of you watched anyone off of my wish-list? And which artist would you give your left kidney to see perform?

Holla in the comments!

What a load of hot air: If you’ve been following stories in the news then I’m sure you would have come across the whole balloon boy fiasco.

Clip notes: A family in the US who use hot air balloons to conduct “scientific” experiments believed that one of their hot balloons that was “accidentally” let loose contained their 6 year old son. Said son was found alive and well after the po-po shot down the hot air balloon, found no child…speculated said-child may have fallen out, only to realise said-child was chilling at home…in the attic.

Anywho, now it turns out that confessions have come forth and the parents are guilty of leading everyone and their dog on. No reason has been provided for the publicity stunt, and I doubt any explanation going forward will actually make sense.

Attention mongering has reached new lows…
Return to Innocence: Whilst partaking in some activities of the pampering kind (read: I was getting my nails did), I sh*t you not, a father walked in with his two daughters who looked about 8 and 11 years old. He’d brought in these little princesses to get….wait for it….under-arm and leg waxes.

Are you freaking kidding me! Come ON!

I may be out of touch with what’s what when it comes to anyone born after Mandela was elected president of the Republic of South Africa, but I don’t think any girl-child should be partaking in such rituals until a) she actually has bodily hair that requires removal and b) she has outgrown Hannah Montana, Care Bears, jumping ropes, giggling and all those other things the pre-adolescents engage in.

Childhood clearly needs to make a comeback!

Hope you’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this Monday morning chickens.

Here’s wishing you an awesome (and that’s sarcasm-free) day.


V x


Deedza said...

I'm the first deface this post yay and I even live in a diff time zone!!!my only interest on your above list is John Mayer and I would have loved to see a jackson concert but he went and died so oh well.I did however go to a U2 concert 2 weeks ago they had some extra tix I thought y not.actually lots of fun bono knows how to perform. Must didn't know most of songs but still a goodest time!!! The thinga that go in in america smdh I hope they pay some hefty fines wastin ppls time and then the kid had the nerve to throw up twice during interviewing!!

K said...

Everyone on your wishlist I want to see! Jigga Ive seen and will see again if he returns..that concert was THE BEST. My fav part of his concerts? at the end when he searches the crowd and starts doing shoutouts! Everyone on your wishlist is on mine but will add Pink, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill,Common,India Arie, Ledisi,Goapele, Jazmine Sullivan...I could be here for days lol

As for John Legend until I see the man in concert I'll take your word for it! And Balloon boy..pffft those parents made their own kid lie poor thing he's going to need therapy TRUST on that!

And I get older I see my mother's wisdom in shielding me from grown up stuff as a youngin (ok we all know she's extreme & crazy but there was a method to the madness)

ShonaVixen said...

John Legend!! Well I've been hating on a friend and blogger who was the girl John Legend pulled on stage when he was visiting her lil island *dagger eyes @ said friend!!*
I have been to a Bey(i hail her !!), Jay-Z (of course) and Miss Keys, MusiqSoulChild, Anthony Hamilton(this was small n intimate setting..lovedddd it), M heading to see Maxwell soon!I would love to go to a Kanye West concert off that list and John Legend..and we all know I'll go running to a John Mayer NEVER!!

If you've been on twitter you know I've been mad @ Keri Hilson's level of ignorance..and I wont even get started here! As a performer you're right she's still in the baby stages or what the teacher's in school would write on the report card ' needs great improvement!!'

Ballon Boy saga..shame oh shame that reality tv and its 'money' have made folks pull stunts like this!

Ohhh sha-a can you please youtube Mama Whit's performance on our XFactor..i still say she was high as a kite or as my girl London Diva said 'high as ballon boy's UFO shaped ballon!'

munhu said...

