Monday, June 01, 2009

Blame it on the (Insert your beverage of choice)

This weekend started out like most weekends, full of great intentions! By 10pm Friday night those intentions were "Dead and Gone!". I thought i had taken adequate precautions to ensure i made it home at a decent hour, i was only carrying enough cash to have two drinks and seeing as "drinks" was with people from the office (people i had seen all day) i figured that like Houdini, i would make my great escape.

I had not factored into my plan that the big boss man would start sponsoring round after rounds of drinks and with year-end performance appraisals round the corner, now was not the time to be a party-pooper, lol.

Jagerbomb, you are not my friend!

Don't even get me started on the R1500 bottle of Moet that was consumed the following night, thinking about it makes me weak! The stuff doesn't even taste that nice hmmph *sulk*

Moral of the story: Always ask the price for whatever you're drinking even if management refuses to give you a pricelist.

New Moon
November 20th!

November 20th!

November 20th!

The first movie from the Twilight series left much to be desired. The movie didn't follow the book's sequence, i think they mis-cast the Rosalie character and Kristin Stewart kept doing this annoying eye-fluttering thing when she was trying to convey confusion. However, with all the hype the books has received, here's hoping they've got bigger budgets, better acting coaches and actually follow the books!

I can't wait :-)

Where's Wally My Mojo: It's official my mojo and this city are not compatible! I've tried everything...okay, nearly everything but i give up! Can you say RELOCATION, lol.

Twitter Diet: You know that feeling you get when you've consumed too many jelly babies (thinking about it is actually making me feel queasy), i think i've over-indulged in Twitter.

So some rationing and detoxing is in order...i am gonna start with only checking Twitter after 10am - baby steps. Interesting how my diet coincides with John Mayer going awol on Twitter...hehehehe.

Alrighty chickens, let me get on with the rest of my Monday - let the clock watching begin (1hr 32mins and counting)


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Hey chica!!!
I love champagne coz it never gives me a hangover in the morning! I however on a 3month no alcohol hiatus till 24th August 2009..thats three months right??
So Vim are you with John Mayer then? Was wondering where you'd gone to on twitterville!!
Ok lemme get back to work with Keri Hilson in the background!!
I'd love to relocate to some sunny place like Turks & Caicos or Barbados...but I have to make do with my office right now and well, I've told every-one that today I'm in Saint Tropez, yup mind over matter!!..LOL!!
Hope you are correct chica!!

munhu said...

if the Boss Man is so liberal with the inebriating stuff how likely is it that he will call a cull on his department before the year is out? Your jobs sound secure...nhau dzinofadza idzodzo...Mojo will return...give it time

Vimbai said...

@Shona: 3 month hiatus from booze, ko what brought this on?
Champers is a fun, celebratory drink but some brands of the stuff just doesn't taste right!
I am taking my Twitter diet i wish i was off with JM wherever JM is *dreamy eyed & drooling*
I need some new beats, besides Keri Hilson, what else is in your ear?
Saint Tropez...on a huge yacht...sipping on mojitos...lying on the top deck...donning D&G stunners - Honey, i'm in Saint Tropez with yah!

@Munhu: Shamwari, don't be deceived, just coz someone buys you a bucket load of drinks doesn't mean it's all gravy! Junior staff are being "let go" and people are jumping ship like folks on the Titantic.

As for my mojo, i'm gonna check the lost and found to see if anything's turned up, lol.

K said...

V just thought I should give you a heads up, John and I are in the studio making beautiful music together...I believe he calls me his nubian muse...I'll check with him and get back to you on when he'll return to

sometimes relocation is the way to go, now that you are thinking it I bet all these opportunities will start popping up or at least that's what Im hoping for you!

As for the twitter diet *k chuckles* ok V I believe you...

Vimbai said...

K, don't joke about JM like that if you know whats good for you, lol.

How are you chica? Its been a while (okay, like 5 days...but thats a while).

But i am on a twitter diet...for now...promise...well until you-know-who gets back :-)

K said...


I'm doing alright...I'm unsure whether JM has contributed to the boost in mood but I'll take whatever!

munhu said...

yah V you are right...the size of bosses expense account is immune to cost cutting etc etc...good luck either way...keep checking for for taking baby steps...quite fun though tracking people all day...i think there are a lot of empty closets all over the world because all closet voyeurs have been outed by twitter and facebook etc....

Vimbai said...

@K: I know, life is lovely once again, lol.

@Munhu: Haven't you heard, voyeurism and stalking is the new Black :-)