Sunday, May 17, 2009

525,600 minutes later…

I love remembering dates or rather I just do (remember, that is) whether I like to or not! The more eccentric the “anniversary”, the more likely that I will remember the date and day as though it all happened yesterday.

Take for example my first kiss, ‘twas delivered to me by my “then” Prince Charming on the 5th August [Year Omitted ‘cause I was a bit of Late Bloomer], oh and my first period (yes, T.M.I. - I know) that unfortunate event happened on the 18th October [Year Omitted out of Anger].

Then there are the dates and “anniversaries” that I wish I could forget. On those days I cease to exist…I feel as though I’m holding my breath under water for 24 hours. Thankfully those days are few and far between.

Today’s date, I am glad to share, is a happy one to remember. It marks my 1 year anniversary in The City of Gold (Johannesburg).

365 days ago I arrived fresh off the boatplane wondering what on earth I had got myself into.

You see, I never intended on coming here, Joburg was always a transit city for me. During varsity days, it was the place I merely saw from the airport whilst waiting for my connecting flight to Kaap Staad (Cape Town). When I moved back home, Joburg then became the playground I visited every 6 months for a retail and clubbing fix. Living here was never an option.

That is, until the end of 2007. Certain realities could no longer be ignored, such as; being paid the equivalent of R500 a month (yikes), the everyday frustrations of life, lack of career progression and most of all, I was still living at home and trying to “nest” in my mother’s space (women over a certain age shouldn’t live under the same roof, it just gets territorial and ugly, lol).

It’s been a year of high highs and low lows:

The Good: Financial Independence, getting my own pad where I can nest to my heart’s content, being closer to family and friends, personal progressing & career development, making new friends, having accessible and decent healthcare, getting a more regular retail therapy fix, getting Customer Service (lol), feeling more like myself and having so many more choices in every aspect of my life.

The Bad: Being stuck in Joburg traffic, dealing with the close proximity of complex living, freezing in winter ‘cause it gets $%#@ing cold, being homesick, not understanding what’s being said (too many languages man, I can’t eavesdrop), living with the real threat of being the victim of a heinous crime and lack of eligible males (competition’s tight ladies!).

The Ugly: Having to listen to my country and its people being mocked on a daily basis, as well as, facing the reality that due to the geographic challenges of diasporan living, I am doomed to long-distance relationships with family and friends.

A year later and the place is growing on me…we are still in the “getting to know eachother” phase. Methinks this is gonna be one of the longest courtships ever!

Hi, My Name is Vimbai and I Am a Twitter Twit: I am far from tiring of Twitter and that’s saying a lot, I usually have the attention span of a gnat!

It has gone from a giddy infatuation to a strong, deep bond that I am going to prematurely call Love. Yes, I Love Twitter. If Twitter was a man, his favourite colour would be blue, he’d love birds and he’d give me an on-the-hour running commentary about his day (eish, that could got get a bit annoying) lol.

Sadly with all things cherished, there’s always a drawback…and this one is particularly embarrassing. It seems Twitter has managed to access my usually-dormant groupie tendencies.

Oh Lawd, let me just come out and say it:
“Sometimes (read: Not as often as I actually want to)…I…*cringe*…comment on my favourite celebrities statuses in the sad, sad hope that one of them will actually reply.”

I know, very lame and even more uncool, but I can’t help myself. Don’t judge me.

My inner groupie hasn’t had a outlet in ages and is now operating in overdrive. Not since my impromptu encounter with Jared Leto back in 2004 or my ohmigosh-I’m-so-close-to-Jigga-I waved-at-him-and-he-waved-back concert-going swooning in 2006 has my inner groupie heart beat like that of a humming bird’s.

Fun times *sigh*.

Question: When was the last time your inner groupie unleashed itself upon the world? ‘Fess up!

And The Winner Is: Yay, I got a blog award from Haute Choclit aka Zim Chick. I love winning stuff, it so rarely happens! This is my first blog award and I very grateful! Keep ‘em coming, hahaha.
Monday beckons with its usual cry of doom and gloom. I urge you to not listen and instead encourage you to shout back your own inner cry of hope, success and achievement!

Have a great one chickens!


V x


Funms-the rebirth said...

i wish i remembered dates like u....happy j'burg anniversary......yes im a twitter addict and i also comment (shamefully) on some celebs updates..... ie only been replied by Michelle williams and Kimora but still.yay!!!!! waiting for when John Mayer or Diddy in 10million chances tho....

Vimbai said...

Thanks Funms, now if only Joburg could wine and dine me, then i'd fall quicker in love with the place!

Girl, you were the one who gave me the strength on some celebs updates, hahahaha! I blame you, lol!

I just removed Diddy from my following and few others, a culling was in order, some people just aren't worth the time of day mate.

If only John Mayer would respond *sigh*, a girl can dream right :-)

Super star! said...