WARNING _ LONG A$$ POST...sorry V...
@ Vim...was seeing JL for the second time last night and while I am pretty certain the man's performance was top drawer I had some issues with the sound man last night. Apart from hearing very little of the backing vocalists (their sensual dance moves went some way to atoning for not hearing them) there were times when JL came through with distortion. Initially i thought it was a frayed voice box as our stop was the last of his tour until he came back alone for the last two songs and he came through pin perfect clear. VERDICT = the sound man woulda joined the venue clean up team were he on my payroll !!
But John John John - than man has got it together. RESPECT.
If it is any consolation NeLEE (as she said her name) ate very little for a supposedly hungry woman offered a gourmet meal - if you catch my drift. Funnily I imagined that had that been you JL may well have barely escaped with his shirt and socks. LOL.
Keri will come right - we hope.
@ Shona her ignorance "escaped" last night claiming that yams were standard fare in a South African diet...SMH !!!!
Overall a good night out and please is it four o'clock already......

Vimbai said...

@Deedza: What do you mean you didn't know any of U2's songs?

I lost what you were trying to say in this part of your comment though, "The thinga that go in in america smdh I hope they pay some hefty fines wastin ppls time"

@K: Jay's shoutouts are the best. At the jozi concert someone had a Zimbabwean flag and he called out "Zimbabwe", the crowd went crazy (just goes to show how many of us zimbos were repping at the concert).

Speaking of Lauryn, i've seen her in concert and i scheme she was VERY high! If Ms Hill gets back to the form that she was on MisEd album (after 5 babies, Marley drama and just general malness brought on by ganja) that will be a miracle all on its own.

Poor balloon boy, his parents are awful.

And yes K, your mother's heart was in the right place...even if she did use guerilla tactics, hehehe.

@Shona: Keri's twitter comments ticked A LOT of people off...even at the concert, there were bits were i was cringing sha. But even Jay made me cringe a bit when he came through *smh* Americans!

Has Mama Whit fallen off the wagon?

@munhu: Thank you for your warning as to the length of your comment, lol.

NeLee was, yah, no words. But for real. I would have been whispering inappropriate sweet nothings in JL's ear and asking for room keys.

LOL, yes M, i nearly DIED when she tuned the Yams bit.

Clearly you weren't in the cheap seats like moi, coz the sound was crystal clear where i was at.

@Everyone – Could you please explain why women go to concerts dressed to kill in scaffolding heels and clothes fit for a men’s only establishment, I was dying of laughter at the tomfoolery I witnessed last night.

ShonaVixen said...

Girl when I go to concerts the time i rock my AllStar appropriate..comfy et all!!
Some women dress as if they're off to the club..why oh why?? Guess they're expecting to catch a man @ at the concert too..some never stop scouting!!

ShonaVixen said...

oooh n Vim I think Deedza's shaking her head @ the parents of ballon boy n the things that go in America and hopes they pay a hefty fine (i sure hope thats what she's trying to say...)

Vimbai said...

Taura hako Shona, trainers/sneakers are the ONLY form of footwear to be worn if you are going to a concert. If you are sitting then ballet pumps are equally as acceptable, but heels, i think not.

There was this one chick who was limping...LIMPING when we were walking out, coz she'd just spent the last 3 hours standing in these stripper heels *smh*

PS THanks for the translation...i read it and re-read it and couldn't figure out Deedza schpeal...sleep is needed.

PPS Musikana, why aren't I on your blogroll and why aren't you following my i'm not shy to ask peeps such ego-stroking questions (at work i've been on a roll mate), so you're my 1st blog victim.

Mmmmmh *smh*

ShonaVixen said...

LOL!! I didnt add you on the blogroll coz I do stalk this blog daily but I will add it forthwith and I shall also be a disciple or as Madea called it a discipline!!

Vimbai said...

Thanks for indulging my needy-ass self Shona, hehehehe. Now i need to pick on someone else.

PS Haaaa, i don't remember Madea choping like that? Then again, she does a unique way with the English language...and bible verses, hehehe.

munhu said...

hah point exactly...the sound-man needed to set it up so we all heard right !! LOLest at all the strippers that came out last night. If it weren't for the giant JL poster I woulda sworn I had stumbled upon another Sexpo Convention.
But Shona says keep on hunting so I guess that is it then...
@ Kay - All Stars - a kindred spirit I have found. Those shoes were made for and loving !!! I swear by them too and yes mine are cooling off after last night. SMOKING !!

