Sunday, September 06, 2009

There's a new band in town...

I've been out of sorts of late and not in a hey-i-had-too-many-jagerbombs kind of way though.

My wires are well and truly crossed and frustrating the hell out of me.

Ever wanted something of the romantic nature to happen so bad because it makes sense in your head, the person makes lots of sense, the two of you together makes loads of've thought it through and you can't find anything wrong...


That your heart refuses to pitch up for the party!

Come on! Seriously!?

I'm too old to be a dophamine junkie, really i am! I'm too old to be making pheromone based head and I agree on these two points.

Sadly, my heart aint having it and insists on foiling my very pragmatic plans. I think years of subsisting off the like of Mills and Boon and all other chick-lit is coming back to haunt me. I've successfully brainwashed my heart into believing that knights in shining armour come in a specific way and now i'm losing out on all the very eligible but unconventional prince charmings because of it.

I want this to a go a certain way so bad and it's not *hmmph*

Maybe i'm trying to hard...okay i know I am trying too hard, but gosh darn it (yes, i do say that in real life) that's only because i know how the flip-side of this romantic coin goes and it's not pretty.

Now trying to get my head and my heart to agree on something or rather that i would like to see!

Until then, if you see a big fat caucasian baby flying around with weapons of mass romanticisms, please tell him he's long overdue a visit to Vim's side of town!

Agony Aunt styled advice is more than welcome :-)


Finally!!!: A whole 70 days after he kicked the proverbial bucket, a consensus was reached by MJ's family on where to lay him to rest...for good.

I doubt i'm alone in thinking that the length of time it took for them to handle logistics was ridiculous and disrespectful!

Hopefully now he'll get the rest he deserves, and about time too!

Whatchu Think? I haven't watched District 9 as yet but the general reviews i've received about the flick are pretty mixed. I haven't heard anyone say they've outright "Loved it"yet.

Instead, i've heard about how the movie's underlying message is a running commentary on the xenophobia inherent within SA (mmmmh, could the aliens actually be a poorly disguised reference to "illegal aliens" situation that the country is currently battling with perhaps, mmmh).

A lot of people also felt that the Nigerian community was unecessarily stereotyped and intentionally portrayed negatively in the flick...

For a movie i haven't gotten around to watching, i feel like i know a bit too much now!

All in all, this movie may be a million dollar hit across the pond, but sadly, a "prophet" will rarely receive the recognition he wants or requires in his own land.

If you've watched District 9, holla in the comments and give me your take on it!


My working week begins in T-minus 10 hours, let me catch some zzzzz's.

Here's to new days and new beginnings chickens :-)


V x


blogoratti said...

MJ..finally resting..
I haven't seen that movie either..just read some reviews about it though.


Have not seen the movie,.yet.. As for Michael jackson,I dont wanna hear or see him on tv again for 1 year. yes I love him and I was sad when he died, but everyday all I see on tv is michael this, michael that...let's move on people, were was the fracking media when he was alive.

K said...

Did you just knwo this was what i was dealing with this month or something? :-)

Now been in love once. It wasn’t the ideal relationship but from that dysfunctional relationship I learned that somehow I feel like if I don’t love someone equally or more than I did him they are getting a raw deal. Its like Im downgrading my potential to love because Im using my head more than my heart. AKA Settling.

Sex and the City reference alert: I don’t want to be Carrie choosing Mr Big over Aidan. Yeah they have that all consuming love thing going on but I think I have said it before is it really a coincidence that relationships like hers I see mirrored in real life are fraught with dysfunction? I mean Aidan was stable DHEMMIT! Is it a coincidence that Charlotte and Miranda who in a way married men no one expected them to (in a way settling) are the happiest (excludes Steve eventually cheating because he came back all remorseful and ish). So Im not saying settle Im just asking hence adding more confusion ..what happens if you forget the love drug and SETTLE for the fact you got 2 out of 3 and just try and grow into loving whomever matches you best.

Anyway babe read this article my BFF sent to me after I had sworn never to let the Mr Big of my life have a recurring role.

I know Super would have some advice on this so I await his comment eagerly lol

p.s my belief these days is its best for a guy to love you more than you do him.

