Monday, July 13, 2009

When Peer Pressure Wins The Day

So i have a TV now.

Feels weird.

Walked past the lounge on the way to the bathroom this morning and almost got a bad case of whip-lash when my peripheral vision picked it up. Most people would be startled to notice that their TV is missing, i am startled to see one in the first place.

Then i remembered that the amazing generosity (and disbelief) of a friend is how i ended up with the contraption sitting there.

I should thank Michael Jackson, inadvertently of course, for hooking me up.

You see, on the night of MJ's memorial while most people where watching it live, i was busy moon-walking in my living room waiting for Youtube to upload that ish. I wasn't really bothered with the 45min time lag, but it seems other people were appalled on my behalf.

Shock was expressed when a friend called to find out what i thought of memorial only to discover that i still didn't have a TV. I was then instructed, quite forcefully too, to get my behind to her place and pick up the spare TV she was harbouring there. I just muttered, "Yes m'am" were i could get a word in edge-ways.

After 14 months without one of these bad boys, i am treating it with suspicion, hehe. I am happy to report that i caught my first flick yesterday...a documentary on panda's and it was so refreshing. The plight of the panda's is an emotional stirring one.

It also dawned on me that local TV sucks, and that could explain why everyone has got DSTV/cable. Scrolling through the TV guide, i realised that everything they were showing i had already watched or was like 2 seasons behind, shocking!

I can't help but be saddened that my status as The Girl With No TV has been revoked. I am now just like everyone else :-(

Tis a sad day indeed, the unintentional non-conformist has conformed.


ROFLOL..SMH..LOL...LMAO: I wish i could express to you the sheer hilarity of the South Park episode where Bono is ripped...RIPPED to shreds! Just thinking about it is launching me into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

I haven't laughed this hard since...eish, i can't even remember.

Do yourself a favour, even if you aren't an avid Spleezie follower. Just watch it, promise me, its hilarious.

I am just finished thinking about it...


Am still feeling a little tender from the weekend! Note to self: When well meaning Naija boys start sponsoring drinks in the club, don't try to drink your weight in liquid form! My cheap-date self got too excited and now all i want to do is go home and crawl under the covers.

Have a happy, hydrated Monday chickens!


V x


blogoratti said...

Girl with no TV...kinda got a nice ring to it,lol.
But not anymore you are not..
Nice week!

Vimbai said...

Ooooh Blogoratti, pretty please write a poem about a Girl with No TV...i promise not to ask for financial renumeration...okay maybe 5% ;-)

Have a good week too

ShonaVixen said...

Girl, I remember when I once didnt have a tv and my laptop died on me ...geez those were some sad months!! I havent got a new tv in years and am always scared that this one is going to conk!!
Glad you finally got one (great friends ay!)
Sha-a m so sleep!!

Vimbai said...

No Laptop AND No TV...eish, nah man, i couldn't! You were so strong lol.

My laptop and external hard-drive have got me through the hard times. I have everything, EVERYTHING. So when i see how wack local tv, i wonder what's the fuss.

Ko, why the insomnia? What's going on? Did you also see MJ's ghost video and get spooked?

yinkuslolo said...

I have no TV! rocking my lappie all the way

Super star! said...

i went for 3 yrs without a tv until my then girlfriend bought one, i suppose after sometym i became boring company...:-)

ps next tym you want to watch live streams on the Internet watch MSNBC tv- always on point, to the minute

Anonymous said... people must have superhuman powers- I heart my tv and I am know it hearts me... The only time I went without television was Zimbabwean boarding school - I have more than made up for it
Oh and Vim- re: ADHD I am so bad my mind even drifts off mid-telephone conversation! Nobody has ever caught me, I simply ooooh, laugh or tsk tsk appropriately depending on the tone my so/friend/parent/sibling adopts- its an art form. I totally wrote this on the original post then I lost it because I was not logged into Wordpress- my computer does not heart me the way my television does.

Hadassah said...

OMG! no tv for 14 months! Girl you are brave I could never do that.

Vimbai said...

@Yinkuslolo: Eh, keep the flame alive! I officially pass the "No TV" lantern to you.

@Super: I guess TV helps feel those comfortable silences, i'm sure its no reflection on your actual company :-)

@Zimchic: Do you get separation anxiety when parted from your TV for long periods of time, hehehe, coz that's quite the bond right thurr! As for your ADHD, *smh*, one day you'll get caught out - lol.

@Hadassah: It's not that bad people, just try it. Promise me that your baby won't know what a TV is until he/she is like 15!

Gone are the days cartoons used to start at 3.30pm on telly, now they're 24hrs = disaster!

Shamilicious said...

My TV=my sanity! It drowns out all the other lame thoughts... LOL @ naijas sponsoring drinks coz i would do the same...though i think it may be more detremental to my health than yours...happy monday!!

munhu said...

can we officially declare you a VICTIM of Naija hospitality?? Go big or go home seems to be the maxim of choice to describe how those boys party. Chivas Regal 18 year old by the like 3 times the "regular" price...sorry for you.
DSTV does not perform too shabbily on the repeats front either least three or four times a week - one can find nothing to watch there too. Thank God for sport though....

Vimbai said...

@Shami: Right now my tv is my annoyance, the local channels are killing me softly sha...such maratas, no wonder the broadcasting corp. is in such deep doo-doo this side.

@munhu: But with DSTV you can numb your senses with a wider selection! I long for The Home Channel, The Style Network, Trace, MNet, ESPN, Sky News...i could go on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vim, just browsing :)

So we've got a TV but I watch it like twice a year - seriously! II just can't be bothered. The last time I watched something it was cos a friend sent me an sms about a program she thought I'd should see.

Anyhoo, back to my browsing...nice blog.

Vimbai said...

Hi Maff, thanks for dropping by!

Twice a year! A woman after my own heart :-) Until i get my dvd player, my TV is gonna be for show.

Nyasha said...

oh yay! you got a TV!!!...eish ok a little delayed reaction here but whatev...yay for you!!