Monday, August 03, 2009

Rambunctious recollections & Irie-ness

Christmas is usually a hot, humid affair for those of us southern-hemisphere dwellers.

It's a far cry from the snowy, wintery depictions fed to us by Hollywood and the like.

Year in, year out, we sing about Jingling bells and dashing through the snow and all sorts of things that mean NOTHING to us. We've tried to adapt some carols to match our seasonal limitations, you may have heard the "10 Days of Christmas" remix which goes a little something like this,

"On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me,
a crow in a Baobab tree."

What a classic!

So anyway, i decided to throw a Christmas in July party at my place over the weekend so we could experience the frosty chill togetherness of this festive event...(read: I just wanted to throw a party and my favourite colours are green and red, so what the heck). Twas a festive gathering indeed. My place was decked out in full red, green and gold regalia. It was downright gaudy, as i kept telling people, "It looks like Christmas threw up in my place." The drinks flowed, the food was chowed and gifts where exchanged...some dodgy ones even (handcuffs anyone).

All in all, the night was a resounding success and i can't wait for December, for a repeat performance...

Just not at my place.

Do you know the mess that ensues when green and red streamers mix with spilt wine and get dragged across cream tiles? Wow, it was a disaster! The carnage was real come Saturday morning, after much procrastination i decide to draw on the domestic teachings of my mother (yes mum, i actually was listening when you were stating the finer points of floor scrubbing) and rid my place of its red/green alcoholic hue and generous spritzing of tinsel.

Where were my helpful friends at this point, you may ask? As T.I.'s song goes:

"I turn my head to the east,
I don't see nobody by my side.
So i turn my head to the west,
still nobody in sight."

Moral of the story: Stay clear of colourful streamers, remove the carpet before hand and make sure the maid is coming in the next day!


Ja maican'ing me crazy! This Thursday, Jamaica celebrates its independence, or rather is emancipation (you have to say that word in a Jamaican accent, its fantastic). I spent yesterday in the company of my caribbean chomies learning all about what being "Irie" entails.

Being the accent slut that i am, i think i may have even started talking like them, lilting tones and everything! It was great mascarading as a Jamaican, i had given myself the name, "Marcelline" and was scoffing on fish cakes like my life depended on it. Sadly, i was ousted when it came to real introduction time, there's nothing Jamaican sounding about the name Vimbai, apparently.

My consolation was that everyone thought my name sounded exotic (clearly they haven't met the other 1 million Vimbai's frolicking on the earth's surface!).

Either way, i love all Jamaican folk and wish them a very happy and Irie independence!

One Love


Chickens, have an awesome, lekker Monday and behave ;-)


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Awww Christmas in July...sounds like a BabyFace song or is it Csse?..Anyway glad you had a great time and pressies too!!
Ooooh the Jamacian patois fave though is the Bajan accent something different n ultra sexy about it...dang..oops I think m talking about the Bajan lawyer dude I met @ my uni the other day...gurl he can talk to me all day and every day..and when he says my name just right...heish..OK OK! i digress...
Marceline darling you have a good Monday...but my sekuru knew a Marsirina wekwaMakoni ikweyo

ShonaVixen said...

oooh FIRST!!!

ShonaVixen said...

btw m reading An Elegy for Easterly...gurl its so addictive cant wait for lunchtime so i can get my reading on..will be done come this evening!

K said...

Oh thenks for reminding me about Irie Independence day! I will be sure to play my Bob Marley Greatest Hits...starting with Redemption Song and maybe some Beenie Man to keep it contemporary :-). Then maybe cook some curried goat stew and coconut rice & peas and all these other tings...ah mi feel the emancipation in mi belly already gal!

What is it about accents though that make a person more appealing? The spanish and the french do me in every time but the Jamaican def is also a winner!

K said...

p.s im also an accent slut. If I spend quite enough time with people I forget my own accent and emulate.

But the people who are distant cousin Lambert who went to the states, was caught out with his false papers and promptly deported. Now this is the convo between his sis and I:

Lamberts sis: hmmm K have you spoken to Lam lately?
K: Nope why?
Lamberts sis: Eish sisi I don't know...apparently he has forgotten how to speak nyanga & bemba because of his American accent
K: hang on a sec, is he taking the piss? He was only there a week!
Lamberts sis: apparently that's all you need to forget you own language, adopt a new accent and not eat sadza anymore

Vimbai said...

@Shona: You are MURDERING me? Why are you zimbofying my jamaican name?

What happened to the yummy lawyer dude that had you swooning? Is there an ending...or continuation to that story?

Elegy for Easterly is AWESOME! Some of those stories are just too much...both fun and bleak at the same time, only a zimbo!

Vimbai said...

@K: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, but why Lambi (i am now zimbofying your cousin's name). One week chete/only and he's forgotten he's mother-tongue!

That surpasses the general "duty-free accent" demise afflicted by those who visit a foreign land for a second and adopt the accent like a native, hehehe. Just hit him upside the head, or send him to Zambia to lament on his origins, that should fix everything!

I hear ya with the french, jamaican accents, its like music...they could say they're taking a sh*t and it would sound beautiful, lol.

ShonaVixen said...

LOL!!! Sorry for Zimbofying your name but I couldnt help it..LOL!! Yesterday I laughed so much it hurt when my friend started talking about how I was a pre-term baby and said 'in Zim u know premature is said in another way right?' and we both said 'Premecha'...LOL!!And gurl we had a good laugh at some Zimbofied words...MURDER!!
The lawyer guy is going to 'help' me with a paper...and i say 'help' because I will be calling just to hear that accent!!
The french accent...i even did a post on that one sometime ago..i loved how my exe's dad would say my just rolled out perfectly..
LOL@Lambi..geez I have a friend who has an american accent but has never been to EVER!!And of course my lil niece asked her why she spoke funny...LOL!!

Hadassah said...

I hate cleaning after parties, it sucks big time!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Ooooh, am holding thumbs for this lawyer dude, he sounds delicious.

@Hadassah: Tell me about it sha!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Ooooh, am holding thumbs for this lawyer dude, he sounds delicious.

@Hadassah: Tell me about it sha!

Tidi_davidzo said...

Vimbai, exotic...*chuckle* *chuckle*

Vimbai said...

@Tidi: What you trying to saying huh? *giving a mean side-eye*

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