Deedza said...

sorry vee i woke up very early this morning and was on my blackberry so didnt even know what i wrote i was just glad to be the first one to post
And i didnt say i didnt know any i knew a good number just not all of them
And what i was trying to say in english
"The things that go on in america make me smdh I hope they(parents) pay some hefty fines for wastin peoples time"

Deedza said...

Thanks Shona for eng translation tee hee

ShonaVixen said...

@Munhu - All Star kicks are my latest obsession...and because I didnt have many trainers I think m over-compensating now...but they are so comfy and fashionable...

ShonaVixen said...

@Vimbai - you're welcome hon :) Madea said that in I can do bad all by myself or check this youtube clip :

@Deedza - anytime hon anytime :)

Myne Whitman said...

I would have given my left kidney to see MJ but such is life. Have seen Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye. Will like to cross Mariah and Alicia off your life, Maybe see Michael Buble too.

For the Balloon family, they may still get their reality TV show.

Super star! said...


Am i the only person who thinks today's music concerts are a cause for sore in nothing interesting enough to dedicate a good sunday evening to? Frankly with most artist i would rather listen to the cd at home with a good sound system. The novelty has surely worn off.

On a sunday night in J'burg, CATS the musical at monte casino is more worthwhile than a concert with all of V's top 10 artists.

Vimbai said...

@munhu: I don't blame you for thinking you were at the Sexpo...there was this one outfit i saw ka, *smh*, i really wish i'd had a digicam on me.

@Deedza: No worries love, translators where at hand. I just re-read your comment (after a 2hr nap)...made lots of sense to me after a lovely doss. The brain synapses aren't what they used to be, lol.

@shona & @munhu: Confession time. Okay, so i have NEVER owned or worn a pair of All Stars. I love the varying styles but just don't think i could pull off a pair...i may take the plunge soon though.

@Myne: Michael Buble *sigh* how could i forget him! I love, love, love his songs. So he repeats a lot of the usual standards, i don't care, i just want him to sing on.

As for the Balloon family, if the actually get a reality show what kind of message are tv networks sending out to world..."Do something crazy and cry wolf and you will get a $15million dollar reality show?" - utter rubbish.

@Super: I don't take kindly to my list being mocked Mr Super Star. As for musical theatre like CATS and anything else Mr Lloyd Webber and his ilk have come up with: They're great to watch, classics...but it is possible to want to watch them and popular artists at the same time you know.

You're letting your age show S, :-P

Super star! said...

@ V,

Its not that the popular artist are bad, i have been known to nod to a tune or two by Seal but as Munhu lamented the sound system tends to be bad, the company as intimated on this thread nauseating and a hoarse cracking voice after 7 songs makes for bad listening pleasure.

Remember its not that the majority of people at these shows are inappropriately dressed. Its just that you are trying to fit in where you shouldnt be.

Anonymous said...

sha I love John Legend! And I am so jealous of the girl who got to dance with him! Maiwe had that been me, I think I would have fainted!

Vimbai said...

@Super: Eh, when did attending a concert become slumming nhai? Granted, i was in the cheap seats but music knows no barriers :-)

Now if you could hook a sista up with some backstage passes, maybe i wouldn't have to spend my time with the great unwashed, lol.

@MBLS: You see now, you fainting types are lost on such opportunities. Bra, it still pains me that NeLee wacho didn't fully maximise the situation, hehehe.

K said...

*rolls eyes @ Super* why am I NOT surprised he has no interest in concerts? Seal hey? hmmm interesting... Anyway la concert wish list lol

anyway on the flipside though some concerts have left me vowing to never return. A long time ago when Murder Inc was the ish and Ja Rule came I went only to be deeply offended that this dude came out a)late b)was high and disturbingly all over the place c)like he'd just come off the b'ball court as a favour with the way he was dressed. c) Ashanti at that stage made RiRi in concert look professional & co-ordinated NO EFFORT @ ALL

Having said that live music performances when good is an excellent experience better than going to the movies or the beach.

Vimbai said...

Hehehehe, i heard about the Ja Rule concert K, i know you probably still mourn the money you parted with to see such antics.

