Friday, June 05, 2009

It’s a State of Mind

Don’t you just love it when you find the exact music that captures the mood you are in? Most mornings I spend the drive to work jumping from radio station to radio station trying praying to hear something decent, but those morning DJ’s talk too darn much for my liking. Then whilst the traffic proceeds to crawl at 1 metre every 10 minutes I’m usually busy flipping through my CD’s hoping something will jump out while inwardly berating myself for not getting that iPod connection thingy for the car. This morning I find a gem, a blast from the past, a CD chocker block with summer themed beats from early 2000.

I forgot that the traffic was crawling, I forgot that it was a cool 10 degrees outside, in that moment I was in, what Shona aptly termed, a Saint Tropez state of mind! Those beats reminded me of balmy nights at varsity and laughter-filled nights on white sand beaches with family.

My current Saint Tropez mind involves sunny skies, a big white Diddy-ish yacht, mojitos, a gold bikini with matching heels (so pornstar i know, but i love that look), some D&G stunners, the sounds of “Lady (Hear me tonight)” by Modjo playing in the background and fabulous company (preferably of the easy on the eye variety).

So tell me, what and who does your Saint Tropez state of mind involve?


The Brady Bunch: Back in February when I was holidaying in the Cape, my mates and I caught a comedy show by David Newton who is a self-proclaimed award winning comedian. Guys, it was PAINFUL, he wasn’t funny…h e was offensive. There’s such a thin line between being funny and being rude and sadly he veered more towards the latter. The exact opposite is true of another South African comedian Trevor North, he’s hilarious…side-splitting-oh-my-hat kinda funny, so there’s some redemption among South African comedians.

This weekend, Wayne Brady of the “Whose Line Is It Anyway” fame, has taken a trip out to the motherland and is performing and I seriously can’t wait to see him!

Funny guys NEVER finish last. True story :-)

Miss New Booty: It appears that all those Woolies Peppermint Caramel Sundaes that I’ve been scoffing down as though my life depended on it, are finally having the desired effect I was going for. My booty is making a comeback, YAY! Random outburst, i know, but i thought i'd share!

Bad News Week: Heartfelt condolences to the grieving families with loved ones on the Air France plane that crashed. As tragic as the story is, and as nervous a flyer as I am, we must still remember that it’s still the safest mode of travel - for now anyway.
Have a great weekend chickens, be good…or at least try to be good ;-)


V x.


ShonaVixen said...

Hey chica!!!
Well this morning my i-pod (permanently on shuffle) really senses my it was mellow, just as if it knows m still in my St-Tropez state of mind..kicked off the morning with the song i say has the most subliminal message ever so 'Ego' by Bey!! Still Standing by Monica et Luda followed, then it went up tempo playing some Tinchy Stryder 'Number 1' and then was Malaika's '2Bobo'...yup even my ipod is in sync wiv me!!

Welcome back to ur booty!! Mine has decided it now wants a permanent place and has come to stay this summer...thanks to grandma's cooking i guess but the tummy needs more crunches..the pole is helping though!!

My heart also goes out to the Air France passengers' and crew's families...

Super star! said...

Ehh you ask, what and who does your Saint Tropez state of mind involve? well mine actual involves going to St tropez. Though i must say st tropez beach is not my favourite in the south, its too far off from everything, what i do like, ( and this is for Shona) is a small butterfly exhibition shop in the town- its the most diverse i have seen in the whole world by a private owner. If you truly need inspiration this is the place to go, then i always enjoy the home made ice-cream joint, i forget the name but they make some of the world's best sorbets. Its overlooking the main st tropez dockland so you wont miss it. But my more memorable times are spent in the mountains of Toulon and the beaches and streets of Cannes.

@V maybe I’m missing something, but you seem to desperately looking for a man. WHY?

ShonaVixen said...

And Superstar! is back!!!!!!!!Yay!!

Vimbai said...

@Shona: Pamberi neBooty chica! Your granny has the hookup bra, the reason my booty went in the first place was due to skipping meals!

Your iPod playlist is the one! I think this weekend i need to update my music collection.

@Super: Place dropping much Super? LOL. As for butterfly exhibition???? Seriously??? I am killing myself here.

And for the record i am not desperately looking for a man, thank you very much :-P Honestly, can't a single gal cut a break by tuning she wants to chill with some eye candy, tsk tsk.

Super star! said...

Yes, i have been travelling a bit, getting to meet new people, monthly Pilgrimage, perusing frenz's libraries etc...

As for the butterflies i didn't think that would solicit such amazement. I suppose i do surprise a lot of people but myself.

As for candy, hwiza, whatever you wanna call it, i simply discerned there is more to it than you would want to reveal. do tell us, is it the cold jburg night? girlfriends getting hitched? the sister with a new boyfriend? the ex dude with a new hotter than you girlfriend? or you are simply aging? do tell..

Vimbai said...

Super, i have no idea what you fishing for exactly (i have my suspicions) but it's none of the above.

As for the butterflies, methinks "Super, The Butterfly Man" has a ring to it, lol.

Super star! said...

You simply want eye candy?

your intentions are clearly to hurt my ego- Super " butterfly man" ( that sounds so gay). i dare say the world is a better place without you in Advertising...

