Friday, June 12, 2009

Yes Please!

The power of positivity is not some airy fairy concept people, this here is a super-duper power!

Superman may have been able to fly, run very fast and hide behind a pair of out-dated spectacles, but his true power was his unshakeable optimism that good would triumph.

Spiderman had a fondness for brightly coloured spandex, could generate webs on a whim and spent too much time swooning over Mary-Jane than was deemed healthy, but it was his positive "can-do" attitude that made him hang in there (mind the pun) and keep fighting for all that is good.

And then there's my favourite real-life superhero, Obama! The man whose campaign slogan reeked with positivity, hope and all that feel-good ish, say it with now, "YES WE CAN."

This past Tuesday night i watched Jim Carrey's flick, "Yes Man" which not only had me in fits of laughter but also made me nod in agreement.

To embrace Life's gifts and opportunities, you need to open yourself up to the possibilities and just say Yes...not to everything though, but to the things that you previously would have said No to 'cause you either believed;

- You would fail at it;

- It's not your usual kinda thing; and,

- People would judge you.

We are on this earth for such a short period of time (this past weeks many disasters reaffirms this), it just doesn't make any sense to limit our options and experiences. We need to live big, think big, love big and it all happens with a lot of Yes and embracing the power of positivity.

True story :-)

Che Face...Il Gran Rifiuto

"For some people the day comes
when they have to declare the great Yes
or the great No. It’s clear at once who has the Yes
ready within him, and saying it.

he goes from honour to honour, strong in his conviction.
he who refuses does not repent. Asked again.
He’d still say no,
Yet that no – the right no –
drags him down all his life."

C.P. Cavafy


364 days and counting: Have you got your tickets? Neither do I, but i am gonna get them eventually, even if they're shite ones where i end up watching Kazakhstan versus Bolivia, i am there like a bear! These type of events rarely happen, and i'm quite excited they're happening in my back-yard, yippee :-)

Oh, and if any of you are real die-hard footie fans hoping to get a peek at your favourite players, FIFA is currently hiring 15 000 volunteers from all over the world to assist if you're keen.

Thing is though, supposedly one of the rules is that you can't talk to the players or approach them in anyway. So if you are happy to swoon and/or hero-worship from a distance, this may be the gig for you, lol.

You can ring my bell: My phone is on life-support, the phone priest is on his way and is about to read it its last rites! Ella (my phone) and I have enjoyed just over 2 years of companionship, which in phone years is like forever!!!

A classy lady if i may say so myself, Ella has managed to stay fashion forward and relevant no matter the competition. Sadly, her current battery life leaves much to be desired, not to mention the countless scratches she's occured when i have dropped her.

Ella will be gone soon, in the meantime i need to find her replacement, any suggestions?


Not only is the weekend upon us, but it's a loooooooooooong 4 day weekend to boot! Next Tuesday is a public holiday ("Youth Day") and i took the Monday off work. The challenge is to find non-money related activities to pass the time 'cause as Simply Red once crooned, "Money's too tight to mention."

Happy frolicking chickens,


V x


K said...

Shona is clearly sleeping behind her desk...

1st Ella should be replaced by a blackberry, if I can't have one I will promote for them till I do get one

2nd My bro has booked his tix for S.A already & can you say envy??

3rd I love the positivity push..saying yes usually leads to more fun than dreary old No

4th Love the poem. Your post also reminds me of Robert Frosts "The road not taken". Sometimes you have to make the decision to say yes and go down the road less traveled.

Anyway that is all lest my comment resemble a rant with three parts to it consisting of words starting with

munhu said...

Love the name Ella - reminds of Fitzgerald - grand old dame - rather appropriate for a phone that has stood the test of time. K blackberry good - curve red especially but V please try out the HTC's. Go to and check out some of their beauties or go to the shop in Fourways and see some live models...they have beauty and functionality...
As for soccer tickets - I have VIP tickets to watch Italy and Egypt next Thursday at Ellis Park. Working on the SA and Spain game and finals for next doubt...after all I am believing in YES !!!

Vimbai said...

Shona, when you return from your desk bound nap, hola!

K, a blackberry is sounding VERY appealing right about now! Iwe, what about your tickets to come through, my couch is open for subletting, lol.

Memo to the world: Yes is the new No

Munhu: Ella was named after Ms Fitzgerald, damn that lady had pipes!

Oooooh, VIP tickets, i have so jealous. If you spot Fabio Cannavaro please drop him my details, he's an Italian stallion!

Am on scanning out the prospects.

munhu said...

please check out the Touch Pro and the Touch Dual - oh so sexy phones especially the dual....YES !!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

yep! the Power of a simple word.... YES! i think i will try to say Yes more often, to good things of

poor Ella! May she find good rest.... u can always go the blackberry route...
Enjoy the long weekend

ShonaVixen said...

LOL!! So I came here to clearly tuka you for not being on Twitter..both u and Kooks..then I start reading and u're talking about the weekend and I was like 'What is she on about its only Tuesday', had to scroll back up and to check the date...geeez talk of being late to the party!!!
YES WE CAN!! Yup thats my twitter status and also a positive outlook...
When you said Superman, then Spiderman I thought next u'd mention our brrraa...btw where is he???
Ella's replacement has to be the berry..come and join us on the Berry wagon!!
Loved the poem...
LOL@Kooks and her long comment..LOL...

ShonaVixen said...

ooooh and m getting my SA tickets soon, and Vim will show me around J'Burg...yaay!!

Vimbai said...

@munhu - Hau, i checked out those phones and sadly none of them tickled my fancy - boo!

@funms - The berry route doesn't fit in my Frugal Living plan at the moment. Donations in the form of a Berry are most welcome though :-)

@Shona: Since Ella pegged on me, getting on Twitter is a mission coz i have to get onto my computer now instead of using my phone!

Yay, so you'll be on this side of the world this time next year! I'm more than happy to show you the sights in the City of Gold. In the meantime, i better work on getting my tickets!