Monday, July 06, 2009

On a MUST Know Basis

I don't do suspense...ever! Don't start telling me a story and then abruptly conclude, "Never mind" when you haven't finished what you were originally saying. I will inflict bodily harm until i get the grand finale, scout's honour!

It takes everything in me to read books without flipping to the end to find out how it all ends. Sometimes i'm good and will squirm my way to the end, most often than not, i will just flip to the back of the book and be on some, "Ooooooh, so that's what happens to [insert character's name]" tip.

Don't ever leave me with remote when watching anything suspense related, and this is not only limited to horrors and thrillers. I'm talking comedies, rom-com's, sport (eg the tennis this weekend)....i will even go as far as saying animal documentaries. If there's a squeamish, cringeworthy, nail-biting finish or ohmigosh-are-they-really-gonna-do that moment in any programme i am watching, i will switch channels, much to the annoyance of whomever's sitting in the room with me.

Family members revoked my remote control rights loooooong back, i supposedly can't be trusted :-)

So why am i telling you all this?

Well, because i recently found that i've been short-listed for a competition (that i entered no less than 20 times) for me and two friends to go and see Oprah live in Chicago. Last Friday when i was called with this fantastic news, i was told that i would be told the outcome today.

Today i got the call to tell me.........that me and the other 12 finalists had been invited to a dinner where a draw would take place to determine who goes on the trip.


I was hoping to be put out of my misery by this point...but noooooooooo, i have another 16 days-and-counting of this limbo-like state to put up with.

The good news is that i get more praying time in to ask the Big Man in the Sky to help a sista out. All prayers and good vibes from the blogville family are most welcome to (read: Help a sista out!).

Question: What would your rate yourself on the suspense-o-meter of life, love and all of that?

Never Can Say Goodbye: I'm surprised my neighbours haven't called me out on my constant replay of MJ's hits...or rather, the five MJ songs i actually have on-hand, which probably makes my tribute extremely annoying to those listening in.

I am still in denial stage which makes his song, "Never Can Say Goodbye" very apt.
Sadly, even in death the man doesn't get a moment's rest. His funeral or memorial has become a Grade A Fiasco with an estimated 1 million people attending. What happened to resting in peace and all that? Now tickets are being sold, TICKETS!

So much for him resting in peace :-S


Okay chickens, have a fabulous Monday and keep on smiling...or whinging, whatever makes you happy :-)


V x


K said...

We just updated at the same time..*smile*

I am useless @ suspense. If I am watching a movie @ home and I NEED to know the ending I will google it. Yes I will. And if I ask you what the ending is and you say "I dont want to ruin it for you" arrrggggghhh! That's why I am asking!!

As for Oprah I am seriously on the praying tip for you on this one...I am putting aside ALL jealousy for the excitement that someone I know albiet via cyberspace will meet Oprah.

Friendships I am even worse...lets say I need to talk to someone and they are not calling back quick enough ...aaaargggghhh I have to distract myself otherwise I will leave like a million voice messages to call me DHEMMIT!!

And Books...thats the first thing I do. I read the 3rd last page. Not the last...the 3rd last.

Its an illness I tell you!

K said...

ooooh and the media circus round MJ...TMZ yes TMZ..were acting like there was nothing doing in the celeb world with their ENTIRE website for a week with regurgitated MJ news. Even when they didn't know anything they would write they didn't know anything and would be back with more.

As for the tix...WTH? People reselling on Ebay to desperate fans in England for 20,000 pounds? Are you kidding me? Sucks to be a die hard MJ fan. I love MJ but the love stops at being out of pocket...

Anonymous said...

Sisi Oprah!!!!! the green eyed monster has wriggled out of the room...My fingers and toes are crossed for you and I will have conversations with God for you.

I don't really do suspense but I DO have attention deficit disorder (selective)so I forget and then aptly remember about it just in time for big news/results/relief.

IMO the MJ thing is really over done now (for me)I suffered enough with the one weekend of MJ marathons on tv/radio/newspapers etc- so anything else since then is overkill. Honestly I think the excessive mourning becomes insincere- but he was a legend. Noone really cared where he was for the last decade...why the sudden interest now? Well at least sensible people are cashing in on the mayhem lol (not my money though)- with K on this one

p.s. for the first time I beat Shona to a post!! ha ha ha!!

