Sunday, May 03, 2009

Witness The Fitness

Tis the time of the year when I decide to haul my behind off the couch and call upon my inner non-existent workout bunny.

I hate exercising…I hate having to do jumping jacks…I loath running anywhere (unless it’s a 100m sprint somewhere), I get faint at the mention of squats and lunges and you certainly won’t catch me downing a protein shake ever.

So why do I bother you may ask?

That’s pretty simple to explain; well it appears I am a bit vain and vain people like the way they look in clothes, clothes they spend a lot of time buying and trying on in badly lit fitting rooms. I despise shop fitting rooms with their well angled, unforgiving mirrors.

What I do love is the sensation of heady endorphins coursing through my veins when I eventually do get around to a workout. Just what the doctor ordered to chase those winter blues away.

This season my fitness regime of choice is Yoga.
Finally my hot pink yoga mat will get used for what it was actually made for. A mate of mine is trying to convince me take up some Bikram yoga with her, but the thought of working out in a 40 degree celsius room is stifling…not to mention I don’t want to be working a flat iron through my hair after every workout ‘cause the humidity has dwinged it, hehehe.

What are you workout regimes of choice? Any of you do Yoga?
Would be great to know in advance if I’m getting in over my head here.

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Spent the weekend with Lily Allen’s CD aptly title “It’s Not Me, It’s You” on repeat. This chick kills me; I have yet to dislike anything she’s ever done. This album doesn’t disappoint, she covers a lot of scenario’s with her usual tongue-in-cheek humour. So far, my favourite tracks off it are as follows”

1. "Back To The Start": (Theme: Healing rifts with friends); 2. "Who’d Have Known": (Theme: Tender, tentative beginnings of a relationship…very sweet);
3. "22": (Theme: Reaching a certain age and felling quite unfulfilled…eish);
4. "Not Fair": (Theme: Meeting the perfect man…except he turns out to be rubbish in bed, lol); and,
5. "The Fear": (Theme: Commentary on how confusing life is).

I'm Tweeting in the Rain: So it’s been about a week since I signed up onto Twitter and I’m still a little clueless, navigating my way about.

It’s so great to be connected with some of my blogger regulars, I feel so more engaged. Some of your updates are just downright entertaining, keep ‘em coming.

The celeb tweets are equally engrossing; Rev Run drops words of wisdom every few minutes, John Mayer is always up to some sort of nonsense (or defending his manwhorish ways, ah bless), Alicia Keyes sounds like someone I could hang with and Diddy is….eish, honestly I have no idea what the heck Diddy is going on about, he’s obsessed with his “Locked In” statements.

Either way, I am waiting for it to all get mundane and boring…and guess what, it’s not!

Who are you following that’s got you hooked?


It’s been 9 whole days since I was last at work. Lots of r ‘n r has been had and I am actually looking forward to getting back into the daily grind. I even have a spring in my step and everything...then again, i am writing this on a Sunday evening. Here’s hoping the “spring” still exists tomorrow morning and continues till the end of the week.

Happy Monday chickens!




Funms-the rebirth said...

i love yoga........ u should definitely take it up... more flexibility, toning and a whole lot more advantages.... and im a twitterholic...Lord help me... whats ur twitter name.. u can follow mine at

hope u do enjoy yoga. tried bikram yoga once, i almost died from heat

Vimbai said...

Funms, that exactly what i needed to here. I keep thinking i will get stuck in one of those weird positions, lol. As for that bikram...eish, i am definitely gonna pass!

Lets compare Twitterholic you also wake up and roll over to check people's tweets out..coz i do and its so not healthy!

I will add you now, you can find me on VimfromZim or Vimbai!


ShonaVixen said...

I took up pole dancing coz all other forms of exercise weren't appealing to me and this one me likey very much!!!yeah any1 shoot me coz i said 'me likey'!!!
I unfollowed Diddy on twitter..his whole Locked in thing doesnt even make sense to me..and i had to unfollow some followers..some disciples you just don't!!

K said...

Y'all trying to make me feel left out by discussing twitter huh? However imagination is my friend! IF I were to be on twitter then I have a host of people I would be stalking sorry "following". I'm a hills groupie so LC, Speidi, JayZ(is he on twitter?), John Mayer, Ashton, Ellen, Kat Williams, Obama of course and Serena.

And since you love your eclectic music V check out The Script! Love their song break even!
Have a great monday...I'm already half way through siting in the library @ lunch time uggggghhhh

Vimbai said...

@Shonas: Haha, where did you pick up this "me likely"? Are you still doing the pole dancing what what, i hear it gives you great you thats what Michelle Obama does, lol.

Eish, i think i will be removing Diddy too. His tweets are definitely not adding any value.

@K: Why are you resisting Twitter, answer me that? Come and take a walk on teh dark side :-)

Your dream tweet team is similar to mine: LC is cool, JIgga is not on it (i added someone who i think is claiming to be him), JM is *swoon* and Obama's a/c is dead since he won, lol. I should look for Kat Williams, he's a hoot!

I wish my day was already over and i was back at "gingers" is slowly ebbing away and its not even 10am, eish.

Super star! said...

