Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Il fait mauvais

Ooooh, look at me, trying to resuscitate my O'level french, lol.

Guys, i don't know what the heck is going on today? Joburg has decided it's gonna try and channel Cape Town and now it's freaking raining on top of it being extremely cold. If this is the side-effects of global warming, then methinks that we should all be very afraid 'cause this ish isn't normal! I am holding thumbs that it doesn't snow this year like it did in 2007, that would truly be the icing on the cake.

Turn your lights down low: We have been having power cuts all morning today at work. I got in and the lighting in the office resembled that of a shady back-street boudoir. With the extreme baby-making weather going on outside and lack of lighting happening inside, its only a matter of time before people take advantage of dark boardrooms etc.

With all the first-hand reports i've heard of on-going hook-ups and bed-jumping in my department, i'd bet my right ear-lobe that people will be getting frisky up in hurr!

On the topic, i honestly don't understand why people hook-up with co-workers? Fair enough, you spend most of your waking hours at work and in close proximity to peers with, more or less, the same wants, values and drive as you...but still! Yes, there are some happy endings but more often than not, these things end badly and people get nasty.

Any of you chickens engaged in some 9-5 lovings?

Future's Made Up of Virtual Insanity: There's progress and then there's progress, sometimes i think as human beings we may be getting a tad bit ahead of ourselves! According to CNN, a new home pregnancy test can tell you within 10 weeks whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

What happened to the element of surprise, just when you thought sonograms were invasive enough, along comes this test. I can't help feel that this test will be abused, take places like India or China where the boy-child is revered, now with this new home test, the rate of early abortions are more likely for those carrying a girl.

Sometimes ignorance is the way forward!

Okey dokey chickens, let me get back to work...actually let me compulsively check my Twitter and then get back to work, tehehe.
V x


ShonaVixen said...

The weather is terrible here but then again with this country its the norm!! Wales is pissing down, and I came here for an hour's job m mighty peeved!! I told them lets Skype this and they wouldnt listen..LOL!!
Going out with colleagues, I call that sh*tting @ your doorstep so I've never done it, tempted but never done...but why do the Finance guys and Advertising guys always loook so yummy!!!

Vimbai said...

Maybe they just wanted to get the "Shona" experience, lol! They'd heard about your penchant for raspberry mini-skirt from HR!

Creatives always look yummy, so i am told. The men in my industry look so stuffy and boring...although that never stops them from making indecent proposals...sadly the benefit does not outway the cost, so PASS!

ShonaVixen said...

And BTW some-one should just play Teddy Pendergrass' Turn Off the Lights and its ooonnnnn in that office!!And yup u remember your french well!! I laugh at myself when I speak it...LOL!!!

RocNaija said...

On the flip side, you cant get slagged off for not doing enough work today.. You’ll just blame it on the creaking floorboards.. or whatever it is that creaks when people get their office groove on..

Beautiful song you got stalking you this week.. I prefer this version right here though..

ShonaVixen said...

LOL @ the Shona experience..a friend said maybe the London folks just wanted me out of the office!! Anyway, am on my way back and sadly have to go to the office..sigh..

Vimbai said...

@Shona Bra, i was waiting to hear TLC's Red Light special or some Jill Scott playing in the office, lol.

Why do you have to go back to the office, mate, tell them you caught some Welsh-flu from that draughty castle they had you staying in last night.

@Roc: Today is just a non-starter work wise anyway without the added amorous vibes floating about :-)

I am loving that Keri Hilson track - that chick is too tight!

What version have you linked me to, i doubt my work firewall will let me access it, boo!

Vimbai said...

Yup, i was right, the damn firewall got me,

"Due to bandwidth demands, this website is not available on weekdays between 8am-5pm"

munhu said...

Joburg was so cold today I promptly found reason to drive to Pretoria where to my glee I discovered the mercury was 5 degrees higher than Jo'burg not to mention toasty heat in the car...but now I must return to Joburg...drat and double drat !!! As for dipping your pen in the company ink...a real danger there...been there done that t-shirt got torn off my back so i have the scars...thanks.

Vimbai said...

ooooh, i smell a story! How long were you and Ms Co-worker engaged in your illicit tryst for?

I am almost tempted to pay Pretoria a visit based solely on the fact that its warmer that side. Sadly, the only thing i think Pretoria has going for it, is its Jacaranda trees...nuff said.

munhu said...

it lasted three months - two of which were hell !!! never again...Pretoria has a lot more going for it than the Jacs - believe me. Just the warmer clime is one...still raining in Joburg?

skc said...

Heh, there's a 9 to 5 (and then some) romance happening right now where I work. And they think we don't know.

It's cute.

Might have to get me an office boo too.

Vimbai said...

@munhu Wow, that sounds like a shite relationship if 2/3's of it was Hell! Just looked out of window, no rain...but more rain forecast for the rest of the week.

*big sigh*

@skc Hahaha, so how do you know if they don't want people to know. Are they giving eachother lingering looks over the watercooler?

Cute...and naive, but nevertheless, cute.

How is your office talent looking for future boo potential?

skc said...

>>How is your office talent looking for future boo potential?<<

Funny enough, this place is teeming with scrumptiousness.

It's a gift and a curse.

Will keep you posted if I ever get up the nerve to do the office lambada.

Super star! said...

Munhu lets clarify, did you actually go out with this woman, or you simply had a thing with her? coz that would explain why you continued 2 months of hell when you knew better.

an interesting story. This one missus i really liked would only go out with me on condition that she continues with her office fling, coz in her words it had served her well all these years. she said i was someone she could possibly have a relationship with but she enjoys her little arrangement with the boss!

Suffice to say, this was the day Willom tight's song about our homegrown deep in the country side women featured on my play list...

munhu said...

@ Supa...the intent on my part was to have a proper relationship but the cool, collected and rational chick I saw at the office was not the psycho that I had to contend with outside of it. After a month of having tapped ass and had more social interaction I decided - ndakwana. She on the other hand felt no can do. More ego than sense on her part I surmise - hanzi handirambwe ini!! Do you know how many n****z want a piece of this etc etc...so I had to navigate a minefield to exit.

That was a crazy chick right there but kudos for her honesty with you...that is to be commended. She could have curve balled you with the news after her talons were already into your back and poking out through your shirt front...

yipee weather improved a little today I feel...still dreary and over cast but nowhere near as cold as yesterday...

Vimbai said...

@skc Office lambada indeed, keep us posted ;-)

@Super Hahaha, that chick was gangsta! Maybe the boss gave her free dental insurance, lol. At least she was honest :-)

@munhu The weather has not improved! As for the crazy chick with the ego, these things happen i guess.

K said...

I wouldn't mind people having their office hook ups if they could be contained but the effects are far reaching. If you are friends with either participant you have the burden of keeping secrets, if you are the secretary same deal with the added annoyance of having to deal with a boss who is not as focused and God help you if your fellow colleague is being favoured for tasks over you because you are not putting out! THEN they break up...sexual tension replaced by sexual harassment tension...UGH the drama of it all!

Vimbai said...

K, you speak the truth chica! Like right now, i am watching the aftermath of a friends with benefit situation go bust.

Why do chicks lie to themselves that they can handle a purely "friends with benefit" kinda set up when deep down they're hoping that Mr Man will miraculously discover he's in love with them.

Sadly women are most often than not, hardwired to "catch feelings".

I really want to shake the chick up and tune her, "You kinda walked into that one honey, now deal with it."