Thursday, May 21, 2009

I should have paid more attention in high school

If i could replicate one of those "Michael J Fox" time travel missions from "Back to the Future" i would whiz myself back to the year 1994, where i would i predominately find my 13 year old self and clap myself upside the head.

My high school was one of the few establishments that mixed the archaic sexist staples with all things modern woman-ish. An hour session of pure physics was usually followed by a full hour of home economics (ie cookery class). Learning how to use the computer was also coupled with lessons in using dodgy old type-writers that had seen better years prior to 1960. Obviously my school new it would deliver some quantum physicists as well as secretary's.

One of classes i absolutely loathed most was cookery class (no surprises there), I couldn't wait for Art class and had lukewarm feelings for fashion & fabrics, otherwise known as "Needly work" (say in gwash tones for correct capturing of the word).

So believe me, when i say that the irony is not lost on me that i've signed myself up for a glorified fashion and fabrics course to learn the in's and out's of fashion design and execution. If i had paid attention 15 years ago i wouldn't have to be re-taking this course, and funding it myself :-P

Question: What new tricks have you old dogs learnt recently...or intend on learning?


Watercooler Never Lies: There's no smoke without some fire...the situation at work is dire. Budgets aren't close to being made, non-performers are being given exit strategies and everyone is just in a foul mood.

This too shall pass...and very soon i hope!


Sisi Petina: As recommended by munhu, i made my way to Rosebank Exclusive Books for Zim writer Petina Gappah's book signing and reading from her collection of short stories called, "An Elegy of Easterly"

I finished it in less than 36hours! I don't want to give any plots away, but this woman mixes so much humour and amusement with pretty heavy underlying nuances or themes.
I am even more chuffed i got a signed copy of her book and managed to chat to her for a bit. In her acknowledgements she thanks a "Vimbai" who turns out to be her sister's name...but going forward i am going to claim that she was referring to me :-)

To those of you in Harare, Zimbabwe go and check out Petina's book signing and reading:

Place: Amanzi

Date: Saturday 23rd May 2009

Time: 3pm - late

Trust me, you don't want to miss out, this chick is doing big things!


The office flu doing the rounds for the last two weeks got me good this Tuesday! I know that sharing is caring amongst team members, but this is ridiculous. My throat is crazy sore and no amount of lozenges seem to be helping!

Later chickens, have a great weekend and behave!


V x


ShonaVixen said...

I hated Art, Food & Nutrition i just about could stand it but we didnt have neddly yup i said it in the gwashest of gwash accent!!
Hmmm what new skill have i been learning...actually nada at the moment though as i might be headed to south of france in a few weeks i wish i had played volleyball coz beach volleyball is on the agenda and i can't play @ all!!i suck!!
Lucky u for getting an autographed copy!!Super actually mentioned Petina to me and i'll be getting the book as u and ZimChic have raved about it!!

K said...

Erm sisi Shona I expect a book report ka! Thank goodness I did the rest of my high school in oz because needly wek (yes wek)just wouldn't cut it with me. Home economics barely cut it with me in OZ either I switched to wood work in the hope that was more interesting. Wrong move. Hungry and breaking nails every Friday. I wish I knew how to sew though I blame it on Project Runway... damn Heidi and those designers make me think how much my wardrobe and wallet would be so much happier if i could make some outfits.

munhu said...

@ Vim I was unable to make the book launch in the end...because of an endless meeting !! Still fuming...glad you got to go and enjoyed it. Will sadly now have to settle for an unsigned copy :-( !!
I was in the Cleo Magazine in 2007 sometime.
Water Cooler is the repository of all corporate truth. Just heard that all bonus provisions in our world have been written back. The parking lot also now has quite a few bays that are free and the one block was basically moth balled under the guise of re-allocating to get everyone parking in the most logical place closest to the building they work in...dire and bleak...everywhere!
@ K - needly wek...askana...mbabvu dzangu (my ribs)still sore from laughing at that.
I can gladly say I am quite handy with needle and thread and also can design an outfit in addition to being able to wash and iron my own clothes BY HAND if needed...I can also mix it up on a sewing machine...blame it on...

K said...

@ Munhu blame it on? alcohol? all female household? recession? Dont leave me hanging! Amd can we discuss if you are still a bachelor (in my understanding of the word not Super's) because I don't mind having a faux long distance boy friend who designs & sews clothes on retainer *k scuttles off making plans & ululating @ her discovery*

Vimbai said...

