Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bad News loves Company

Can you say, "Mass Hysteria?"

Ever since The King saw it fit to kick the bucket prematurely the world has lost it's damn mind! Bad news has always been an inherent component of life but these days, people seem to be actively creating unfounded bad news, just for just!

Take for example yesterday morning; I jump onto Twitter to see that Rick Astley is a Trending Topic. Like the other tweeps, i am a bit confused as to why Rick Astley is a conversational topic...i thought he'd probably made a greatest hits album or something? Turns out that he was rumoured to be dead...a rumour that, surprise surprise, turned out to be unfounded.

Errr, what gives?

I know we're in the middle of a recession and everyone's bummed, i know that people are getting retrenched left, right and centre and everyone's generally bummed out...darn it, i know that MJ has left us hanging, as have a whole host of celebs in the last few days...i know that planes (read: Airbus what-whats) are dropping out the sky at an exceedingly exponential rate...

But do any of the above warrant people making up lies, more specifically, death-related lies?

I think the world needs a hug...a nice big, squishy hug that says, "Hey, you'll be okay, we'll be okay."

We need to spread the light not the darkness here people (wow, i sound like a chirpy, obnoxious cheerleader, lol).

So here's the thing!

I want all of you reading this (yes, even YOU who never leaves a comment) to tell me
what's making you smile today?

It's the little things after all :-)


Who's That Girl? Do you know the UK indie group the Okay, neither did i up until about 90 minutes ago so you're forgiven.

The Noisettes are an indie rock band from the UK who are blowing up with the release of their single, " Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)" off of their second album...its nice and catchy and i'm going to hound the Net for the rest of their stuff.

I am particularly chuffed that the main vocalist is a Zimbabwean chick by the name of Shingai Shoniwa! I love it! Zim mama's around the globe are shaking their head in disbelief that one of their daughters is a singer in a band and broken out of the mould.

She's gives the rest of us outspoken, less-than-conventional African chicas something to celebrate...Individuality, Originality, Creativity with just the right amount of Kick-Ass!

Go Shingai!

Have a Sunshiny day chickens!


V x


tjidzani said...

Yams - especially in their fry form!
Rooibos Tea!
My pet rabbit!
My titanium-plated flat iron - the greatest thing ever invented!
Mainly my family and my friends who make me laugh and smile just by the sound of their voices or the memory of their faces:)

Vimbai said...

Awww precious, you have a pet rabbit called what?

Next time your run out of rooibos, holla at your girl :-)

Love your list chica, it made me smile!

Vimbai said...

Ooops, realised that i didn't give you guys my list of things making me smile:

- Spud (i keep re-reading my favourite bits)
- My new MAC liquid foundation - damn it makes me look hotter than usual, lol.
- Peppermint Caramel Sundaes from Woolies
- My family, a bunch of nutters i tell ya!
- My electric blanket - freaking life saver in this brutal winter
- Some non-PG memories that make me smile...then blush...then smile.

Nyasha said...

my baby blankie!
beef laksa in the winter
boysssss boyssssss boyssssss

Vimbai said...

If you're referring to the baby blanket i'm thinking you are, that thing needs to be retired (says me who still has hers, la la la)

Beef laksa...mmmmmh.

Boysssss (what's with the extra ssss!) - iwe get back to your books, lol.

Miss Dee N said...

-35-40 degree summertime weather that promotes lounging by the pool and drinking yummy beverages
-Twilight- apparently she wrote a version from Eddy's point of view and it got leaked she posted it on her site, addictive
-My job, i have a pretty awesome job
-ice cold coca-cola
-The hot trainer at the gym who is chocolate love and makes me keep going back to have a glimpse of his wonderful biceps, triceps and yummy behind

Vimbai said...

Summer time, i remember that season...*sigh* am so JEALOUS! WOrk them summer skirts and dresses chica!

- Heeee, i downloaded and printed that Midnight Sun...was gutted when it ended so abruptly. I HEART Edward.

Methinks you should work up the courage to speak to Mr Chocolate Love with the nice just saying *wink wink*

tjidzani said...

Lol, um Vimbs, this pet rabbit has no name - I don't want to get too attached:) Suffice it to say, it's not technically a living thing;)

tjidzani said...

oh, and the Rooibos, consider this a holla! How long will it take to get here??!

Vimbai said...

Tji, a pet rabbit with no name...asi you plan to eat it, lol. All the "pet" rabbits i know of living with Zimbos eventually become chow ;-)

Email me your details and i'll see what i can do! PS They won't take it at immigration will they?