RiRi and Lauryn are tying for the WORST performances i've seen...bear in mind, they've kicked the Lost Boyz from this spot (who pitched up high and crunk at 2am in the morning to play one song) and K-Ci of K-Ci and Jojo who proceeded to flash the crowd his bits (the 3 second silence that followed was priceless).

Anonymous said...

@vim: having had the opportunity to attend usher, mario, b2k, mario winans and 112 shows, i can honestly say that these people don't have good signing voices - they are no better than the average person..its really all studio effects..Donnell Jones has great 'live' singing voice, but he's too lazy to release a album per yr or to go on tour -

the balloon boy issue: if kim can get a reality tv show for doing a sex tape, then a little boy who's parents decided to do a PG-rated balloon stunt surely deserves 5 shows! that stunt was more innovative that kim's - only bright people can cook-up something like that.

have a drama-free week, and hope that you get many ego strokes, and many strokes in other places as well ;)

-sekuru vaTawanda
ps i'm abstaining from your blog from now onwards, i could be using this time to keep our girl kristal in the BBA house... blog rako rinemupfuhwira... set me free lol.

ShonaVixen said...

@K & Vimbai - I heard of the Ja Rule concert too...hate it when artists cant be bothered! I've just been getting tickets as MusiqSoulChild,Avant&Donell Jones have a show in February next year. I loved the last Musiq show so I can't wait for this one!
Also got tickets to the Cat on A Hot Tin Roof show in a few weeks and also attend the pre-show discussion with James Earl Jones(his voice, his voice, his!!)..m gutted that my man (yes my man) Terrence Howard isnt coming to town

ShonaVixen said...

@Sekuru vaTawanda - good thing you say Donell does good live performances..would've been gutted seeing that after buying the tickets yaaay!!!

Lu said...

I cant agree with you more about Miss ella ela eh....Saw her 3 years ago also as she opened for Jay-z and it was just sad. Watched Jay-z again a few days ago and i was in heaven. He did everysong i wanted him to do and more.

That lil bastard in the hot air balloon thing. I was having breakfast watching it live on tv last week freaking out ..Only to find out that it was a hoax...

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: You make a very strong argument there about Kim getting a show based on a sex tape. I guess that means we should all get our own damn shows nhai nhai.

Strokes everywhere else...i will pretend i have no idea what you mean (that's the typical zim woman line of defense innit).

Haaaa, iwe. Why are you forsaking my blog to save a woman hellbent on getting her a*s kicked out of that house. Come back sekuru, come back!

@Shona: Sha, you are going to see Musiq...sha...*pout*.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is my all time favourite Tennesse Williams play. Have you watched the TCM version with a GORGEOUS Paul Newman (bra, he was better looking than Brad in his hey-day) and a gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor? I want reviews when you are suss it out!

@Lu: I've just come back from stalking your blog and dropped a long ass comment there. I have some strong opinions about inter-racial dating as a whole.

Awww that was quite sweet that you were worried about Balloon boy, bless your heart Lu.

As for having watched my man in comment. You and Shona are not my favourite people today. The jealousy is just too much for me!

Funms-the rebirth said...

im so jealous!!!!!!!!!!! ive seen JL in concert once and he took off his shirt.....yummy! im sure the evolver concert is better than what i saw........ pls dont love him too much, i left John Mayer for u so can i pls hold on to JL?

Vimbai said...

How can you be jealous Funms? You saw him shirtless...he was sadly, fully clothed throughout my concert.

Don't worry chica, JL is safe from my heart is still faithful to JM...Jigga...Tiger Woods, eish, my heart is faithful to a span/a lot of dudes, lol.

But if JL ever invited me back to his apartment, started playing those ama-love jams on his baby grand...lets just say, i would forget who JM was, hehehe.

ShonaVixen said...

@ Vimbai - don't hate..appreciate!! Shame Musiq is on the short side...ah well..
*Shona strutts off humming a medley of LOVE, B.U.D.D.Y, Don't Change*

Vimbai said...

Shona, i am really really trying not to hate. Am calling on Jesus to cleanse my soul (seriously!).

Musiq...JL...they're all short men.

I hear short is the new black ;-)

ShonaVixen said...

Yeah Vimbai I heard that too..short is d new black ;)

Anonymous said...

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