Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oh-bla-di, Oh-bla-da: Final Goodbyes

Life tends to have this annoying ability to gone on.

Some could argue that this inherent trait of life is it's saving grace. There's no time to wallow, no time to get lost in the moment because before you know it, the moment has dissapated like a fart in the proverbial wind...well some moments anyway.

Today it dawned on me that all my MJ mourning needs to stop now. It helped that the DJ on my favourite radio station announced this morning that they'd no longer be any MJ playlist or tributes, after yesterday's Memorial, it is enough now.

And speaking of the Memorial, wow, what a way to go! Thanks to the beauty of YouTube and real-time uploading, i got to see all the key parts. The highlights of the night where:

1. Mariah Carey choking up the first few notes to "I'll be there", asikana/shame;

2. My boy John Mayer's guitar tribute to "Human Nature". Damn, that was amazing. No words, just notes and it still reduced me to about "strumming my pain with his fingers";

3. The wild card of the whole night, Shaheen Jafargholi belting out "Who's Loving You". That boy can SANG! I had heard about how he'd done great things on Britain's Got Talent, but hadn't heard first-hand till last night what all the fuss was about. Like K twittered last night, i hope Joe Jackson doesn't get any funny ideas about signing the boy onto his record label;

4. I was a little annoyed that Usher wore his shade through-out his performance, until i finally got that he was probably doing so to hide his post-crying puffy eyes...i would have still prefered to see his eyes though, it would have made his performance that more sincere; and,

5. Paris Katherine Jackson's speech BROKE me. That little girl did what few of us would have been capable to do at such at time. She also reminded us that 3 kids had lost their Daddy - heart breaking. I was a mess after that speech, a MESS.

The memorial achieved everything that the BET tribute did not. It was the final farewell for his fans, but for his family, their farewells will continue for the rest of their lives.

May God give them the strength to get through it all.

Sonnet II

"Time does not bring relief; you all have lied
Who told me time would ease me of my pain!
I miss him in the weeping of the rain;
I want him at the shrinking of the tide."

Edna St Vincent Millay

On a gloomy, chilly Wednesday morning in Gauteng...sadly, it's business as usual


Have a blessed Hump Day chickens.


V x


ShonaVixen said...

say what not now???M first...about to get my ghetto dance on!!!

K said...

Iwe Jobless just got back from a wedding damn and back here on V's missed you sha!

As for V, I personally LOVE your writing style...look into a side gig writing articles for some mag.

That kid had me crying. I agree I am so done with the MJ hype now. No more watching the documentaries and interviews because the same news services supposedly "celebrating" his life were the same ones hounding and ridiculing him.

side note- I am still sparked by the woman who was interviewed and claimed to have sold ALL...yes ALL her belongings to be @ the memorial yet she was standing outside.

I heart John Mayer even more... he twittered he is going to contribute not perform and you know I almost forgot it was a memorial until people like Brooke, Jermaine and Paris crying hit home for me that he is gone. dang essay over.

ShonaVixen said...

OOOOh yes I'm first!! I'm so doing the electric slide right now!!
Ok i only managed to catch the last few moments of the Memorial service as i was on the road back to London when it was on...
I cried after Paris' speech...she made me swell up and shed many tears...I understood her pain of losing a loved one and that tore me up inside!
London is also gloomy n i dont get folks that decide to be gloomy coz of the weather...HELLOO BRITISH WEATHER SUCKS..folks acting all brand new n ish...i will keep on smiling!!

ShonaVixen said...

Hesi Kooks shamwari!! Yep I beat you to the top spot!!

Vimbai said...

@shona: Eh, we need to see this ghetto dance? For some reason,i can imagine you doing the "cabbage", lol

Clearly the vacay treated you well, can we expect a blog download of your *ahem* socialising at the wedding, hehehe.

PS: Why is K calling you jobless?

@K Eish, now that's dedication (and lunacy) right thurr? Who sells all their belongings for that? I bet you she's sh*tting herself now.

Johnny did his thang! Ummm, i know it was a memorial and all, but i couldn't help but notice just how cute he looked in his suit get-up (*swoon*) and the faces he pulls when playing, so cute.

Thanks for the compliment K, its made me feel warm and fuzzy all over :-)

Miss Dee N said...

Ahhh the memorial, it was kind of a big deal i was watching here in my hofisi with work mates and when Paris gave her ka little speech i started crying the varungu were like errr D you ok i'm like yes its just that he's really dead!! I proceeded to go home and watch total re-runs and promised no more MJ
But this morning on the way to work i played Heal the World and i bloody cried like im a little emberassed but nope i havent had my MJ fix yet

In other news isn't ka gumbeze(blanket to the western world) so cute u just want to wrap him up and cuddle with him, i don't think he really knew what was going till he saw sis keti crying... .. moving stuff i tell ya

Vimbai said...

Dee, why did you have to go and call Blanket, gumbeze and Paris, Keti hahaha? You are killing me! Zimbos need to stop zimbofying everything and everyone.

I didn't get a good look at gumbeze tho.

I found a song called "Someone put out a hand" by MJ, not sure from what album, but it was so sad...thats when i knew the madness needed to stop, i was drowning in sorrow sha.

Miss Dee N said...

Just imeemmed the song, mayiweeee a pinjisi to the heart like his voice is so melodious...its not sorrow its so joyous to me, How did you find it?
Did i tell u Big Al said buy me all the MJ albums and send to me lolest!!

John Mayer is kinda hot, didn't know what the fuss and hype was about but started listening to his songs and stalking his blog... now if there was a white man i would dabble with def him, imagine him singing you ma goodnight lullaby
Note to self next man should be musician

ShonaVixen said...

sha-a dont know why K has decided to call me jobless..nhai K did my boss send u a memo that I didnt get???

K said...

can I just say since we are on the music sharing tip...I got that new Maxwell...and I Love it. I really do.

And Shona do you see how you are being left behind? become a convert & discover JM before the band wagon is too full to accept late

When I say jobless I mean as in having nothing to do. So no sisi I spoke to your boss and your job is safe...:-)

Funms-the rebirth said...

stop claiming my man!!!!!!!!!!!! i know right! enuf MJ news, let the dude rest in peace, now the media's all hyped to find out where they buried annoying! cant they let him be????????? hiss!

Hadassah said...

I was so over it like last week lol!

Vimbai said...

@Miss Dee: That song sounds SO sad sha, i don't hear anything joyous. All i can think about when i hear it is that he probably never knew romantic love sad.

While you are hooking up Big Al, also hook me up ek se!

JM is just delicious, his music...or rather the sensitivity in his music are his saving grace. Heavier Things is my favourite album by him.

@Shona: Lets hope K isn't pyschic or something! Ndiwe wasara (You're the only one left behind) on the JM tip...don't fight anymore honey, cross over!

@K: You got Pretty Wings too :-)What else is nice on that album, holla!

@Funms: As a new JM recruit, shamwari, you are getting too eager on this claiming tip...there's heirarchy in play here, lol.

I hope they've buried MJ, its been like 11 days already, dead bodies should be buried/cremated within 4 days max in my opinion - tis disrespectful to not do so sooner.

@Hadassah: LOL, you sound like a few of my friends, people who didnt even know the memorial was on coz they weren't bothered!