Vimbai said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaa K, you have WEAKENED me, weakened! Why the 3rd last page, that's hilarious, i am laughing so hard.

I am happy to know i'm not alone on the suspense thing, i was starting to get worried sha - it is an illness indeed!

As for 20,000 for a ticket, come on now! Everyone adding their two cents about the points and views on the subject.

I was LOL when john mayer twittered that the panther from the Black & White video had been interviewed, coz it really feels like every Tom, Dick and Chikwana who vaguely stood next to MJ or spoke to him is being asked their thoughts and views.

@Zimchic: Sha, please have looooong conversations with God on my behalf, much obliged, hehehe.

As for you ADD, are you one of those people whose eyes glaze over 2mins into conversations, lol?

The MJ marathons are over-kill now, luckily with no tv, i haven't been over-exposed so will continue belting out my 5 songs till i get fed of those.

Where are you Shona?

K said...

Its a habit I picked up in teacher put me on punishment for sharing the ending of Cinderella and she said don't read the ending so to be clever I read 2 pages away from the ending. I figured she couldn't scold me for reading the 3rd last

And then later after noticing a pattern I developed my theory:
always read the 3rd last page b/c if anyone is going to be shot, declare their love, reveal their secret, die or disappear ..they would have done it by then. :-)...i know im

Vimbai said...

Oh Lawd, you were one of THOSE children K! Telling the other kids that Santa doesn't exist, that the tooth fairy is actually the individual's mother...haaaaaaa.

The 3rd last page isn't enough for me, i need to know who's there at the last paragraph!

Miss Dee N said...

im not good at suspense either, if its a scary movie and im kinda scared i put mute so that i can watch properly without squeaking or hiding behind my hands. If i am at cinema i put hands in ears and sing lalalalala if ipod is not at hand....until suspensful moment has passed.

I think its total SACRILEGE to skip to the end to find out what happens,honestly ure doing urself a disservice... instead i just read faster almost like skim reading just so i can get to the end... that's how i was with twilight the suspension was killing me!!

Miss Dee N said...

@vimbo so if you win for oprah do they fly you from jubeg to chi-town or you gotta fork out funds for that. Can you bring a friend along, its a two hour flight from ATL

Vimbai said...

Dee, back in varsity i went to the movies with friends to watch Sixth Sense...i don't even know what that movies about, i spent the ENTIRE thing with my fingers in my ears whilst humming. The whole thing, i'm such a chicken.

Okay, there are some exceptions to the skipping rule...Twilight was one (i just wanted to savour Edward sha, so delicious) and Harry Potter but for the rest, why not, hehehe.

Oh and the trip is an all-expense paid trip saka WHEN i win, i will just extend it into a full-blown around the US kinda trip ;-) I can bring two friends along too, they already know who they are.

Funms-the rebirth said...

ive been praying for u..... u have to meet Oprah! so u can tell her all about me!!!!!!
i hate suspense too but i dont think im as bad as u so ill rate myself a 5

Vimbai said...

Hahaha, Funms i will tell her that she needs to adopt a friend of my mine wasting away in Africa from the dreaded Malaria, hahaha. Girl, she'll be on the next flight to see you!

Ooooh, a 5, clearly K and I need to give you some tips in FOMO (fear of missing out)

Hadassah said...

I am one of those who can predict what will happen. I talk alot during movies.

tjidzani said...

Suspense pisses me off. If it gets to be too suspense filled I just stop watching. I feel like if they had to make it that full of suspense just to make it good, it isn't that good anyway. This of course pertains to movies and books only. As far as competitions, Hon, I don't envy you, because, they own you right now, until the moment you find out. So I'm just gonna twitter up north for you too.

As for MJ, I don't have a TV either, but every magazine I have looked at has 27 pictures of his facial transition - can they get over it please - that is what the man wanted-ka nhai?!

Vimbai said...

@Hadassah: There are some movies that you can't help but talk through (usually the ones that require very little thought), but if you are talking through some artsy-fartsy deeply macarbre type flick, then i am gonna have to throw something at ya, lol.

@Tji: True, they own me and they got me good.

As for MJ's face, eish, the transformation is so out-there, they can't help but do the time-line thing. But like Quincy Jones recently said, "The man wanted to be white, look at his face...and look at his kids!."