Sunday, August 16, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

Just got back from a week long trip in the motherland.

Going home for me is always a mixed bag of emotions. When away from home all i want to do is go back, once there, all i yearn for is the very place i was trying to get away from. Clearly, there's no pleasing me.

My trip got off to a rocky start, literally! The turbulence experienced during the flight home was out of this world. For a relatively short flight (1hr 45mins) this route (johannesburg to harare) always has its fair share of drama. This time round, about 15mins from landing in H-town some se-ri-ous turbulence was experienced. The plane shook and rolled like a dance-hall diva auditioning for a Sean Paul video.

If that wasn't enough, the exit signs on the plane then came on! I!!! Exit to where at 33 000 ft?!!! I don't think i've ever prayed so hard...or fast, thankfully, someone must have heard me as touchdown on home soil was eventually accomplised.

Some Highlights:

  • The most sublime weather ever! I got my summer bunny on, they don't call it the Sunshine City for nothing you know.

  • Catching up with my family and chomies.

  • Getting to watch soon-to-be released movies due to the lack of piracy laws in my sovereign nation, you gotta love it.

  • Being fed by my mumsy after being accused of being too thin (i love how african mothers always think you are too thin).

  • Bonding with my dad whilst watching some golf highlights that i am feigning interest in, all the while, secretly perving over Tiger Woods *phwoar*

  • Waking up when i want and going to sleep when i want, with loads of time in between to do whatever the heck i want...

  • Seeing fully stocked shelves in the supermarkets.

Some Lowlights:

  • Feeling like the whole country is stuck in still feels like 1997!

  • Feeling like i've missed the bus as i am neither married, engaged or pregnant (peeps are breeding big time!).

  • Crawling behind a car that insists on driving at 40 km/hr in a 70 km/hr zone and doesnn't have the courtesy to give way to faster moving traffic (read: me).

  • Converting USD$ prices into Rands and realising the large sum of money I've just parted for an item or meal that that should really be priced at least a quarter of the going price.

  • Random electricity and water cuts at inopportune times *sigh* - we still have a long ways to go.

  • Getting severe Internet withdrawal was touch and go there for a bit, but i am glad to be back online, lol.

All in all, i am fully refreshed for the next few months and feel like i gained a fresh perspective on a few things.

Where is home for you and what's your favourite thing about it?

Home Is So Sad (excerpt)

Home is so sad. It stays as it was left,
Shaped in the comfort of the last to go
As if to win them back. Instead, bereft
Of anyone to please, it withers so,
Having no heart to put aside the theft.

Philip Larkin


Happy Monday chickens, may your week be alive with possibilities!


V x


munhu said...

hey, welcome back. home is always home wena. I understand though that there are quite a few peeps back from the diaspora now so it is no longer so lonesome for other diasporans. Is this true? glad you enjoyed it in your own way. I was last there in January. did you get any dandy chewing gum and crystal sweets in the shops? or Zoom icecream from the Dairibord icecream man?....nostalgia yandikuvadza. even when I go to Zim I can't help but miss it.

Vimbai said...

See that's the trap, getting lost in nostalgia, coz half that stuff still isn't there! Our country, she is still in the healing phase.

(The Dandy bubblegum was there in full force though :-) )

As for diasporans back home, i just heard tales of those lured back with the promise of billions, only to return from whence they came once those same promises fell through and the nostalgia faded *shoulder shrug*

Super star! said...

The beloved nation of Zimbahwe ( love the way it rolls on the tongue)

What i love most about zimbabwe is Sanyati Lodge on Lake Kariba, and then vumba inns. OHH and riding a davidson in the hills of nyanga- i wonder if people still do that.

diving in chinhoyi caves, camping in Hwange, white-water rafting in the zambezi. overnight cruise from Kariba to Vic falls, the explorers bar in vic falls... the girls in Bulawayo, the ishwa in shurungwi and the bottle store and butcher in Gutu chisheche ( the prime target of a take over by yours truly) named aptly "Kugare tange nhamo".

munhu said...

Hey Supa...long time. Iwe you went diving in the Chinhoyi caves??? hauna kutorwa nenjuzu seyi?

Vimbai said...

@Super: If your plans for world domination do not come to fruition, you have a very successful career ahead of you as a tourist guide in Zim!

My favourite part of the country has to be the Eastern Highlands, something very magical and serene about Nyanga and Vumba

@Munhu: Haaaaaaaaaa, now you've started with the urban legends!

Apparently, those caves have no bottom and there are tunnels from there to Nyanga...all speculation of course *grin*

Super star! said...

