Thursday, October 29, 2009

And in other news...

  1. Went out hiking on Sunday and felt a great affinity with the outdoors. That doesn't mean you'll catch me camping any time soon but i'm definitely more open to this hiking business.
  2. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is turning out to be a bit of an emotional read. Her "Half a yellow sun" wasn't so bad, there was some balance, but this book is just draining me.
  3. The great debate: A friend of mine deleted all her male friends from FB as she believes that noone can ever have a platonic relationship with the opposite sex.

    Unecessarily drastic measure or does the lady have a point?
  4. Toni Braxton has a new song??? Seriously? Eish, comebacks are the new black.
  5. Ever notice that your bad mood is inversely proportional to the amount of carbs you've consumed for the day?
  6. Succumbed to peer pressure and got myself a schweet blackberry phone that for some reason didn't come with a how-to manual. Thanks to the powers that be (read: google) i'm finding my way around this contraption.
  7. Anyone watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" yet? I will probably catch it in 2012 or something when it feels less morbid to watch. I still haven't watched "The Dark Knight" due to a similar train of thought.

Chickens, tell me something interesting, i need some entertainment before i resort to desperate means.

V x


Anonymous said...

about your friend who deleted her male friends from FB. its really about her not about them. she probably likes one of her male friends, and can't stand seeing the pics with other chicks and wall-to-walls hes having with objects of his affection- so shes vented her anger on innocent male FB friends, including johnny who she played with when they were kids - and has no romantic interest in her whatsoever. from what you've said I can tell that she's single, has many married friends and feels that time is passing her by. in short, she has issues! women! lol.

you will pay for your carb consumption - sometimes its better to look trim and sad, than carbed up and happy, so run away from the carbs!

don't feel the buyers remorse - ndakaita manyemwe, and succumbed to peer pressure and bought an iPhone - it doesn't work here in zim

otherwise have a pleasant weekend, and go to Moloko on my behalf- so I can enjoy the place vicariously through u (provided you blog about it.
-sekuru va Tawanda

Anonymous said...

Aish deleting all your male friends? WOW! Is she intending on ever dating anyone again, cause how is she supposed to meet people if she wont even be friends with someone of the opposite sex? I think that it's impossible to have a platonic opposite sex bestfriend relationship. Haiwa bodo, ndaramba. I think that's a special bond shared between someone you're very serious about. 'Friends' you can be, 'bestfriends', I don't think so.

I am torn between getting a blackberry or an iphone at the moment! I just feel like I am really lagging behind everyone in the technology game with my three year old nokia and need to catch up fast.

I am so jealous you went hiking, I find hiking and abseiling so relaxing, the last time I went was in Nyanga and it was such a great experience. Unfortunately, I don't see myself doing either of the two anytime soon! London akomana!

ShonaVixen said...

I have been hiking once and nope not doing it again..not for me!
Purple Hibiscus is quite an emotional read..thats why I hail Chimamanda (watched The danger of a single story and was motivated)! Have you read The Thing Around Your Neck? If not I recommend it.
Toni Braxton - can any album top Secrets? I will however download it just coz she's from that era of r&b the Brandys,Monicas,DonnellJones' era!
Oooh so you've joined us in the Crackberry world!!Its been a bit cost-effective in that instead of making calls all the time, i can chat with my girls on BBM. (though after a few chats we call coz some things u just cant lol with a smiley
I'm waiting for This Is It to come out on DVD and then I can have a copy n also watch it from the comfort of my own home and cry my eyes out!
Hard for me to stay away from the carbs but hey its gotta be done..though i dont let it get to me!
Ooooh almost forgot about the FB deleting of all male friends..hmmm thats a bit too drastic! But after the new FB layout and it now suggesting I 're-connect' with some friends I questioned those 'friends' if they're really my friend i'd be in touch with them right on the regular? So guess FB 'friends' really aint friends in true definition of the word friends...ok am i even making sense?time to go n get some lunch!

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: Her motives were quite drastic, but hopefully there is some method in her madness coz it doesnt make sense to me either.

Eh, thanks for that carbs reality check there Sekuru, but you'll be happy to know that i've a full hour of cardio workout ahead of me today as penance for the cheesecake i scoffed down pa-lunch.

No Moloko for me any time soon, i'm more an INC girl these days.

@MPLS: Hiking is very relaxing, if Jozi wasn't so errrm, hostile a city, i would go for long walks every day.

Just come and jump on the blackberry parade with the rest of us...iphone what?! LOL.

@Shona: What's with that re-connect what what on FB. It keeps highlighting long lost family members and making me feel bad, hahaha.