Tell me how is yoga physical exercise? methinks its more meditation than anything really. could i be wrong?

@ Shona. OK

Super star! said...

new habit: i am brushing up my presentation skills and working on my cv.

K said...

@ Super its a combination of both muscle strengthening exercise and meditation....

@ V I might...I just might do a twitter trial period...

Vimbai said...

@Super: It's very physical exercise, don't be fooled into thinking its some namsy-pambsy regime.

What attracts me to it is that its all about extending and strengthening the limbs, thus making you more limber...and limber is what i need given the knots and clicks i keep hearing when i get up.

Working on presentation skills and your CV isn't exercise mate, although tis very commendable.

K: Twitter trial period, hah, whatever makes you feel better about it. Coz sista, the jury is already in with the will love it and be hooked!

Super star! said...

@ V writting a cv is a new habit and a not exercise. I am as fit as a Shumba (lion)- so no complaints there.
as for Yoga, i went to a boyz school, exercise means lifting something heavier than yourself or running for candy cake at break time at the tuck shop before they finish....
I need to stop working for Mr Man and become Mr Man so need a cv for funding etc and presentation skills for marketing and PR.

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K said...

words fail me...only

Vimbai said...

Super: Fit as a shumba chichacno, hit the gym buddy or life will catch up with you when you are The Man!

Good luck with goals, sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you.

K: We don't call him Super for no reason, lol, stop being shocked.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

never tried yoga
I just go to my good old fashioned gym
maybe I should.....
but then again Im practically married to the crosstrainer and the treadmill
so being catholic.......

K said...

So...*K looking sheepish* So...I.joined.twitter.

.....thats all

Vimbai said...

@MDM: Yoga, i have summerised, is really a first-thing-in-the-morning kinda workout, its waaaaay too tame. Last nite i was doing all sorts of Downward Dog what-what moves.

Gyms freak me out, so as much as i love treadmills and workout bicycles, i just can't bring myself to join!

K: Hahahahaha, i knew it was only a matter of time (in this case, hours) before you caved! WELCOME!

K said...

I wonder if Super is too Super too twitter?

Vimbai said...

K, Super is indeed NOT too super to twitter! Although, if he doesn't find someone to debate with soon enough, i fear he shall depart from Twitterville soon.

Find him as supanyenyedzi.

munhu said...

Nyenyedzi Mazvikokota fit as a shumba will not do...Shumba has been known to let prey go because it ran too fast and too the Discovery channel. Yoga definitely excercise...not for me though. A good old soccer match 3 times a week does it with occassional jog to ease out the stress of work.
As for twitter...will look it up...jumped off Facebook 3 months ago and never been back there...

Vimbai said...

@Munhu, Twitter is the bizness! It's just status updates and not as invasive as FB! You can also follow other personalities that interest you, trust me, you want to get on this.

Just had a thought, Twitter needs to start paying me for my marketing skills man!

ShonaVixen said...

@Vimbai - yes Twitter do need to start paying you!! Though m still not feeling the spam followers, even after I have gone private m still getting them..who cares that they have joined a dating website??Mnxiii

Super star! said...

Munhu, i love discovery channel ( and the serengeti) and my question to you is this; Is Haile Gabriel Selassie fitter than Usain Bolt?

Vimbai said...

@Shona: What spam followers are these? Is a dating site stalking you? I get ama-randoms adding me which is a bit of a summary, otherwise, its all gravy!

@Super: Come again? Who's Haile Gabriel Selassie...i could google him, but i am feeling lazy :-)

Super star! said...

Long distance runner from Ethopia. Munhu's assertion is that since a shumba is not competitive in the long distance like other animals in the jungle its therefore not fit enough. my rebuke comes courtesy of Bolt!

tjidzani said...

Vimbs, I do hot yoga and it is actually really great. It warms you up so you move your muscles more easily and do the most amazing toddlers. Also do don't realize how much work you are doing but you are actually doing more because the water is resistance.

I've given up on trying to figure twitter out. Soon...when I hire a personal assistant, I will let them manage my various hi-space-face-tters!

Vimbai said...

@Supa: Awwwwwwwww, your analogy makes a bit of sense, however your not working out doesn't, saka/so, start!

Tji: Eish, you are my workout hero! Aqua-fit sounds like fun, girl you must be super super fit!

Twitter isn't so hard to figure out, i'm a bit of dork so i spent time in the HELP section...not to mention i just holla at peeps who do actually know what they are doing.

A personal assistant would be nice *sigh*

munhu said...

iwe Supa ( Mandiwanzira )....anyone see the pun and other word play there??? he he refers to the ability to sustain a higher than normal level of physical exertion over a period longer than would normally be required. HGS therefore fitter than UB...we can make more granular and talk of lost kilojoules etc however the longer you can keep at it - the fitter you are!!!

@ Vimbai..will check out twitter. Yeah Facebook is like having your junior year classmates living in your lounge...a bit much really.

tjidzani said...

Lol, wouldn't call myself 'super super fit' Most people who do aquafit find it easier on the joints and heavy breathing hence my class consists mainly of geriatrics and pregnant ladies! I guess I am probably the youngest of the geriatrics because I am definitely not preggos!