Congratulations on surviving a year in Jburg thats drama free ( did i speak too soon??) and i will say i feel sorry for you, Jburg has serious competition for you girlz, i dont know why but there seems to be a high price for Zim guys in the world right now. and in a world where everything is plummeting its great being a zim guy, we are after all exotic and an endangered species.....and you must admit some of those zim jokes are quite funny!

Anywhere, once Zim turns around we will build our own little city in Nyanga... i love this place and live happily ever after, with our Sicilian wives!

K said...

Ad comes T.M.I, my first period came on my birthday so can't forget (pssst it was the same day I was doing my first Karate class. Think all white. Think my father and a room full of parents and students. Needless to say that was the end of that. All round humiliation.)

Kings of Leon are so good that when they did their song sex on fire my mother liked it and asked we buy the album for her.

Congrats on the 1yr in Joburg...if you can make it there you can make it anywhere

As for twitter I got excited when I started following Will Smith and two days later I get a notification that he's following me too. Now his assistant or even himself might have just decided to follow me & all his 1,000 followers for the day but that made me hope that when I get the courage to twitter back I have a chance @ being answered.

Groupie love! Last long distance groupie love I showed was for Obama...yes Obama. Close proximity groupie love was for will smith when he came to Australia for his Ali premiere. By sheer luck I was able to find a spot up front standing on the barricades and got a picture so close I could smell his cologne, touch his suit, see the oil glistening in his mini Ali afro and can now tell you that even standing on a barricade thingy my head only reaches his shoulder. Ah the memories of a groupie *sigh*

I think I covered all bases! have a good week chica!

munhu said...

congrats on the year in the City of Yellow Hills...knowing (from your blog) that you are a book lover and that you are a proud Zimbo - please check this out if you get a moment tomorrow.

Event Details - Johannesburg

Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2009
Time: 5:30 PM for 6:00 PM
Venue: Exclusive Books, Rosebank Mall
Shop 346
The Mall of Rosebank
Rosebank, Johannesburg | Map
RSVP:, 011 447 3028
Event home at Facebook

This is for An Elegy for Easterly - a book by Petina Gappah a Cambridge Uni educated Zimbo lawyer based in Switzerland. A collection of short stories garnering rave reviews. Even those not resident in SA can pick up the book.

@K - please hold the TMI trophy gently. We do not want to repair it when we have to give it to SS or Vim !! Ndatenda.

Vimbai said...

@Super: Drama is inevitable shamwari! I have a great feeling the next 12 months will have less drama :-)

I wish you and your future Sicilian wife well :-P

@K: Sista, promise me that you'll get 7-8hrs sleep mate! If i see you twittering at odd hours (your time futi) i won't be shy to call an intervention!

I am so jealous that Will responded to you...but iwe, that's someone's husband (then again, Jigga is married so let me be quiet, lol)

Awwwwwwwwwwww, your first period was a bummer! Bra, if i ever write a movie scene, i will plagarise that coming-of-age nugget. K, you and I have semi-parallel period was also a belated bday present (came 3 days after sha, what kind of *&^%ing joke is that?).

@munhu: Book item sounds cool, hopefully work won't get in the way like it usually does. Bra, K best not get comfy with that TMI award, i still have a few *ahem* gems up my sleeve, lol.

Super star! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super star! said...

Does anybody read pride magazine? Its a woman's mag etc, they are doing a run on the most elegible bachelors and they gave me a ring.

K said...

Awwww shems you can't compete Super because if memory serves me correct during your commentary on musalad women you were singing the praises of your girlfriend in deep shona. That is such a shame...really. I would have requested Shona to send me a copy via express mail.

ShonaVixen said...

Vimbai - Congrats on yr time spent in and on your award too!!

I read Pride sometimes (actually got the latest copy coz Michelle Obama was on the cover, the article was tres disappointing..felt i wanted to ask them for my £3 back!!)... just like Britain's Next Top Model is America's Next Top Model's step child ..Pride is like that to Essence...and yeah Super its a shame you can't be in it heey..

Vimbai said...

Super: Do you EVER get tired of bragging! Iwewe ka, i hope its all male bravado, lol.

K: Super's chick aint no Sicilian, bra, he's got a homegrown item. He's just fronting, lol.

Shona: Madame wemaMiniskirts, eish i think most magazines have exhausted Michelle's story to the point that there's nothing new to say...we all know the gwan innit.

Super star! said...

@Shona, thanx that was useful,and helpful i will gladly reject their overtures.
@K, i have a girlfriend but i am not married.
@V, bragging, me, nah.....wait until next week Wednesday.
As for my homegrown item, things r shaky at the moment and the Sicilians, being ultra vultures are behaving true to form.
( NB pliz dont read too much into this, i.e last sentence!)