Super star! said...

Kudos to Shingai, seen her perform and she's great, but frankly Mr Hudson is the hottest thang out of london at the moment- dude is blazing.

What's making me smile today? Gucci loafers size 11 with a 50% discount price tag,- ah the life of a Super star!

@Miss Dee N, please explain why a man's behind is so yummy

Vimbai said...

Super, what non-materialistic thing is making you smile, i should say rather (although i would be chuffed to find a 50% discount tag on most things!)

Miss Dee N will need to elaborate more on what appeals to her about Mr Choc Lover's bum...but as a rule, men's bums are just want to bite 'em, lol.

tjidzani said...

No Honey, this one runs on batteries;) Will email you soon!

Vimbai said...

Hahahahahaha, Tji, you have scandalised me...okay not really, but damn, that caught me unawares!

Mmmmmmh, have been thinking of getting myself one too....will keep you posted, maybe you can make a recommendation or six, lol.

Will be waiting for your email!

Super star! said...

@ V then it will have to be the sound of mr Hudson...

and do you actually take a bite off a man's bum? this new science is fascinating

Vimbai said...

In the past i have been known to bite a delectable male rear, lol. This is not a new phenomenon Super!

Super star! said...

really? and i suppose the recipient screamed with joy?

Vimbai said...

Now that would be telling ;-)

Miss Dee N said...

What makes a mans bum yummy?
Most men don't have ass, and if they do sometimes it just looks kinda gross like ewww why is his butt so big.....
A yummy bum is not to big not to small just the right size. Its shaped like some apple bottoms:in jeans, trousers or some skimpy shorts. It just looks so perfectly curved and just flows with the rest of the body. Its one of those bums u just wana reach out and touch. You know how guys go crazy over any size ass, we do but it has to be perfect....
Ah this explanation could go on forever but when i go to gym tonight i will come back and give vivd description lol
Vee took a while to catch on he he to the tsuro!!!
Not sure about takin a bite, but def love to stroke on it!!

tjidzani said...

Lol Vimbs, finally! Am happy to give recommendations Hon!

RocNaija said...

Lmao @ "chirpy, obnoxious cheerleader.."

Err.. Okay.. :D

If only it was that happy to swap smiley faces though..

Now I just turn off the news and keep it moving..

In related news..

Raspberry ice cream..
Bikinis in sweltering sun..
Life can be good.. a la LG

K said...

dude I think the comments on male rear ends have scandalised me...I have images in my head I am trying to shake

Vimbai said...

@Miss Dee N: Chica, you need to write a poem about the male rear or something coz you were waxing lyrical! I was nodding throughout your whole piece...and for real, a man with a big butt is just not right!
PS You should really trying biting one :-)

@Tji: Shaaaa, for once my mind wasn't in the gutter and i was thinking of fluffy cute rabbits...ah well, lol.

@Roc: You aren't the first person i've heard saying they don't really listen to the news anymore, and i don't blame yah.

As for raspberry icecream.....mmmmmh, now i want some too!

@K: Look at you, trying to act all innocent, pur-lease! I know ALL about you K, hahahaha.

K said...

Oooh I forgot things making me smile...

- That DOA track is making me smile...I can't lie I like Jay....I think I might be a groupie all the

- sad but i learned how to knit

- These black steve madden pumps that look like classic christian louboutin but for half the price that happen to be on sale that my brother has promised to buy me as a gift *sigh*

- reading confessions of a shopaholic....Rebecca Bloomwood needs help..

- Combo of Tim Tams ...(i would ship these babies everywhere if I could)
hot chilli chocolate, rain & heating

- And if this weekend my friend keeps her promise I will be smiling about san churros

links provided for visual effect..:-)

Super star! said...

Things that make me smile,

Reading Ms Dee N and V's prose on man's delectable behinds and what you can do with em.

Vimbai said...

@K: Chick you SERIOUSLY need to stop claiming my "men"? John, Sean...when is this sniping gonna end shamwari?

*vim throws K the crazy side-eye*

Oh, and i LOVE the beginning when i initially heard it, thought he was on crack...but now i realise there is pure genius in his madness and out-there-ness!

How do i feel about Tim-Tams = LOVE them! I even found them here in Pick n' Pay or was it Spar, bra, that's some choclate-y goodness right thurr!

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with knitting - now if only i get passed only being able to make scarves, lol.

