Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey, Big Dreamer!

What’s worse?

Dreaming too big or dreaming too small?

Now you could argue that either of those two scenarios can be problematic and self-limiting if you aren’t laying down some action plans to realise the dreams in question. Still, I’m all for the “Dream big” scenario - the bigger and more outlandish the dream, the better, after all, this is the one space where anything goes, so why not break the rules and defy gravity?!

However, after attending a training session with my colleagues, I realised that some people don’t really get the concept of “Sky is the Limit”

Exhibit A

The training instructor was trying to highlight the difference between the features and benefits of certain work-related services and asked us to imagine we had just won the Lottery (read: You’re rolling in it!) were able to purchase the car of our dreams and to list what features we would want this car to come with. Sounds easy enough right…wrong.

The responses went a little like this:

Instructor: So shoot guys, what would your dream car’s features be?

Voice at the back: GPS Navigation system
(Err, don’t all standard luxury vehicles come with a GPS navigation system?!)

Guy on the next table: ABS Brakes
(Oh boy, these people need some help, I’m gonna have to say something)

Me: Convertible
(Why are they looking at me like I just said I want a 24ct gold interior, eh?)

Chick to my right: Mini-bar
(Now we’re talking, maybe there’s hope)

Guy in the back: Roof rack
(Roof rack…ummm, on a convertible, eish)

Ultimately, the whole exercise had me weak, weak, weak! You have just won the lottery, need to buy a car and you’re thinking about ABS brakes.


So to start off the working week, and in the knowledge that we’ve got some mighty big dreamers up in here, let me poise the following question to you, my chickens:

What was/is your big dream of 2009 and how are you planning on setting out to achieve it or if you have already achieved it, share the details!

Holla in the comments!


Rize Africa: Speaking of making dreams happen, i attended the pre-launch of Rize Africa a media movement aimed at giving a different perspective on current discourse on Africa.

Although the site ( is still under construction, on it's official debut on the 26th October 2009, the fully interactive site will be a place that will encourage debate on a wide range of pertinent political & socio economical issues in African society.

I love seeing people's great ideas come to fruition and under the guidance of the founder, the lovely Linda Mabhena, i think Rize Africa is destined for greatness, especially if the pre-launch was anything to go by.

The lavishly catered affair (read: I ate to my heart's content) had star studded appearances by the likes of: SA's R'nB sensation, 'Leanne"; the no-holds-barred Zimbabwean Slam poet "Black Anakin" and up-and-coming Zimbabwean hiphop sensation Anonymoucity.

African's repping and doing us all proud: Rize Africa indeed!

To think there are no more public holidays or long weekends in SA until December is enough to make me want to jump from the nearest high-rise building!

This past week was divine - 3 day working weeks should be enforced internationally, the world would be a better place 'cause of it.

Until such a time, keep your heads' up chickens and remember that Monday's are the new black. True story ;-)


V x


ShonaVixen said...

OK my 2009 dream was to make the MissZimUK revamp a proper revival or actually just bring it out there...and well not only did it happen, BUT now Im on the ZimExpo UK Board..yep, I went from just working as a consultant with them to being on their board, in a small way this is helping go towards the bigger more patriotic and seeing my business skills coming out!! So yep thats one dream getting bigger by the day.
Other dreams...well I cant say yet but i will if it all materialises!
I like this idea of Rize Africa will be watching their site *read Shona is seeing business opportunity*!!

ShonaVixen said...

Ooooh can I shout FIRST???

K said...


I prefer dream big but be close to the realistic...
e.g If you are dreaming of being the president & you have never run for class president let alone local council...get your priorities straight...

Like Shona did she was initially a consultant for Miss Zim Uk her goal? a she's on the ZimExpo Board mark my words sister might be chairwoman soon...

As for me my dream just started walking... after hastling to get in on a project I have finally got in! its only baby steps & proud mama I am Im going to nurture it till its a fully fledged adult :-)

How goes your dream Vee?

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Makorokoto/congrats musikana! I love it, love it! Like K said, you'll soon be Chairlady soon! Inga, peeps are doing BIG things up in hurr! You deserve the recognition after the stellar event you pulled off with Miss ZimUK.

As for Rize Africa, you can start a UK chapter, its definitely a concept i can see taking off worldwide.

@K: LMAO @ the "dreaming to be president but haven't even run for school president" analogy! A lot of us are guilty of secretly hoping to wake up one day and be living our dreams without the hard work and disappointments that are part and parcel of living them dreams.

Good luck with your project honey, if it's walking it won't be long before its Usain Bolting it :-)

One of my two big dreams for 2009 is in the embryonic stages, i'm waiting on some feedback from a few peeps and hopefully it will crawling by the time the weeks out.

Anonymous said...

us peeps in zim have lost the ability to dream big or small - inflation has taken a toll on our ability to dream.

good to hear about Rize Africa. hopefully it doesn't turn out like 'big brodda' africa - its divided us - i think we should declare war wiff zambia for what paloma did to our boy itayi yesterday.

ur girl vixen (i read her blog) is raunchy - sm1 needs 2 get her that pregnant. LOL (ndirongerewo)

ndini wenyu
Sekuru vaTawanda

Vimbai said...