K said...

p.s song stalking you all week...album officially comes out tomorrow BP3! I love me some Jigga!

RocNaija said...

Sounds like you've pretty much 'self-analysed' the situ yourself..
Having and M&B mentality is in many ways a gift... and a curse.

Nigerians negatively stereotyped?
Sheesh.. What else is new, unfortunately?

ShonaVixen said...

I agree with Kooks in saying that with Carrie it was Aidan she should have married, not the confused Mr Bigs!
And I also read the article she's put the link for thought!
My gogo always says you grow to love some-one...hmmm do u really?
Heish I should have read more Stephen Kings and all instead them M&B books...
Havent yet watched District 9 and hopefully will do so soon.
MJ may his soul RIP!!

Vimbai said...

@blogoratti: Finally resting for real, what a relief!

@September: Hehehehehe, i can see someone has reached their MJ limit. If i bothered to watch my tv, i guess i would be as sick as you of the whole circus. But now he's rested, i am ready to continue...even removed all my MJ tracks from my iTunes just in case!

@K: These parallel lives of ours, kinda spooky!

But Carrie would never have been happy with Aidan, Big was always her "The One"...granted, in part 2 we will probably see her become ex wife #3 of Bigs, but trust me, she didn't really deserve Aidan, hence taking him for granted in the first place.

And i'm at all fond of the idea that the other person should like you more than you like them. It may feel like the "safer" route but what about the guilt, that you are somone's epicentre and they are merely your 3rd Rock from the Sun.

W.H. Auden's poem, "May the more loving one be me" covers this very topic and i side with him. If i am the more loving one, i have nothing to lose...if it doesn't last, i know that it wasn't becuase i gave 100%.

As for this settling business...settling, what a dirty, dirty word. You both should feel like the luckiest people you won the Lotto, not like you bought a pair of socks!

PS Can't wait for Jigga's album, yaaaaay

@Roc: Being an idealist sucks, the real world doesn;t cater for us :-)

As for the victimisation of your people, eish, you sound resigned! I still get very worked up when Zimbos are the running joke in this lovely surrogate country of mine. It's in very bad taste and shows bad breeding!

@Shona: I can see where your Gogo was coming from, but it just doesn't work somehow....then again talk to me in about 3yrs, you never know what i will be tuning by then ;-)

munhu said...

if you are not feeling it then you are not feeling it. love does not need to make sense = your head and your heart must agree.
as for M & B - I believe there are those whose lives mirror that but we have gulped too much of the "too good to be true" maxim and embraced a marxist cynicism that hinders our ability to find love and joy....

Super star! said...

@V, i suppose this is an SOS to Dr Love, matavire. His answer would be contained in a blanket metaphor he he he he he , but perhaps we need more wisdom than that.

But perhaps Matavire had a point, he had an answer to every love problem coz the answer was contained in either flipping a coin or lucky guess....

love is as random as a leaf falling off a tree. the opportunity to love happens to us all the time, the journey in love travels in infinite means. who we must love or not love is a choice we make everyday. What does this mean for women? simple....they need to grow up! to be continued...ndirimundege. but a quick answer is in Ecclesiastics 9vs11.

Vimbai said...

@munhu: Awww, the proverbial optimist...bless your cotton socks!

@Super: Women need to grow up...ummm okay, no comment...okay lots of comment but seeing as you said that part is to be continued, i will wait for you to return with the sequel to your sermon on the mound before i comment any further...

In short: You've got some 'splaining to do!

Tiavi said...

@Vim: To be honest, this seems like a very simple issue. Ask yourself the following questions
1. What are you looking for
2. Have you found it, and if not how much longer are you willing to continue looking (If you have found it dont ask any more questions)
3. If the answer to 2 is "not much longer", then ask youself whether you are happy settling for second prize now, knowing fully well that doing so could mean closing the door on first prize
4.Have you found 2nd prize, and if not how much longer are you willing to continue looking (If you have found it dont ask any more questions)

It continues down to 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth prize but you get the picture. The key question is are you done looking; if yes, stop. If not, continue.

K said...