@Super: The delectable bum gwan really sparked you huh :-)

We aim to please!

ShonaVixen said...

Oh nooo i just lost my long comment!!!!
Songs by Plies
My friends!!
My mum, dad & young brother - they're hilarious..i wish i was half as funny as these three!!
My BFF!!
Folks on my BlackberryMessenger - yup I know nutters who can make me smile!!
Ooooh and Lyons Maid ice-cream..its making me grin like a cheshire cat everytime I have some!!

ShonaVixen said...

BTW wats this 'rabbit' talk???...ooops sorry u said 'pet rabbit'..KNK!!

tjidzani said...

Lol, ladies ladies! SATC Season 1, Episode 9 - "The Turtle and the Hare" inspired me to get my "pet" and I got it in the exact same shop!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Futseke, how was i to know she was talking about THAT rabbit, hahaha.

Lyons Maid icecream....mmmmmmmmh.

@Tjidzani Eh,eh, eh, we have a BIG SATC fan in the hizzay, quoting episodes and all! To even go to the same shop, inga rather!

zimchic said...

Oh my God....a rabbit!!! I get it....I have had a pet before (happy smile)in fact at one point I had two- then I had to boil one and give it to a less privileged friend from Zimbabwe who had never had a pet before (lol)...yes that and any flavour milkshake make me happy, Milkshake is my favorite food

zimchic said...

Okay I just realised boiling rabbits was a little OTT and not PG for a blog comment- I am soo sorry....its 10pm on a friday night....blame it on the alchohol ;)

p.s someone send Vim a rabbit pronto! (blame it on the A)

p.s I am thinking of trying the MAC fluid foundation (instead of studio fix/tech) but I have oily it greasy? (Is that more PG?)

tjidzani said...

Wow! Boiling and donating is a whole 'nother level of charity zimchic! lmao!

K said...

WAIT A can boil them and they will be fine? and Zim chic that's love right there...donating your rabbit..

LMAO @ pet rabbit...LMAO... its an easy mistake Shona nhai...even I was lost until half way then it hit me....

Super star! said...

Are man so scarce that girls have been reduced to butt watching before running to play with rabbits?

zimchic said...

@K apparently that is how you sterilise them- depending on the type- Learnt this from a lesbian friend at Uni :)
I love the misunderstanding re:pet rabbit- Vimbai/Shona asking whats its name??-
Mine DID have a name BOB- (Battery Operated Boyfriend)
Superstar- I wouldnt call it a deficiency of men- its just that we can REALLY multi-task and we have enough love to go around (even to pets)

tjidzani said...

OMG, Vimbai, I bet you had no idea this blog entry would end up here! lmao!

Vimbai said...

@Zimchic: LOL, i am loving your drunk drive-by's musikana!

You are a VERY good friend, boiling a rabbit and breaching Zim Laws(you do know those things are illegal in Zim right) to bring happiness *ahem* to a friend!

@Super: What has scarcity of men gotta do with it? These things can be used in relationships too (or didn't you know that too?)

@K:Bra, i am learning as much as you are...who knew you could boil them, aren't they plastic tho?

@Tji: Hahaha, i love the ongoing convo's thats the point my blog, to get peoples views on you can, its very interesting and refreshing - so BRING IT!

tjidzani said...

What?! They are illegal in Zim??! Is that a joke?!

Well, I've never bought batteries because mine has a rechargeable base, but just found this and had to share:)

K said...

Ahhhh Tjidzani....I was still on batteries then you bring out the rechargeable base I was like oh so no Duracell batteries then? Then you provide the link and I was floored..DHEMMIT...I am soooo behind

tjidzani said...

Lol K, better get that $69.99 together and come to the future Honey!

Anonymous said...

salmon sashimi...
long boozy lunches with ma girls...
good hair days..
and those moments when i spot adoration in ma man's eyes

Vimbai said...

@Tji: Yes, they're VERY illegal in Zim, under some unoffical sexual perversion or deliquency act. Since homosexuality is illegal in our fine state, its no surprise that sex toys and the like would be banned too. People have been known to have their goodies confiscated at immigration.

@K Start saving up honey ;-)

@Anon Good hair did i forget good hair days, lol.

As for that special look your man throws you, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, now i am jealous AND happy that love still thrives in this big bad world.

Hadassah said...

My baby bump!

That I am alive today.

I am so goona check the noisettes out for sure thanx!

Vimbai said...

Chica, WHERE have you been? Please post up a picture of your bump, awww bless!