Sekuru vaTawanda: You exaggerate, Zimbos will always dream, inflation or otherwise! What our people have lost is the ability to hope...which is a whole other ball game.

I don't follow Big Brother AFrica, so you'll have to fill me in on what's going on and what this Paloma did to our Itayi.

My girl Shona's blog is a far cry from raunchy. If her blog offends your prudish sensibilities then just don't visit them innit.

As for vying to be a suitor to knock her comment, i shall leave you to your "shower hour".

Super star! said...


I reckon there is a difference between dreams and goals/objectives

by dreaming we mean based on the current set up its inconceivable in the reality paradigm. Thus Luther's dream, the wright bother's dream,....thus a dreamer brings to the world of reality what was never there before. In my world there is no big or small dream, its just a matter of people who make dreams happen, and those that die with their dreams.

As for dreaming to be president, the evidence proves contrary to your assertion. Obama had not run for anything before he entered politics, neither did Bush, Clinton as well, even Reagan....Even Zuma or Mugabe...the reality is that for political office no prior experience is neccessary just pander to the majority. If that doesnt work then Kill the opposition.

Tehn Diamond said...

My dream for this year ? hmm...well i wanna write an album I can love and be proud of. It may not song too big. But its massive for me. I'm a little too hard on myself when it comes to getting creative. So far I've written four songs that I think make the cut, but I'm falling in love with so may new sounds and not even writing as much as I should be right now. With that said I better get to doing some writing NOW. I like ur blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

i guess i exaggerated. but next time u go 2 zim, look at the people's faces - they look sullen, people don't look happy here as compared to peeps in other places i've lived

U don't watch BBA...ahhh.. inga... this one is sodom and gomorah and it deserves an award.. no shower hour though..but u definitely need to check it out.. best times to watch from 9pm-11pm. lol

about vixen.. i love the blog i was playing - dammit i wish women here in zim were as liberated as she is!!

have a great week and pliz watch BBA (i don;t wanna be the only addict..)

Sekuru VaTawanda coming soon ( :)

Tiavi said...

This discussion could be better brought into perspective by refering to the "time tested equation for self esteem", i.e

Self esteem = successes/pretensions

In plain language, your self esteem is essentially your achieved successes divided by your pretensions, these being what you back yourself to be able to achieve. It is evident that one can increase their self esteem by registering more successes whilst holding their pretensions constant (or even increasing them), ie achieving more, and thus growing the numerator. Conversly, it is also possible to increase ones self esteem by reducing the size of the denominator i.e decreasing what one expectats of oneself. The "family man and woman" usually do the latter, giving up all hopes of a glorified career and material success and contenting themselves with procreation, "wisteria lane" type family life, etc. So does the teenager who realises that he is never going to become a top 10 billboard artist or man united number 10. Few of us, however, make it a point to always increase their self esteem by expanding on our achievements. "Dreaming" per se only serves to increase the denominator, and without subsequent achievements that increase the numerator in tandem all that such "dreams" do is reduce ones self esteem, unless they take the form of daydreams and fantasy which are forgotten as soon as the boss walks in.

K said... how do I put this..

All those people you mentioned had a link to get them to the presidency...clinton & obama did it by: lawyer-senator-president, Bush:family politics, Mugabe was in the resistance. I didnt mean you had to have been school president...point is you have a starting point a link to that dream that can make you swing from your dreams to reality.

Even Arnie had early political aspirations...he was always way more outspoken politically than most stars & more involved that helped him become Governor today.

Reagan same thing...he worked for GE & when he would tour plants his speeches to the employees were also quite political.

When someone tells you they want to be a baller..WTFrack is that? How does one become that? Is that a profession?

BASICALLY... my point was you dont need to run for elections to be a president but saying you want to do something and show no interest, inkling or actual graft towards that dream is empty dreaming.

The one thing I LOVE about Zim people is they dream big and are not afraid of hustling for that dream...hmmm epiphany could this be why Ive liked Zim boys in the past? LOL

Lu said...

Dreams...Someone dear to me once said when all else fails, get back to your dream. The most successful people always been those that had insane and totally out there kinda dreams. My big dream for 2009 is to finish school so I can finally put my country on the map in the corporate world. ZAMBIA this space

Super star! said...

@ Tiavi, though your mathematical analogy is amusing the bottom line, or differentiator is application...those that actually do, and those that continue to live in pipe-dreams.

@ K, how do i say this; Hillary clinton and McCain were far better qualified to be president than Obama. Obama, who has never managed anything in his life won the elections not because of ability but because he was popular. as for Arnie, he falls in the same category as Reagan- simply star appeal. Clinton and bush are the worst because there was absolutely nothing in their past that said "future president".

people assume that hard working, intelligent, wise, fast runners are the ones that win the race or are able to make their dreams come true. Research has shown contrary evidence as those that suffer from dyslexia are more likely to achieve success. i.e bring their dreams to reality. e.g Tsvangirai

Vimbai said...

