Friday, July 10, 2009

Friends AND Money: Never the twain should meet

Friends and Money, those two things go together like Reebok sneakers and a Robert Cavalli dress.

Yah, that bad!

Personally, i believe these two things are mutually exclusive events. Obviously there are some exceptions to the rules; like your girl/boy who always hits you back in time, as agreed and if you're lucky, with interest!

But i'm not here to preach about those rare souls, i'm here to talk about The Others.

The Others are those other friends who manage to melt your resolve on not lending money to friends. They convince you that they're good for it. They tell you that your donation is for a worthy cause (rent, medical problems, food etc). You being the kind hearted schmuck that you are, think "what the heck, i will help this friend and get my money eventually." It's a win-win situation right...wrong.

What ensues is a battle of wills! Any of the following situations can occur:

1. Friend is unreachable: phone goes automatically to voicemail and emails are not responded to;

2. Friend says they're still having a cash flow problem even though you could SWEAR she/he was wearing a new coat that's come out from [Insert name of flashy clothes store here];

3. Friend gets all defensive as though you are bothering them...even though it has been 3 mths already since the original transaction; and,

4. Friend fakes a case of amnesia and acts as though no money was ever exchanged to begin with.

In my experience, that person quickly goes from being a friend to a frenemy. That cash you lent them quickly gets written-off as a bad debt...not to mention, overtime so does the "friend"

What experiences do you guys have that have involved friends and money?


The search continues: My search for that "perfect" phoenix tattoo continues! Yes, i know we've been here before, but y'all know i'm too chicken sh*t to get one. Until they actually find a way to numb the area that's being tatted (is that even a word), i will most like not go through with it.

Instead i will content myself with find amazing pics of body art and oooh and ahhh accordingly.

The specimen about is just absolutely gorgeous! I love where its placed and the design. It may be a bit too big and filled in (i like the more stencilled, spirally look) but yah, that item is a show-stopper.

Do any of you possess any show-stopping body art?


Are you Comfortable? Why didn't i know about this song...why? okay probably cause he wrote it and performed it on an album that was released when noone knew who he was. Now i am gonna go in search of all the stuff he's ever done before the flashing lights hit him.

Heard it last night, nearly started crying (eish, i am a sap like that). The lyrics are so bitter sweet, we've all been there.

If you haven't heard it, get a hold of John Mayer's track "Comfortable"it will change your life (not because its by John...but because its helps though that John is the one singing though).

excerpt from "Comfortable"

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in

I sleep with this new girl i'm still getting used to
my friends all approve, say she's gonna be good for you
they throw me, high fives

She says the bible is all that she reads
and prefers that I not use profanity
your mouth was, so dirty

Life of the party
and she swears that she's artsy
but you could distinguish
Miles from Coltrane

Our love was, comfortable and
so broken in


Chickens, may your weekends be filled with great weather, fantastic company, yummy food, endless drinks and minimal financial expense :-)


V x


Talitha Koum said...

friends n money-u might as well give it away or sell your friendship for that money. Boyfriends n money on the other hand-I have been warned to never ever lend my man money. Last time i dint even get the change bak so...u and the JM i want to listen to the song where o where can i gerrit? Plus that image at the memorial wil stay wif me foreva..have a bonbon weekend V x

Talitha Koum said...

hehe cud this first time n i was first..oooh it feels so good, so good, tralalalala, so good..TGIF.

K said...

I don't know about show stopping body art...lets just say when my parents saw it they stop, took a step back and all manner of lamentations followed...

As for money & friends eish that's a difficult one... you don't need a rant really don't. My mother alwyas says lend what you know you will not miss.

As for the song Comfortable..Love it Love it..did you know Miley Cyrus apparently covered it as well or wants to..I pray my ears never hear it...

Vimbai said...

@Talitha: LOL, yes you are first and why has it taken you so long to get here futi, mmmmh.

Sha, no change, that's some nerve mate, nerve! As for lending money to boyfriends, yah, that lies within the same realm of discomfort and drama.

I found the JM song on Youtube, its pretty old, doesn't even have a video sha! But damn, what a track.

@K Hahaha, what did you have to do to convince your parents that satan had not taken up residence in your body?

Your mother is a wise woman, with the quote on money. I was hoping for a rant K, dammit, give me my rant!

From what i saw on Youtube, quite a few people have covered the track...i love Miley Cyrus (am a closet Hannah Montana fan & her track THe Climb is so uplifting) but yah, she needs to stay away from this one.

It's like when there were rumours of Beyonce wanting to cover Aaliyah's track, "One in a Million" - i was livid!

Good cover to look for, Ryan Adam's cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" - love it!

K said...

By the way I found out that the second tatt I want to do will cost me $90 and its just a date on my wrist dhemmit!

p.s love the phoenix... I saw some nice designs at the tattooist but I felt bad..I feel like its your design now! You have ownership!

Vimbai said...

Errr, that's like R1000, for a DATE! Umm, why are they charging so much? What does the date signify (if you don't mind me asking, if you do, ignore me).

I have ownership of the phoenix...soon enough K will hand me ownership of JM and life will as it should be - muuuuuuhahaha.

Seriously, try and distract the tattooist and take pics of the tattoo's for me...pretty please *batting eyelashes*

Miss Dee N said...

lending money to friends is not as bad as lending to family members even worse the obligation is higher and the chance of re payment are even more ZERO

Huge sigh @JM im in love, lust, like, obsession. He has become my on my way to work music + all day at work music.
I have gotten back in the habit of buying CD's so i just bought two
Any given Thursday... where i found that comfortable song...deeep sigh again and theres another one called Your body is a wonderland.. catchy funky so JM
Other album Where the light...awesome

My mother once told me in attempt to disuade us from body art etc..if you get tattoos you are defiling your body and wont go to heaven he he

Vimbai said...

Dee, i still think you can get money back from family members if need be. Obligation is higher, but they can't run away from you if they don't pay up, hehehe.

African mothers and their emotional crookery, lol, shame they mean well.

Am gonna go in search of Where the light, have never heard of that one!

Have a great weekend chica!

RocNaija said...

For some reason, I get the feeling Kanye can pull off the "Reebok sneakers and a Robert Cavalli" look..

Might even turn into a trend..

K said...

The tattoo was meant to be the D.O.B of my late brother but I am going to save to get it done.

As for taking pics of the Phoenix tatts no worries the age of phone camera's covert picture taking is so much easier!

Vimbai said...

@Roc: Kanye is more The Exception rather than The Rule though :-) That boy is soooooo far outside the box, i bet he couldn't relocate it if he tried, hehehe.

@K: That's a very lovely, symbolic tattoo to get. I bet your brother is grinning from above :-)

Yah, yah...put that camera phone to some good use (look at me, encouraging plagiarism!).

Lolia said...

LOL @ Roc...Nah b...Even Mr. West wouldn't be able to pull that off...

So I think this is my first time ever on your blog :)

Normally I'm not into tattoos but that one is beautiful...Like for real..It's art...

Oh and I've never actually given a friend a significant amount of money...Normally it's an amount that I can forget about after a while and go..

"Oh but you'd have just spent it on {insert useless thing here} anyway"

But one of my friends lent a lot of money to her boyfriend and then they broke up...That was a tragic misadventure to say the least...

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!


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