Face it, FB isn't about friends in the real sense of the word but more about every single person we've ever come in contact with since birth.

PS As soon as i sort out my BBM pin dilemma, guess who i'm adding, la la la.

Myne Whitman said...

I love the outdoors. As far as it's dry and I'm not expected to climb vertical mountains. I can hike all day. LOL

FB is not real, your friend should get over her paranoia. What of the married FB friends, her brothers and relatives?

PH is a draining read. I preferred the others to it but it was still worth finishing.

Enjoy the rest of the week. My latest poem should cheer you up..

Deedza said...

First of all let me say, please dont go so long without blogging, i missed ur rantings!!
Hiking is amazing, theres something about nature that im learning to appreciate more (in small doses of course!!)And its good exercise to. Which comes to the carbs there is this misconception that all carbs are bad for u which is absolute tom foolery, as long as you eat everything in moderation and eat good carbs whole grains etc and throw in some exercise you are fine(im currently on a fitness regime name operation burn that blubber. Dont believe the hype

Are you talking about the song yesterday because that is my jam i have it constant repeat- its like a total opposite but kind of the same as her Selfish song this time she forgives cheating man but yesterday his ass to the curb

Welcome to berry world, greatest thing invented after Nokia. Holla me your pin, it will change your life!!

ShonaVixen said...

whats the dilemma you're having with your pin? Hurry up girl so we can get to chatting!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

@Deedza: re: carbs - I'm not sure where you get your info from, but try the scientific journals, they are more reliable. see: and or

and just a tip, most of the 'whole grain' products, eg whole-grain pasta that is sold in most supermarkets is not genuine - it has traces or refined flour in it - read the back. so, unless you are eating oatmeal or wheatgerm or brekwheat, you are probably consuming carbs that are refined and bad for your health.

sekuru vaTawanda

Deedza said...

@Sekuru Va Tawanda your first article was very interesting "scientific" stuff but your springer link did no good for me as it was in german and the third link didnt work. But as i said above and want to reiterate do everything in moderation.
As my nutritionist told me when it comes to carbs- Most of the worlds healthiest fruits, vegetables and whole grains are primarily carbohydrates. Without enough of these your body will shut down especially if you are working out a lot. However too many carbs get stored as fat. I agree that many refined or white carbs cannot be good for you as they have a high glycemix index which can cause an insulin response that sends your blodd sugars soaring then rapidly dropping- this is the sugar rush or the "itis" we often feel after eating all this stuff
(ie sadza) and that leaves us feeling lethargic

Granted they may contain a little bit of that refined product but i have found that since i started including whole grains, wheat in my diet it actually works for me. And they also have helped regulate my digestive flow and bowel movements.

And honestly at the end of the day its all about moderation. If you are going to eat that cheesecake enjoy it but always back it up with some exercise. Its the same argument people have when they say fats are bad for you when in fact they are just as important as proteins and carbs as they play a key role in almost all bodily functions. The key once again is moderation and avoiding food with too much saturated fat or trans fats

Vimbai said...

@Myne: Your latest poem did indeed cheer me, love the way you write, its so effortless (or appears so anyway, lol).

I will give PH another try...later tho, after a Gilmore Girls marathon or soemthing when i'm more upbeat.

@Deedza: I am also a fond believer in good carbs. I don't understand diets that require that you cut out a whole food group, what is that?

And seeing as i'm body readily rejects most wholegrains and cereals, that takes care of the carbs department for me.

@Sekuru: There aren't too many men i know who check the ingredients on produce packaging. Inga you must be a very healthy man with a village full of strong muzukuru's hehe.

The more organic something is (food, people, clothing) the better.

@Shona: My BB is fronting for me, can't message or access the Net, so need to go back to my service provider and tell them whats on my's been 3 days already, i've got the shakes.

@Shona & Deedza: I will def holla my pin when i sort this minor problemo out.

Vimbai aka Visha said...

I wish I had waited until 2012 to see "This is it" because veduwe its just so hard. It goes from humourous to sad in less than second I swear I have never had such a roller coaster of emotions like that in my entire life. Its really good though IMO. Its worth the trauma.

I like Toni's song yesterday yep its sitting well on my ipod.

About your facebook friend OKAY THEN...

Lu said...

Send your pin over twitter....And as for your friend and deleting her friends? Wow...That's a little out there dont you think?

I havent heard the song...I will get on it asap. Lol...@ comebacks are the new black.

@Dee Glad to see you finally upgraded to the new BBM

Vimbai said...

@vim: you are much stronger than me, I will have to wait till 2012 or it will be a serious danger, lol.

@lu' am still sorting my pin palaver out. I have the most rubbish service provider