@Super: Where have you been? You've been missed :-)

I think there's a very direct correlation between dreams and goals/objectives...the latter does not really happen without the former, n'est-ce pas?

@Tehn Diamond: I love your dream which buy the sounds of it, is less dream and more reality! Is there a specific genre that your music falls into and more importantly when do we get to sample the greatness? Keep writing, you're nearly there!

PS Thanks for dropping by and sharing :-)

@Sekuru: Women in Zim are taught from a very young age to play the shy prudish virgin. Hence why when you walk into the Keg, you will always spot the village bicycle trying to act like she don't know what's up. But generally speaking we are liberated...behind closed doors though, lol.

@Tiavi: *applause* Daaaaaaaaaaaym, you broke it down with that analogy and i stuck with you every inch of the way! So bottom line, you're saying that those that don't realise their dreams are selling themselves short which has a lot to do with their lack of self-belief/esteem.

Vimbai said...

@K: I just had an image of someone handing me a business card that declares their job title as "baller". What are the requirements to refer to yourself as a baller...mmmmh?

Zim men sure know how to dream and deliver on them dreams...i don't blame you for falling for them K, not one bit ;-)

@Lu: Big Up Zambia! Lu for President! You hit those books hun and then come back to the motherland and make a difference!

Going back to your dreams is very sound advice, for its when we stray too far from them that disaster sets in...then again, one can also stray and come across dreams they never knew the had in the first place. Catch 22 perhaps?

@Super: I still think the wise and intelligent win the race, but also those with disadvantages they have to overcome (eg dslexyia) have that added incentive to achieve, to prove a point that They Can!

PS Iwe you need to stop knocking my main man Obsma, where's the love! The witch hunt needs to be called off, does anyone else remember that fool Bush?!

Super star! said...

@V I've been travelling sha... ( at the airport right now) i like your " you've been missed" who gave you the authority to speak on behalf of a constituent.

i think you get it partially, if you have nothing to prove, then why the effort. The wise have no incentive to be wise? right?

My dream is to live in an entrepreneurial society with NO government. The conventional thought is that this is impossible. I have every incentive to be on this mission impossible....

Vimbai said...

@super: Who gave me the authority...well as the founder and president of this blog, it's my sovereign right to speak on behalf of its followers :-)

Wow, that's a big dream...nothing's impossible so i wish you luck and will see you at the finish line hombre!

Where you travelling to? Business or pleasure...mmmmh ;-)

Hadassah said...

Oh Dang Typo! My dream is to succeed in everything that I touch and work hard for.

Anonymous said...

@K zim women never say those kind of things ('I LOVE Zim people') about anthying zimbo.., are you being sarcastic?

@Vim - your girl K is what we call 'Zimbophile'. and on 'virgins', if anyone gives me that line I tell them that I am one too - works like a charm) lol.. and if they insist on the virgin tale, i give them redman's line 'you know u do this often.. your thing's so deep it could drown a school of dolphin' to the redman line the response is a giggle and 'futseke kwana', and the rest as they as is history!! lol

sekuru vatawanda

ps bigbrother africa: pliz vote to keep eddie and erastus in the house.

Vimbai said...

@Hadassah:Having a bit of trouble there with chirungu/english, lol?

I like your dream, very straight to the point.

Vimbai said...

@sekuru: Zimbophiles are the best people ever! And what do you mean zim chicks never say nice things bout zim men, hanti/isn't i'm saying nice things.

As for the Redman lyric, shaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lmao! But i see you have managed to successfully cut through the demure-virgin BS ;-) May your upcoming blog be covering these tales?

Okay, i'm off to the BBA site to see what's going on and who's being nominated for what! If i get hooked, i am blaming you!

Anonymous said...

@ vim no tales of that nature...kissing and telling is wrong - if my women friends find out - then no more 'hallelujah'...and honestly, the action is too insufficient to warrant a whole blog (women here aren't satisfied with attaching strings, they want to bond you from head to toe in chains - which limits action).. I'll probably make it an 'ask sekuru' blog where women write in with their problems to get a mans perspective, maybe.. i dont know yet.

you know you wanna watch the BBA debauchery so do it! these people live in an africa I didn't know existed!

sekuru vatawanda

Vimbai said...

@Sekuru: An "Ask Sekuru" or "According to Sekuru" blog sounds very interesting, i wait with bated breath (read: get on with it zve!).

Those people in the BBA house aren't a true reflection of Africa at large. BBA producers interview contestants and choose the most off-balance, attention-seeking, low-on-morals, over-sexed individuals coz they know that's whats great for ratings!

Are this lot worse than the guys from the previous seasons: ie is there more nudity, more sex, more double-crossing?

Hadassah said...

Chirungu chinonetsa kunyora dzimwenguva Vimbai lol! I am always typig fast though and i hardly proof read cause of time lol!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!