Friday, April 24, 2009

Out with the Old & In with the New!

Not content with reorganising, reshuffling and revamping every other aspect of my life over the last week, i decided that my blog also needed a bit of a makeover.

I don't why i stuck with the other design for so long, habit and familiarity i guess, but yup, don't get too attached to this format 'cause i'm gonna be fiddling around a little more. I wish i was bit more proficient in html or twiddling around with web/blog's gonna be a whole lot of trial and error (emphasis on the error part).

Zulu is sooooooo "de rigueur": As an inhabitant of this surrogate country of mine, i believe its necessary imperative that everyone of its citizens (permanent or otherwise) brush up on their Zulu 'cause ladies and gents, there's a new Sheriff in town by the name of JZ!

These elections where a bit of a non-event, there was no real opposition after all.

There was the usual drama involved with African elections...ballots missing, not enough ballots, mud slinging from all parties (okay, that happens in any election), intimidation, ridiculous promises being made (free housing, education for all)...the usual song and dance!

Although the ANC is leading by a 66% majority (well, last time i checked, and they're not quite done counting) its suprising to hear so many disgruntled people remark on the outcome.

I guess it's not everyday when a man who has proclaimed to have taken a shower after sleeping with an HIV positive woman to reduce his chances of getting AIDs (??!!!); has a fondness for snogging street hawkers on campaign trails, as well as, being implicated on God-knows how many fraud charges (that were conveniently dropped) is elected to office.

And Obama thought he had a lot of obstacles on his path to becoming president, lol.

Ah well, to each his own innit, Lord knows, "Some MothersCountries Do 'Ave Em"

Have a sublime weekend chickens and keep safe!


V x


K said...

Ah but you neglected to tell us which of the two wives it 2 or more? anyway which of the 2 wives will be First Lady? Or perhaps we will have First Lady and Second Lady? LOL

K said...

my bad...that was a conservative estimate my friend corrected me...6 wives...which one of the 6 wives shall be first lady...

You know how Obama, Obamised America...lets pray South african men do not take anything this man does ie taking showers after sleeping with HIV positive women, marrying 6 wives as something to be admired and copied.

Vimbai said...

Ummm, the last time the count was done in one of the newspapers here, they were on 23 wives...6 is way too low a number.

One could argue that of the 23, only some of them are actual wives the other are baby mammas...dude, that man is breeding a new political party.

Sadly, South African men and basically most African men are into polygamous relationships or marriages one way or another...they've got multi-tasking down to a fine art mate.

ShonaVixen said...

I still don't understand how that man even stood as the ANC candidate...I don't!!
From Nelson to Thabo to aaaah well...time for change isn't!!
Have a great weekend chica, don't be too cold!!

Vimbai said...

Shona, tis gonna be an interesting 5 years to say the least! I am rooting for him to rise way above what people expect him to do.

But as we speak, i bet you the Australian, UK and US High Commissions have been inundated with requests from people this side making a quick exit plan!

Have a great weekend musikana, i will try to keep going winter shopping this weekend, yay!

Hadassah said...

hmmmm SA is heading the Zim way if they are going to put that man in power.