@Munhu, shuwa its been a while...i am on the road at the moment. muri wadi here? ( hope you are strong)

as for chinhoyi caves, i hope they still do it, notwithstanding all the myths and fables.

@Vimbai: World domination is going to happen, there is no leeway for what if's. But it doesnt stop me from part-taking in my favourite past time.

munhu said...

@ Supa ndinoreketa chiManyika zvakare...ndiri wadi diko? Ndinovimba nemiwo muri vatana.
Musesedzwe munzendo dzenyu...idzo ndege dzikati mukore uno dzowa seshiri muchirimo !!!

p.s you may need to translate that for Vimbai - musalala manje iyeyu.

Super star! said...

@ Munhu
uno hwereketa nyimanyika zvomene. I say a little prayer everytime, mate.

a translation for Vimbai ( you are a pig that turns into a bird during Autumn but cant fly so you often drop from the sky) he he he...

munhu said...

@Supa wandityora mbabvu mudhara.
@Vimbai that is an A grade translation. The best you will ever get!!

Vimbai said...

@munhu: That indeed was a fantastic translation, but my salala self did manage to decipher some of it...sorta *ahem*

@super: Is there anything you can't do iwe! Am starting to wonder where your Achille's heel is :-)

Shamilicious said...

i missed CNN when i went home...thats sad...

tiavi said...

As it seems I shall be a nomad for some time to come, home is now wherever I have a roof over my head. This notion of wherever you were born being "home" despite total detachment from it seems to me very much like saying whoever broke your virginity is your boyfriend/girlfriend for life after having broken up 15 years earlier.

Vimbai said...

@shami: CNN??? LMAO! Was local news not cutting it for you then, hehehe.

Random sidenote: i hate how most Zim news stories start off with "Apparently" or "Allegedly" something happened. Ummm, either it happened or it didn't mate, otherwise why are you reporting it! Eish.

@Tiavi: Lovely analogy there! You have a point though. We are all in the business of creating 'homes" elsewhere and will in time refer to place that we grew up as "our parents home" rather than our own.

Super star! said...

Its called lost in translation, i am sure you now know how Clinton felt.

@ V my Achille's heel is there, dont you see it?

Lu said...

Zimbabwe, a country I have come to love as my very own. I miss how surreal life is there. Its actually unheard of anywhere ...I miss how everyone sorta knows everyone. How it sucks to if you are new and trying to break in and I miss THE KEG....wont even lie

Vimbai said...

@Super: Lost in Translation for real, constant limbo sucks.

Can i guess where your Achille's heel is *dirty giggle*

@Lu: The Keg *sigh* good times sha, good times! When i walk in there, i can hear the theme song for Cheers.....

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name."

Good times mate, good times!

Super star! said...


go ahead, indulge.

Vimbai said...

I think i will behave now thanks, lol.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I have learnt to make any place im living at that particular time home. I have been away for so long that I can no longer identify with the land of my birth *sigh*. I still love the country mind, its just that....well my heart has moved on....its too fickle...but you've just reminded me of that song 'meet me in Zimbabwe' dunno who sang it but it brings nostalgia

Super star! said...

@ V.

what are you on about? now i am curious.

Vimbai said...

@DM: Mmmmh, i don't know that song...will do some research. Sadly for many a countryman and woman, home is somewhere other than home, it can't be helped...for now anyway.

@Super: DOn't mind me, i was having a moment :-)

munhu said...

@ MDM...i know that song meet me in Zimbabwe me in Zimbabwe. V if you hear the tune you will know that jam. for someone who bopped to Give me Hope Joanna there is no way you would not know this was usually rocked right after "Pump up the jam" at parties followed by Ice Ice baby followed by Unconditional Love....

RocNaija said...

Those exit signs at 33,000 feet is why they say, "When flying, consider yourself dead until you land."

Good to hear you had some fun though, miss V!

Vimbai said...

@Munhu: Thanks for officially ruining my Friday morning, now i have "Pump up the Jam" playing in my head...and, oh wait, Salt 'n Peppers "Push It"

@Roc: Heeeeee, with Airbuses falling out of the sky at exponential rates, you've got a point.

Awww you gave me a pet name, miss V, not to blow this out of proportion but Roc, do you love me now, hahahahaha ;-)

ShonaVixen said...

i know m late to the party but m now singing Meeting in Zimbabwe at 2 in the morn..Sohlangane Zimbabwe ma, Tosangane Zimbabwe..Land of Sunshine, Land of Beauty...ooooh memories!! I loves my Zimbabwe!!

Vimbai said...

Okay now i am truly concerned, why don't i know this song?


We wiiiiiiiiiish you many more
We wiiiiiiiiiish you many more
Hure! (lol)