K said...

is it possible to die from laughter? anywho Super I just assumed from most mags that do eligible bachelor's they are single as in no gf/wife/concubine/small house/baby mama...

I could be wrong but I do believe bachelor implies no attachments....but if I am wrong im sure you'll correct

Super star! said...

@ K. renting and leasing is not the same as ownership. They asked if i was married or had a life partner, failure of which i become a contender.

Vimbai said...

Super: renting, leasing, buying...ummm bra, this isn't about real estate its about relationships innit!

And what's happening next week Wednesday that will have you bragging?

K:Yes, it is possible to die from laughter :-)

ShonaVixen said...

Why am i always late to the party!!!Damn this job and twitter too!!
I'll go all Zimbabwean and say
'Inga rather!!'..

ShonaVixen said...

@Vimbai - girl nhasi yes m actually wearing something m not in frm 2morrow so i made today my FRIDAY!!

munhu said...

Supa - anyone remember he of the Mandiwanzira clan?? - but I mean Star in this case. Appearing in a magazine touted as an eligible will not endear you to your significant other. Guaranteed. I hazard you are late twenties minimum and I really do not think there are that many women around who would date a guy that age hoping it to be a "test drive". They want the bended knee proposal atop the Empire State Building etc...things may not be going well but they are still going and her seeing you advertise what is essentially still hers would be extremely crass on your part. Not befitting of the class within which you portray yourself. Not a rant - but akuruma nzeve ndewako. Murambe zvakanaka; buda pachena.

Besides I have appeared in one of those eligible bachelor spreads in South Africa for quite a popular magazine. It did not significantly change my life or improve any prospects. Life more or less went on...

Anonymous said...

@Vimbai- wow 1 year!! You are so brave I am chicken shit of Jozi- how sad is that!! and I remember the day not the date- I am so bad with dates!!
@K- lmao thats the funniest s£4t! how embarassing. I was so weird I thought that I had you know done a number 2 or something was wrong so I kept washing my panties ALL day long :( I thought I was dying
@Shona- yes about Pride- I have never paid my £3 but my hairdresser always has it..stepchild indeed (even the quality of paper/printing/colour is sometimes dodgy
- oh and I want twitter just so I can stalk Kimora she is ghetto fabulous I love her and I think shes a cute mommy!! But NO- I am already a facebook stalker so nnnoooo thanks- there can only be so many distractions in a day and I already struggle with those

ShonaVixen said...

Veduwee m slowly stalking this page for entertainment y'all are slacking on Twitter!!
@Munhu - I remember Supa Mandiwanzira..Affirmative Action Group pres no?..LOL...I remember the laughs with my brothers over that name et surname combo!! U have spoken well to mukoma Superstar!

Anonymous said...

- did anyone finish reading 'an elegy for easterly'- I am officially on the campaign trail - i looooved it :)
Munhu re:Eligible bachelors....I love these articles... I have seen the ones in Essence- and women literally go crazy for those men, asking to do 'special things' for them- suprised you didnt have any luck
@shona- keep stalking lets keep Zimchic from her work its only lunchtime- you're at work?

munhu said...

@ Zimchic - I hazard they were pretty loose groupie type chicks who want to nab a brother for bragging rights but want very little of the actual brother...yeah I had my fair share of that kind of attention. But that vatete was just the kind of luck I would rather go without...Supa does not seem to be the kind that wants that kind and it is about all he will get from the article.

ShonaVixen said...

@Zimchic - yes m at at work..doing some budget not interesting at the moment!!lemme come stalk you @ ur page..LOL..

Anonymous said...

come on over..I might even have snacks jk

Vimbai said...

Snacks..who mentioned snacks, i am famished!

Shona you are complaining about missing the party! Bra work is getting in the way of my twitter, fb and blogging ambitions, lol. Sha i wish i was off tomorrow too! What are you up to on the morrow?

@Munhu: Here here, bragging will never endear you to the opposite sex...well not the quality items anyway. So what magazine were you baring your goodies, True Love, Destiny, Cosmo?

Supa Mandiwanzira...ah that guy was a hoot, up there with Rueban Barwe. I once was at a high school beauty pageant where Supa was the MC and he kept saying, "The night is hotting up"...ah the expression just killed me, still does!

Zimchic: Thanks honey, jozi aint all that bad! Crime sucks but you just have to deal with it and be vigilant :-)

So i see you are luring people with snacks, bra i am there...what you offering?

Oh i finished Elegy of Easterly am going to write about it just now. Munhu were you even at the book launch item?

Anonymous said...

Vimbai ask Shona we were serving up healthy snacks!! No less- I am really into Wasabi peanuts and rice crackers lately- you missed the partay lol And a few rolls of Sushi
PS you are so cute with the Bra Bra- its so South African- and write about that book- i want her on Oprah!!! Yes we Can lmao