Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let’s Get Nekkid!


When is it appropriate to take ama-sexy-nudie-ohmigosh-is-that-really-her-@#$% type pictures?

As a perennial member of the camera-whore club, I understand the sheer joy one gets from getting their picture taken. As anyone who knows me will tell you, if there’s a camera about chances are that I’ve already spotted it, am puckering up my lips and trying to channel one of The Great Supermodels of the 90’s.

In my opinion, nudie pictures fall into two categories:

Naked pictures: These are your artsy fartsy strategically taken nude pictures that are used to convey an emotion, a theme or a scenario. Examples would be anything from PETA ad campaigns to some haute couture designer’s warped idea that sending topless and bottomless malnourished models down the catwalk signifies something as random as the Plight of South American Sea Turtle.

One thing stands out about naked pictures and that is participants for a naked photo shoot etc always know where their pictures of will end up, which takes us to the next category…

Nekkid pictures: Eish, now these items are just downright sketch bra! They’re always heat of the moment, amateurish, let’s-take-some-more-shots kind of pictures. They’re usually taken to explore and push sexual boundaries and shrouded in intimacy and secrecy….that is until they’re “discovered” by people who shouldn’t be privy to such antics (in general, the rest of the world).

What’s even worse is that these photo’s can be used as a form of exploitation, our girl Riri is learning firsthand that “Hell hath no fury like a Young Breezy former lover scorned.” Heck, it’s really becoming the norm to have one…mmmmh, I wonder if Obama have any lurking about, hehehe.

There’s no judgement here, I am well aware about the alluring appeal of nekkid pictures, I just haven’t had the nerve (read: I was never drunk enough) to take any when frolicking with former love interests.

To rephrase my man Sean Carter, “I’ve got 99 problems but a nekkid picture ain’t one”

So another question I would like to pose to y’all in blogville is, Have you had nekkid pictures taken? If so, splurge on the details…’fess up!

Random note: If you google the word “naked” it then asks you, in the related search if you mean Rihanna naked…asikana/shame.

The Smell of Success: There I was, leisurely paging through this month’s copy of Elle when I get to the front page (I work through mags from the back to the front, don’t ask) and notice an advert for Tom Ford’s fragrance “White Patchouli”. Firstly I was mildly surprised that the Estee Lauder’s ads have been usurped from their “rightful” position but after a bit I realised that the woman in the fragrance ad looked very, very familiar.

Turns out that it’s Ms Erykah Badu, as I live and breath.

I love this chick, she has a special place in my heart…her Baduzim CD was the first CD I ever owned and loved (the second was by “Five”…eish).

Here’s hoping that it smells as good as it looks!

5 hours later: Have any of you read Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”? Oh wow, if you haven’t, go now and get it…I’m serious, leave what you’re doing and find your nearest bookstore and buy this book. A generous friend lent it to me at 2pm on Sunday afternoon and by 7pm I was done.

Yes, it's that good.

I won’t give you the story line, if you know what’s good for you then get your hands on it. ‘Nuff said.
Let me enjoy the last few hours of my Hump Day and catch up on my Grey’s Anatomy!

Keep smiling chickens,


V x


K said...

Speaking to my peoples this week about Ri Ri and Cassie it seems I am in the minority EVERYONE seems to have some sort of nudie picture with their better halves or past loves making me feel like Miss California @ a gay and lesbian marriage convention.

Mind you if I were to take nudie shots I would like if I ever get knocked up to have some classy black and whites done of me with my baby I'm not ALL opposed to nudie photo's....

Super star! said...

Tom ford my friend is an icon, in one of my business school case studies i had the privilege of studying the rise and rise of Gucci, not only did i learn so much about the fashion business but begun my love affair with a true fashion icon. Fashion and style is aspirational and he encapsulates this virtue.

for your benefit the scent is purely heavenly, i would order right away.

And for all things TF how do you girls feel about his suits on a man?

Vimbai said...

@K - Eish K, maybe we need to put this on our "Life To Do List", take freaky nekkid pictures.

Black and white nudes don't count, they're far too civilised! You need to get down to the nitty gritty of it all, hehe.

I blame my strict Catholic upbringing for any prudish behaviour on my part, lol.

@Super - Hahaha, you are positively GUSHING over Tom Ford. Methinks someone has a man-crush, hehehe.

Personally, i don't think i know what a TF suit looks like in real life, will have to go to a site and check em out. I do like TF's personal style though!

As for the purchasing of fragrances, bra, after the departmental meeting i had today. Every penny is being saved for a rainy day, you never know when you'll be kicked to the curb.

I will do a drive-by at the mall to sniff it out though...a girl can dream, right :-)

Sarai said...

5ive! "If you're getting down, baby, I want it now baby, come and get it on, baby..." *sigh* The memories.

Nekkid pics - yeah, I think some exist from my relationship with the computer scientist...

Vimbai said...

Sazzles, why am i not surprised, hahahaha. Clearly this "computer scientist" inspired many *ahem* things, hehehe.

5ive brings such youthful memories coming back, i still know their corny lyrics off by heart, "I'll be the resident president/I'm the fifth element"

*sigh* I wonder what they're up to now.

ShonaVixen said...

Music is my life
Cause my life is music
The beat of the drum in your heart
Let's dance like you mean it, can't you feel it, don't you know
Let's dance

OOOOooh 5ive!!

I don't do nude pictures lest they come and haunt me when I blow up and next thing NewZimbabwe has them!!No siree..LOL...and that's what m publicly saying..LOL
As for the RiRi and Cassie pics, no talents leads folks to do a whole load of crazy leak their nudity to stay relevant..anything to stay relevant is the motto in Hollyweird!!

Read the Life Pi too!! And loved it!

Did Super just say he's in love with Tom Ford??I knew it Super! playing before i get some verbal lashings! I heart everything Tom Ford, the Black Orchid perfume - scent heaven! And the Finance guys @ work rock Tom Ford suits like no other, daper defined!!

Sarai said...

Ha ha - listen, after your post I dusted off the 5ive CDs and busted out some cheesy 90s dance moves. Twas great!

As for the pics - I'm disappointed that I have, as yet, not participated in taping of the live action... although I hear the playback is hard to watch!

Super star! said...

@ V. i was just stating the obvious, even a blind man can see that TF has style. His the best at the moment, and i dare say i like the unashamedly aspirational fashion gist of his label. Sadly SS doesnt own a suit by TF because: a) he has not opened a shop in London yet and the variety at Harrod's is not particularly encouraging.
b) Gucci goes for £1k and TF £3k TF is way out of my price range- yet bcoz of this i am saving until i can make a trip to NY and get fitted. ( lyk i said i like the aspirational aspect of TF, might mean saving up for 3yrs)

@Shona, you take me too seriously sometimes ( i had no idea i had such an effect on you lol) and please continue telling us about how good men look in TF, we surely need the encouragement...

haute choclit said...

Hey Vimbai...please come over to my place to receive a little award. I am new to your blog so this is also an introduction ;)

Vimbai said...

@Shona Ummm, so when do you plan on "blowing up" musikana so i can start claiming that you and I go waaaaaaaaaaaays back and provide side commentary for your E! Hollywood Edition :-)

@Sazzles: Sex tapes, SUT! I need to get a 5ive fix soon!

@Super: You are mal, spending 3k (i can't find the pounds sign on my keyboard) on a suit...A SUIT! When that day comes, please invite us onto your yacht...when you've bought that island in the Indian Ocean :-)

Haute Choclit: Heya chica, i am big fan of getting awards, gifts, large sums of money, lol. I will pay your blog a visit and see what you have in store!