Mmmmmmmkaaaay Super I read Ecclesiastes 9:11 Ima need you to break that down I think it has something to do with no one winning the "race" or the "prize" merely because you are stronger, faster, wiser or smarter but its a matter of right time and chance that allows you to get that prize or win the race. Correct me if my interpretation is wrong. & like V said you got some explaining to do re: woman need to grow up *side eye* lol

Hadassah said...

I wathed District 9 honestly I liked it. Its a love or hate r/ship with the movie. Uhm you pretty much summed up everything that is in the movie. But basically you take whatever message you want from the movie Xenophobia, district 6 situation, rascism etc. I personally enjoyed watching the movie.

Vimbai said...

@Tiavi: I have an amazing way of complexirising (no such word) the simplest of issues, or hadn't you noticed :-)

I am gonna apply your step by step approach and see if it helps shed some clarity, thanks!

@K: At least i'm not the only one trying to make sense out of Super's rather random references...

@Super: Explanation please!

@Hadassah: Finally, someone who's watched this flick and actually liked it! I'm now gonna make a concerted effort to get myself down to a movie theatre to check it out. Hopefully the shots they showed in the preview arent all the best parts (don't you hate it when they do that)

munhu said...

V - my socks are cotton. I am looking for the camera in my drawers now !!!
I will be honest. I have been through the dryer and a couple of times on the love front. Was fortunate to have been loved sincerely even though I was equally foolish enough not to realise it - a couple of times. I was then also right royally screwed over MAJOR once. I then also inadvertantly bent over a couple of people. In short I have seen both sides of the coin and am grateful that right now I have the shiny side and I treasure it. Sometimes our trials will help us identify the real makoya when we find it. In short V - this might not be it; hence the doubt you have.

Hadassah said...

@ Vimbai horror movies are good at doing that.I am still looking for an opinion on GI Joe though.

Vimbai said...

@munhu: So it all comes down to trial and error and learning from previous experiences then! Good to hear you're all loved up now and appreciating your missus!

I'm done with self-analysis at this point, an arranged marriage is looking real good right about now - i can't be left to my own devices, i overthink EVERYTHING!

@Hadassah: GI Joe, haven't watched that either but the men i know who caught it liked it for its action what whats. I'd be more concerned with the scrumptious Channing Tatum, mmmmmh, GI who?

Super star! said...

i thought the verse was pretty obvious, but let me explain;

car tous sont assujettis au temps et aux circonstances

the french were better in explaining time and chance.

the moral of the story is that none is ever wiser or clever and faster about life, at least to the extent that one who is foolish, or slower would get a different result. And so it is with love, we all have equal opportunity to love; some may use their hearts and not their heads, some may toss a coin, some may overthink and others not even think at all. But the opportunity to love presence itself to all in equal doses.

and so, love like life, depends greatly on being at the right place at the right time (right circumstances). right place means; ARE YOU READY FOR IT, i.e are you prepared for it? spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially? unconditionally loving someone. if you are not ready, not matter what, it will not work.

Right time; you cook in the kitchen, try cooking in the bathroom? e.g if the guy you want to be in a relationship is preparing to take a bath and then he is not for you. how easy is it when both of you are in the kitchen with the same intent and both are hungry for dinner?

munhu said...

right you are V - it is like the Lotto - you have got to be in it to win it !!!

Vimbai said...

@Super: I am liking the breakdown, even throwing in some French for pose, *smh*, SUper!

I hear ya man, i hear ya.

@Munhu: I will Tata Ma-Chance, Tata Ma-Million, hokoyo!

Vimbai aka Visha said...

I confess I am superficial and I put the blame solely on mills and boons, Harlequin, Regency, Johnny Depp and Colin Farelle's doorstep. How am I supposed to fall for an average joe when I have been brainwashed into seeing my ideal partner as a beefier Orlando Bloom with Fabioescue long hair and rippled abs lol Woe is me I guess!!!!

Vimbai said...

Hear, hear Vimbi!

We've been brainwashed and are merely products of our environment, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched District 9 I'd never even heard of it until some English friends of mine told me they just didn't get it. I'm keen to watch it though!

Vimbai said...

What do you mean "they didn't get it"...then again, i still haven't watched the flick, but the plot sounds pretty straight forward to me :-)

PS Thanks for stopping by chica!

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