Shona: Get the book, get the book, get the book!

I'm sure some Jean-Luc or Pierre type character will be MORE than happy to assist you with your volley ball playing in the south of france. Just watch out for your wrists, they're hurt just a bit after playing.

Saka what secret offline whisperings are you and Supa tuning, i smell online romance :-)

K: Woodwork??! You chose splinters over nutrition, hahaha. So do you know how to make tables and ish?

I too blame Project Runway, if i can sew on a machine at Christian's "Fierce" speeds as well as make HAWT outfits like Michael from the Season before Christian's (Season 4 i think)...then i'm good :-)

Munhu: Inga you are a man of many talents. Saka when's your men's collection Spring/Summer 2010/2011 coming out?

And what are we blaming it...don't leave us hanging!

K: What the heck is a Faux Long Distance relationship exactly? Now all i can hear in my head are the lryics to The Cardigan's song "Lovefool" - "Love me, love me, pretend that you love me"

K said...

I know how to make a cute jewelery box and picture frame! Project Runway *SIGH* you have seen Korto momolu's designs? Afrocentric but with a western twist..I would sell half my wardrobe for two of her outfits..just 2.

@ V re: faux long distance relationship- im still working out the kinks but for the purpose of getting first dibs on any clothing he may make I am prepared to be GF in name only & only when he is single yeah the Cradigan's sung it just about right with that line

K said...

munhu said...

blame it on a mother who started off with a downtown dressmakers shop and built it up into a fully fledged factory at its height employing 80 people before Zim went into recession 10 years ahead of the rest of the world !! though blame is too strong a word...I am glad I learnt all that. Worked all school holidays. I can even watch FTV all day and not just for the models and from there forecast trends or co-ordinate looks based on demeanour, character, occassion, build, complexion etc...
bachelorhood yes...spoken for

RocNaija said...

How's the throat??
Hope it's cleared up??

Or have you had to settle for cups of tea and lime?

Vimbai said...

@K: Ooooh, i love those African/Asian/Western infused clothes. The ones here by local designers(Stoned Cherrie, Sun Goddess, Craig Native etc) cost so much though, you'd think their target market is tourists and not locals! Makes no sense.

@Munhu: Maybe your true-calling is in the fashion world!

@Roc: My throat cleared up...but that gave way to all sorts of other symptoms. I am now in a drug-induced state (hoorah for pharmaceutical highs)...but yah, i'm sick of drinking lemon tea :-)

Thanks for checking up on me *Vim bats her eyelashes*

K said...

@ V I swear your spot is becoming the place for love break ups and make ups.... (people just coming on your wall to check how you are...)

Since munhu and I are a non starter perhaps my batting of eyelashes or mention of illnesses will get me somewhere with some one else passing by your *K also batting her eyelashes*

ShonaVixen said...

I have a sore throat, m hot and bothered...i'm ill and been in my bed all day!!ooooh and i lost my voice too....sigh..
*sad face and batting my eyelashes too*

Vimbai said...

Shona, you are shameless! LOL

K, don't worry we will find a blog-ouen for you in no time, hehehe.

ShonaVixen said...

Ndeipi people!!!!!

Vimbai said...

Eish, why are so full of bean Shona? Then again, it is Phuza Thursday, lol.

Super star! said...

I promised to brag on these here blog. Man Utd play a pretty lousy game and they lost so convincingly yesterday even my grandmother in Mupandawana concurred. How i wish i was is rome this time around...
Glory days are here, flying out to Barca for the homecoming.

Vimbai said...

Yay! Go Barca! I am so happy that Man Utd was thoroughly utd fans irritate me to high heaven sha. They're so smug, so full of it and now they are all eating humble pie, yay!

Sha, send me a postcard from Spain...oh and a hottie called Luis if that isn't too much trouble.

Super star! said...

Yes, check the new English thesaurus, another word for irritant is Manutd. they remind me so much of Britney spears nothing of substance at all.

Yes Barca here we come....
as for Luis, i actually have a good friend.....

Vimbai said...

I actually feel sorry for Britney, man utd fans i do not...

Ooooooooh, tell me more about Luis!

Secret Diary said...

i was going to comment... and i saw " utd fans i do not" ...that hurts. plz grief @ our loss, plz :)