Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girl Crushes & Male Default Settings

girl crush:
The admiraton one girl has for another.
It could be to do with hair, body, make-up, car, clothes, career, talents, personality etc. Completely non-sexual.

Like i had to explain to my guy friend, a girl crush does not equate to me wanting to hit that! He wasn't convinced, i could already see the R-rated images breezing through his head, men *smh*

Every woman's earliest "girl crush" is more often than not, their mother. When i was young, i was impatient to grow up, i wanted to be like my mum. Walk like her, talk like her and most importantly dress like her. Afternoons after school were dedicated to breaking into my parent's cupboards (their hiding places for their keys were ridiculously easy) and ransacking the closet.

I would try on her shoes, her jewellery, her dresses and her make-up...prance around all afternoon and then put it all back before she got back from work. Unfortunately, she always caught me out, the blue mascara that i would have applied liberally was supposedly extremely waterproof and no amount of scrubbing was going to budge it, hehe.

In high school, i had a girl crush on a girl in the year above me. In my eyes, she was just too cool for school, i wanted to be like her, talk like her...i think i even started styling my hair like hers, which she approved of after nodding at me in one of the hall-ways as i made my way to class.

Since then my crushes are still varied, from female friends and family, blogging sisters (yes, you guys) and over at the larger than life spectrum, people like Sanaa Lathan, Linda Evangelista, Aaliyah, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce occupying that spot at some time or the other. My latest larger-than-life crush is of course, the lovely Michelle Obama.

After winning over Africa in a big way with her and her hubby's trip to Ghana, i can't help but wonder "who doesn't love this woman?". She's everything women try to embody; strong, smart, approachable, styling and eloquent *sigh*

Ladies, who are your current and former girl crushes? Gents, we know you get man-crushes too, so spill!


Ummm, speaking of Obama...

This picture is doing the rounds and proves without a shadow of a doubt that when men have to Look, eish, they will Look, even Mr President of the Free World, Obama.

The look on Sarkozy's face is priceless!

The email i got came with this disclaimer in the body (obviously written by a man):

Good to know Barack is a brother well versed in callpygia (the art and science of female posterior observance) just like the rest of us... and Sarkozy is French so you can see where his gaze is (probably part of French Foreign Policy to get the talent on show when the visitors are around).

So it’s clear when you see a good thing, don’t be shy now... LOOK! – Barack does and he knows the whole world is watching his every move... but when its time to look – forget CNN, BBC, Fox etc.. hell forget Michelle ... it is time to LOOK!

Look at him... he’s got that “Damn it’s fine” look on his face... And Sarkozy has got that “everything is going according to plan, I love how we French showcase our talent” look on his face....


He WILL look... This has got nothing to do with whether he loves you or not, desires you or not... In fact it’s got nothing to do with you... NOTHING... So don’t worry about it. It is what it is...

Holla your thoughts in the comments

Happy Hump Day chickens,


V x


skc said...

I don't know. He must have been gawking at the sheer lack of booty and thanking the Lord that Michelle has a lil sumthin sumthin.

Rene said...

lol @ skc
I've had a lot of girl crushes but my current is Megan Fox. I think my first was my sister...she was just to daring now she has mellowed...guess dt comes with age.

yinkuslolo said...

that pic is effing priceless.s
but when i watched the vid on youtube, i realised that obama was actually helping the the darker-skinned lady to step down btu sarkozy wasobvi checking out that bootay

Vimbai said...

@skc: LMAO!You are priceless love...but you make a very good point! It's not she's packing any booty, y'know.

@Rene: Welcome chica! Megan Fox is the new Young Hollywood version of Angelina Jolie (pre-mummy days) except Megan doesn't entice me to cross over like Angelina once did...we'll see MF's staying power.

Age will mellow you out...or you just can disguise your crazy, daring side better ;-)

@yinkuslolo: Thank you for giving some background to this pic. I was all distraught on some, "Et tu Barack" tip. As for that Sarkozy, given his roving eye history, errr, his look aint too surprising, hehe.

Miss Dee N said...

Vims do tell who was your girl crush in high school, pamwe ndinomuziva
(i may know her)

My one and only girl crush that continues on to this day is Angelina Jolie, almost bordered on lesbian tendencies when i saw her in wanted, but she is now mother of many children so i have to respect that

Miss Dee N said...

@ the songs been stalking you this week, I'm still on that JM tip, convinced myself he has written all those songs for me. Currently obsessed with
-Slow dancing in a burning room
-Heart of Life

Vimbai said...

@Miss Dee: I will tune you one day, hehehe.

Angelina can't be a girl crush coz girl crushes are meant to be non-sexual people! ngelina was a problem for everyone back in the day, lol.

I see you have moved onto Continuum. I love Vultures and In Repair off that. Have you got Heavier Things too? Sha, they don't sell Any Given Thursday anywhere in SA, so you're gonna have to send it to me...pretty please!

Miss Dee N said...

ya vultures mayiweee love it be like bopping my head to that one, dont have heavier things whats that all about and whats a good song on there
Any given thursday is two disc item, how do u proposal i send?

Hadassah said...

hmmm girl crushes sanna lathan ofcourse,love and basketball did it for me. Jada Pinkett, Vivca Fox back in the day someareslipping my mind.

Vimbai said...

@Miss Dee: Heavier Things is actually my favourite CD of his. I love the following: Splitscreen Sadness, Daughters, Something's Missing & Wheel.

As for my CD, eish, isn't anyone coming to the motherland anytime soon *big smile*

@Hadassah: Loved Sanaa Lathan in Love and Basketball and Brown Sugar, two of my fave movies right thurr! Jada scandalised me at a young age when i saw her in Jason's Lyric, hehehe, everytime i see her all i can see in my mind's eye is that "park" scene *cringe*

K said...

I haven't been here in a minute & I find new regulars & one new recruit to the I heart JM crew.

my girl crushes: in real life its my mama, best friend & my cousin. Star wise I heart Pink, Floetry, Les Nubian, Nina Simone, Jane Austen, Angelina Jolie- they represent to me effortless internal beauty & individualism *sigh*

Anyway they do say that we make friends/get along with people we are attracted to because we either see ourselves in them or see who we aspire to be.

Trust Obama to be doing something chivalrous as for SARKOZY...that girl was 17...hmmmm

Have a good week V!

Vimbai said...

@K: The JM recruitment is solidly underway, maybe one day i will be rewarded by his truly for my efforts, lol.

Hey wena, Angelina Jolie doesn't count as a girl crush kani! But i like your line up, very varied and balanced.

Sarkozy ka, *smh*, he looks like he's enjoying it all a little too much, hehehe. I am happy Barack has been exonerated for supposed misdeamonears with a minor, lol.

Talitha Koum said...

so i suppose i am coming out today..about the crushes I mean, yes Vim, its you. all this blogging n no action hehe. i had to hehe to sidetrack the haterZ soooo :0)
is the new policy, Barack Can check a chick out so Yes We Can? so I wonder what Michelle said about this...

Vimbai said...

@Talitha: The crushing is mutual, let the haters say what they want, haha.

Eh, i wonder what Michelle what has to say about the pick, hehehe. His mother-in-law must be giving him the evil side-eye around the White House i'm guessing!