Friday, September 18, 2009

My Poker Phuza Face

Must sleep.

Can't sleep.

Am too scared to nip to the bathroom for my usual 10min power naps 'cause i suspect that i could pass out for much longer than that and sleep through all alarms, so i'm not gonna chance it.

I'm no good at partying like a rockstar on week nights...not that i was partying per se...more drinking...on an empty stomach.

Any drink that ends in "Collins" i will consume. The Collins family and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, last night it was a divine Kalahari Collins combination or four that kept me in high spirits (mind the pun).

I didn't behave inappropriately...but had inappropriate thoughts...and then annoying thoughts and i may have run my mouth a little (read: a lot).


Worst of all, i had a crazy early morning meeting today that i managed to make thanks to a well timed sms sent through to remind me to get up (bless). I was so early i managed to get great parking on the 2nd floor (i'm usually stuck on the 5th), but my buzz was quickly killed when the person i was meeting cancelled on me...15mins into our scheduled meeting time.


Now i am drinking coffee like a joke. I don't like coffee but i would consume coffee beans whole today just to stay awake.

2hrs and counting...

Sanlam Fashion Week 2009: Before my Phuza Thursday got into full swing a mate and I checked out Lunar's eco-friendly, uber chic collection at this years high fashion extravaganza.

The ambiance was great, fashionista's everywhere. I may not have gotten the memo declaring that short grecian styled dresses and gold gladiator thong sandals/high heels were to be the evening's standard dress for all females between 15 and 55, but the ladies were looking great!
The true divas were of course the packs (yes, packs) of gay fashionistas in their early 20's rocking styles and clothes so fashion-forward, you'd think it was 3009!

The auditorium was packed with tse-lebrities, the usual: Dion Chang, Lira, an ex Ms South Africa here and there.

The collection was lovely, a bit muted...almost too safe, but lovely still! Shades of white, black and grey graced the runway (note to casting agents: Don't give the very dark model a grey dress to wear, she just ends up looking ashy!).

However ,the true highlight of the show was the vibrant live singer who sang flirty and fun French cabaret classics to acompany the models as they sashayed down the runway.

Damn, she was REALLY good! She made the show.

I love fashion shows...Bryant Park here i come *dreamy swoon*


Wear your sun block, drink your water and keep it strictly fabulous this weekend chickens!


V x


munhu said...

Fashion Week was way cool last night - caught the Tropika / ??? swim wear show on the main run-way then did Ruby and Two afterwards in the auditorium. Aye Aye on fashionista's galore I am convinced though that with some of those hairstyles some peeps are sleeping on their feet at home. You might have missed the memo on the dress-code but that grey number with the (patent??) heels was very uber chic. You fitted right in !!! and looked hot.

Vimbai said...

Ah munhu, you were there and didn't even say word to a sista, you ka!

The swim wear item was a bit...ummm, yah, they tried, lol. The swimwear was boring sha, all i wanted were the free drinks they were handing out, lol.

Thenks for the compliment - you won't be catching me wearing them heels anywhere that requires standing for long periods of time...twas a danger!

munhu said...

The swim wear was a bit dodge at times - there were a coupla entries there - a purplish dress comes to mind;that was anything but swimwear - the finale was not only given to the wrong person - Mirriam is bland - it was NOT SWIMWEAR !!!
Talking of free drinks did you notice the juggling bar man who was throwing up mean cocktails?? I drank enough Tropika for the rest of the year - that red flavour went down quite nicely thank you.
Sorry you had to stand - had I noticed you were standing I would have offered you my seat. I actually caught two glimpses of you and was not 100% certain it was you.

Funms-the rebirth said...

the day will be over soon and ull get to sleep all weekend.....gosh im dreaming of the day i will get to go to Bryant Park

ShonaVixen said...

hey chicken...hope you had a fab weekend, m also trying to get some tickets to London Fashion Week..i heart fashion shows too

Hadassah said...

I have never been to a fashion show. I would love to go to one.

Vimbai said...

@munhu: The bar man was channelling Tom Cruise from Cocktail!

@Funms: Eish, i never caught up on that sleep over the weekend and am now more sleep deprived than on Friday, lol!

Byrant Park is my Fashion Mecca *sigh*

@Shona: Fingers crossed you get some tickets, start schmoozing iwe!

@Hadassah: *DEAD* What do you mean you have never gone to a fashion show...ah ah ah, we need to do something about that! What's the closet major city to you in Canada? They'll definitely have a fashion week or something of the equivalent!

Put that on your Bucket List chica!