Monday, July 20, 2009

Girlfriends, Geese & 67 minutes

When my hairdresser decided to fly the coop, lets just say, that was the straw that broke this here camel's back.

I am well aware that in life there are much bigger problems to contend with than one's hairdresser going missing...war, famine, AIDs, The Recession, retrenchment and halitosis come to mind.

But you know what, i don't care.

Last week was a bad, bad week and the only sliver of hope on the horizon was that i would feel a little more human after getting my hair did. It didn't help that a male co-worker kept calling me out on my bird's nest on Friday afternoon...although, what the state of my hair has got to do with him is another mystery i would solve if i actually cared.

Thankfully, help was at hand from a lovely girlfriend who is the proud owner of flat-iron that is a miracle worker (true story). What was meant to be a hair make-over turned into a counselling session which then became a comfort-food session, after 2 odd hours i was a new person.

Good friends are hard to find...fantastic girlfriends are a bigger rarity.

What's the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you...or you for them?


Goosey Goosey Gander: Got up close and personal with a bottle of Grey Goose on Saturday night. I understand the hype now. My Russian alter-ego, Valushka, even made an appearance (she only emerges when good quality vodka is being consumed - she is a Romanov after all, lol).


67 minutes to save the world: In honour of Madiba's (Nelson Mandela) birthday on Saturday, everyone is being encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to giving back to the community in honour of Madiba dedicating 67 years of his life in fighting injustice and apartheid in South Africa.

I'm not sure where my 67 minutes will go but can't help but feel that compared to sacrifices made by Madiba and people like him, 67 minutes sounds like nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It's a start i guess.

Happy belated Birthday Madiba!

Where are your 67 minutes going towards?

Happy Monday chickens, catch you on the flip-side.
V x


ShonaVixen said...


ShonaVixen said...

yep I am...well i have the greatest girlfriends and guess thats why we have been friends for years..none of them are allowed to give a speech @ my wedding,..the know too much..LOL!!What have they done for me?Well one's actually going grocery shopping n doing some errands for my mother today whilst m at work - its her day off, geez they have done a lot!!
67 minutes m giving my time being a radio host @ a hospital radio station..
I'm so staying away from alcohol especially the Goose ooooh nooo...

Vimbai said...

They will edit the speech for your wedding, or i hope so anyway or you're in-laws will be looking at their son like, "What have you brought into our family."

Geez, thats a great girlfriend. Taking your mum shopping on her day off, bra, that's love right thurr.

I love your 67 minutes. Are you just playing music or being interviewed.

And you must have some really must :-)

ShonaVixen said...

I'm just playing music and of course I'll throw in my MissZimUK promo in there too..LOL!!
I wish I had some Goose at work then I would always be taking it!!

Vimbai said...

Oooh, send us the link to suss out the talent for MissZimUk!

Did you ever enter any of those pageants in Zim?

As for Goose at work, lol, you and your Rick-Astley singing colleague would be partying it up in the corridors at work :-)

yinkuslolo said...

cute name for ur reader, chickens!

blogoratti said...

67 minutes is way too short, but hey its a start. Greatest thing a friend's done for me,hnnnm 'd have to think of that.

LusciousRon said...

A goose is a nice friend any day. 67 minutes from everyone would do the world a lot of good.

K said...

Eh eh what happened with the hairdresser? asi she was deported or something? Glad you got your sexy right though...

As for my 67 minutes... I have a social awareness blog, so i blogged about Mandela Day on Saturday and tried to alert those who read it about the day. So I think you may have just given your bit by mentioning it here!

As for the last thing someone did for me that was nice... my bf praying for my good health...going for an op this week so that is much appreciated!

Have a good week my dear, I will be a lil bit M.I.A this week!

Vimbai said...

@yinkuslolo: LOL, glad you don't be referred to as poultry...strangely some people have raised it as a term of concern. I love my chickens :-)

@Blogoratti: Have you remembered a story yet of when a friend came through for you big time?

@Lucious: Oooh, am loving the name girl. Goose is my weekend special, if i started getting intimate with during the week and intervention would need to be called, lol.

@K: Hairdresser kept changing salons and i kept following him...but now i think he's just warried/apathetic bout work, hameno.

Your BF is super, count me in, in the sending of prayers and good vibes your way this week. You'll be fine.

You'll be missed in both blogville and twitterville whilst you recuperate :-S

ShonaVixen said...

Enter any pageant in Zim??NEVER!!! you can actually see the girls on the FB group Are you the next Miss Zimbabwe UK 2009?
Lemme go and get the group link for ya..gimme ur have an 'assortment'..

Vimbai said...

Shona, you doth protest too much, hehe. You must have a Ms Something title under your belt?

Miss Summertime?
Miss Thong?
Miss Pedal Pusher?
Miss Cosmo?

Let me know when i'm getting warm :-)

PS I did get the invite to the FB group last night, i haven't perused the contenders just yet tho. Will save that for tonight.

ShonaVixen said...

LOL @ Miss Pedal Pusher kasi chii nhai Vimbai?? did i enter even in high school i was a nerd if i should say so

Vimbai said...

Hey i was a nerd in high school too and mysteriously found myself doing one of these Miss-Miss gigs.

*smh* The shame of it all, the shame.

Saka when you move back home you can wrestle all the Miss Zim gigs away from that aging promoter Kiki Devaris...damn, chick needs to let go!

Lu said...

I seriously do enjoy your blog entries...Some are a tad too gay for me to comment but dont think am not getting my read on....Stay on that goose...!

Vimbai said...

Lu, you say the nicest things sometimes! Thanks honey, am feeling the love :-)

ShonaVixen said...

Kiki Devaris is still doing them shows???She better watchout!!

RocNaija said...

A minute for each year??!
Not even an hour??

Now how does that even make sense?!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Imagine, she's STILL arranging the items! We need some new blood (enter Shona).

@Roc: Exactly, it should be more like 67 days, hours, heck weeks even. But to be realistic and cater to all types, i guess they stuck with minutes.