Funms-the rebirth said...

while my state of mind doesnt seem to be a vacation.... i will call it NY state of mind...which involves walking round 5th avenue and the Village. unlimited cash at hand....buying all i want....i could go on and on! getting a manicure at Saks....oo la la....

ok back to reality, good job on bringing back ur booty.....

chayoma said...

for the past three days, i've been feeling sky high..."I'm still fly" -Page ft Drake (have i mentioned how i'm feeling Drake?) my new anthem oh!

"i'm still fly, i'm sky high and i dare anybody to try and cut my wings!!"

so the key to the comeback booty is Caramel? getting me a French Tiwst icecream today.

My prayers are with the bereaved!

ShonaVixen said...

OK...nhai mukoma Super! kasi wanting eye-candy = desperation??

Me thinks Super should just send you his pic Vimbai that will be the filling in the baguette..heey no baguettes are as good as those in Paris!!

Vimbai said...

@Super: Eye candy with the option to nibble :-) I like the phrase Super The Butterfly Man, lol, you could be a super-hero with leggings and everything!

@Funms: Oh girl, i also like your state of mind! I seriously must get to that part of the world sometime and blow some cash.

Chayoma: Nice internal soundtrack right thur, exactly what every Friday needs! Caramel is the truth, my booty is living proof!

@Shona: Lol, Super is out for my blood today, hameno/i don't know. Can't a girl get a little eye candy without the victimisation, hahahaha.

K said...

People how in the heezy are there 11 comments and im not in the top 5? dropping as usual...

my Saint Tropez state of mind would include my family and close friends, huge beachfront mansion in Cuba on the famous white beach of Varadero, those mojitos V are always good & great cuban cuisine! some hot Cuban men teaching me to salsa around a beach fire pit where we can roast nuts with the sun going down while I wear some sexy floaty maxi dress and heels with big gold hoop earrings.AND plenty shopping and exploring trips through Havana.... aaaahhhh one day day I'll go (its my morocco!)

p.s Lady is a great summer song along with any Moloko songs (Bring it back, time is now)

Super star! said...

@V, you cut me deep like surgery. I hope uncle BOB sents one of his boyz after your new found booty. Hokoyo.
@Shona. Our resident mistress doesnt only want to look, she wants to nibble, then god knows what else lol
@K. frolicking with a communist is hardly what your mother had in mind when she sent you down under.
@Chayoma... i'm feeling the reedim.

munhu said...

the summer tune for me will always be Eddie Grant's "Give me hope Joanna"....many a mean move was broken down during my pubescent years at the various weddings and birthday parties that were such a fixture of Zim life back then. To this day just hearing that tune makes shake a jig and kill a shuffle with a smile on my face. It being sing along also helps. Only now that I understand the gravity of the lyrics and have experienced racism first hand have I wondered why such a happy tune would carry such a sombre message - the dichotomy that forms our existance.

Condolences to those directly impacted by the Air France disaster. Must be hard that as they started coming to terms with the disaster they get sucker punched by news that the wreckage and or pieces of it are yet to be found. Shame.

ShonaVixen said...

@Super! - I was on Twitter busy tweeting about a question which I KNOW YOU could help me with...whats the Saint-Tropez of England? Don't tell me nothing coz there has be THA SUPER! spot!! SOS bhururu..ta much..

K said...

@ don't know my mama! She'll surprise you!

Vimbai said...

@K: Was wondering where you were? I love the sounds of your Saint Tropez, bra, i was imagining some salsa'ring by moonlight next to a bonfire *sigh*. Moloko definitely sets the summer scene, where'd that chick go?

@Super: Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, now you are trying to set the C10's on me? Sha Super, but you started it, i was merely retaliating innit :-P

@Munhu: Those Eddie Grant lyrics are deep, DEEP! But i loved that song as a kid, twas a party special indeed.

@Shona: The Saint Tropez of Mud Island, bra, now you are reaching, lol. But yes, Super would know the answer, hehehe.

@K: As long as the communist in question is tall, dark and Latino, i suspect you and your mamma have no qualms!

Super star! said...

@Munhu.... when you are a kid the mind is too fibble.
@Shona, sorry shaz but there is simply no equivalent in the Queens land. But there are some idyllic places such as Bath and winchester+ poole (places near london)far off in Leeds there are some little villages that are interesting. I must say without London, there is really no reason why one would waste their life and time in this island.
If we must find an alternative to st tropez then its Mauritius and the seychelles. This is where the french go..... ( brings back memories)
But i hear Fiji is quite interesting, i will let you know soon enough.

@K, dont give your mum a heart attack please....

ShonaVixen said...

Brraa Super! thanks for your help though we ended up in Seychelles..haaa u're never one to disappoint!!

RocNaija said...

Lol @ "gold bikini with matching heels"..
Seen a grainy video too many a time..

As the popular saying about airplanes goes.. "Consider yourself dead until you land.."

Vimbai said...

Roc, that saying is so depressing but so apt!

And what's wrong with my gold bikini? Bra, that concept is straight out of a Vogue fashion shoot and not a grainy movie :-P

RocNaija said...

Vogue fashion shoot...?! I daresay King magazine..
A la Audrey O'Day..

Vimbai said...

Roc, KING??!! Honey i got booty, but not like that! Lol

PS Hope you don't mind, found a fantastic quote on your blog and am gonna twitter it, will give you credit :-)